What is a Vertical Search Engine?

Vertical engines are search engines that search that concentrate on different types of searches.

They are search engines that work over an oasis of things. Some examples are Google’s image search, news search, maps, etc. You may think these are all different search engines but they all come under Google. A web search is the most common type of vertical search, this is where the search engine scours its database of web pages, searching the web pages that are most relevant and useful to the users’ keywords. Google sorts these relevant web pages based on elements in its algorithm, the relevance that includes, keyword usage, etc.

While most of us just use the main Google Search engine, we shouldn’t forget the importance the other search engines have. Google image has a huge impact on companies that focus on visual content and appeal. This mix of results makes the search better for the individual as it gives them more than what they were looking for.

Let’s go through some of Google’s main search engines :

Web Search:

Google’s web search is the main search engine all of us use daily. It includes every website on Google’s database. Learn more about on the subject of bonanza slot games. The web vertical gives us a diverse range of options beyond just webpages and it uses structured data to provide search results with immediate answers through snippets, links, and carousels, etc.

Image Search:

Something we use almost every day and is a vital part of our searches. Google’s second most popular vertical is Google Image search. Google introduced the New Image Search on January 1st in 2012, in which it can not only match images to search terms but can now search for images based on images. Recently they added a new feature where images you search for can be categorised into colour, size, and age.

Map Search:

Where would we be without google maps? Lost. The world’s most popular map search engine is Google maps. Users can type in an address in the world and find it.  They can also see the map in road map view, the ‘street view’, or a satellite photographic view.

News search:

Some of the largest news databases include Google, Yahoo, and Bing news.  Yahoo has the largest and most visited news search engine, followed by Google and then Bing. But Google is soon catching up. If you are a newspaper or magazine, making your content optimized for Google and Yahoo news is of the foremost importance.