Well, with 2021 on its way out, we have rounded up our pick of 21 creators who absolutely stole the show on the digital scape. They have put their blood sweat and tears into perfecting their craft and putting out the very best content and it has literally helped us get through the year. With glamour, style and panache that shatters rooftops, blows minds and has jaws dropping, we present the coolest kids on the gram. They have literally turned instagram into their universe and we are so glad to be able to watch them absolutely kill it! 

 In no particular order here we go:

1)Anushka Hazraa


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She has carved out a niche for herself on the online space. With her super relatable DIY’s and fashion hacks and styling tips Anushka has got the effortless chic vibe nailed down to a T, and she executes it with panache, grace and ease! Anushka has taken Instagram by storm with her relatable yet elevated looks and it has shaken up the style game for the entire generation !

2)Subojeet Maity


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With his boy next door charm, and uber cool fits, Instagram in 2021 was quite literally set on fire with his styling reels, DIY’s and super vibey fits. From his model outfit recreations (a personal fave series) to his monochromatic fits, this boy does it all, and absolutely kills it in every outfit!

3) Akshay Arora


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If you have not seen his fit literally envelope your phone screen into fire then you have quite literally been missing out on some of the best fits on instagram. From his impressive sneaker collection, to his fashion forward fits, and iconic buzz cut, this man is the true definition of a living fashion icon! 

4) Niyati


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The punk rocker era is having a comeback, and Niyati is probably leading the revolution. With her perfectly curated fits, edits on fleek and an unmatched fashion sense she has quite literally carved her name into fashion history books. With style that is sure to blow your minds, and fits that make your jaw drop, all we have to say is we STAN!

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5) Aahana Sharma


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This sneakerhead queen has changed the landscape for the desi sneaker scene for years to come. With fits that are chiefs kiss and a swoon worthy shoe collection, Aahana can do no wrong, and that is simply a fact.Name a more iconic duo, Aahana and her fabulous fits, we are waiting! 

6) Sapna Rai


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Sapna gives off Pinterest chic vibes, and her entire feed could quite literally be a pinterest board. Managing to pull off monochromatic looks like no other, Sapna has commanded the attention of Instagrammers, cause when she posts we just have to stop and be in awe of the magnificent look that we have been blessed with!

7) Viraj Desai


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A post shared by 𝙑𝙞𝙧𝙖𝙟 (@virajdesaii)

You mean to say we mere mortals live in an era when Viraj walks so we can run? His fits are the perfect combination of street-style meets vintage high fashion. With DIY outfits that literally have us shook, we are convinced that Viraj can pull off any outfit. Designing outfits that are super impressive and swoon worthy this boi, has made his mark on the fashion scape, and we are soo here for it! 

8) Prateek Chauhan 


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A post shared by Prateek Chauhan (@lensbehindlens)

With an Instagram feed that could literally be a mood board Prateek has won not just his followers’ hearts but also the Cosmopolitan Upcoming Fashion Influencer 20-21. Nothing is impossible for him, as he never fails to leave his audience amazed with his outfits, or his super artsy edits on his stories, that, at this point, has its own cult following.

9) Krishen


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With some of the most captivating fits on Instagram, Krishen has been able to not just carve a niche for himself, but also ammase a fan following for himself who religiously engage with his content. With impeccable fashion taste and a keen eye, the content that he puts out is nothing short of works of art!

10) Krisha Avlani 


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A post shared by 𝙺 𝚁 𝙸 𝚂 𝙷 𝙰 𝙰 𝚅 𝙻 𝙰 𝙽 𝙸 (@kri.sha_)

The term “Sanskari Baddy” has been brought to life by Krisha. With the elegant yet glamorous outfits, her regular makeup tutorials, and her occasional crossover looks, as she experiments with Y2K and Grunge outfits, Instagram is her world with content that will leave you speechless. She has cemented her name in the fashion hall of fame!

11) Dheeraj Reddy


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With outfits that literally pop off his Instagram feed Dheeraj has mastered the art of curating fits that are casual and cool, and fits that are classy and timeless. With outfits that pass the vibe check with flying colours there is no fashion flaw that he can ever make! We can confidently go on and  say that he is the synonym of swag!

12) Krishna Makwana 


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A post shared by Krishna🦚 (@krishhnamakwana)

You’d probably think you are browsing through an art gallery if you chance upon Krishna’s feed. With a myriad of aesthetics and vibes she finds art in the chayos. You want desi style inspo, she has got you covered, you want minimalist or maximalist style inspo you know who’s feed to check out.Her range of style has set her apart and ensures that there is something you’d go gaga over in every post!

13) Diya Basu


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A post shared by Diya | Fashion Stylist/Creator (@_diyabasu)

Exuding goddess energy in every single piece of art that she puts out, Diya has been able to revamp the fashionscape of the country one post at a time. Her eclectic style which is super vibrant is indeed very eye-catching and her reels are sure to leave you shook. Apart from her fabulous outfits, her makeup and accessorising game is always on fleek that only adds to the immaculate vibe of everything that she puts out for her audience to see. 

14)Vaishali Srivastava


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A post shared by VAISHALI SRIVASTAVA (@srivastavajii)

Vasihali has created an absolute mark on the fashion industry, after taking it by storm. After making the decision to create content, this woman has given us nothing less than quality content, with amazing styling reels, vlogs, and Sarojini Market hauls. Her fits are always trendy yet effortlessly chic and oh soo swoon worthy!

15) Vaishnavi


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She is one of the most dedicated creators, with her nearly daily reel, and fashion styling content, Vaishnavi has got you covered with outfit inspiration for everything right from college outfit inspiration to wedding outfit inspiration. With DIY and fashion upcycles that are to die for Vaishnavi is indeed a trendsetter!

16) Ziean

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With some of the most colourful fits on the gram, we are surprised that Ziean has not yet inspired an anime character. Her outfit combinations are legit to die for, and we cannot help but give her a resounding applause for her creativity and dedication. Ziean’s feed could be mistaken for a pinterest vision board, with everything being so cohesive and fresh yet super unique and authentic to her. 

17) Queen Andro


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Exuding royalty, all we can do is just bow down and pay our respects. With super captivating posts and captions that are a mood, a trip down Queen’s feed and you will be lost for a couple of years. Creating works of art is what Queen does best and we just stan being a part of her queendom. 



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With outfit and makeup looks that will leave your jaw literally dropped down to the floor, Instagram HQ must definitely be scrambling each time she posts. They definitely have to bring the fire extinguisher out because every single piece of content that she puts out is literally fire! From super crafty edits, and makeup looks that will leave you bewildered Kelly does it all, and we are sure her audience will agree! 

19) Tarun


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The fashion police have been put out of a job thanks to Tarun. With impeccable style this boy has reinvented the term dress how you would like to be addressed. What we are forever going to be baffled by is that Tarun thrifts most of his outfits, and then posts some of the most stunning fits on Instagram, that literally scream minimalist chic, with the occasional pops of colour. 

20) Chaat Saraogi


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A post shared by Chahat | Fashion Stylist (@chahat_saraogi)

We believe in Chahat supremacy. With her Y2K styling that absolutely gives us life, Chahat has been able to shake up instagram, and has also been educating others along the way as well. With one of the most dedicated fanbase, Chahat has single handedly made sorbet colour palette outfit’s popular and we are living for it! Another thing we are sure of, is that Chahat can do no wrong as the fashion Gods are always in her favour, and will forever be left speechless!

21)Shantanu Dhope


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A post shared by Shantanu Dhope (@shantanuuu)

Shantanu takes colour and imagination and makes it ART! He is one of the best creators when it comes to the world of make up and creativity. Featured on Instagram’s 25 under 25 Instagrammers of India and killed it as the cover of Cosmopolitan, Shantanu has created a huge community of people that love what he does, and with every new look and post, brings awe and smiles to people that come across his work.

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Now as we go pick our jaw off the floor and brace for the new content that these talented creators are going to bless us with in 2022, we suggest you follow them, if you aren’t already following them, because as Zara Larson sang “Make your jaw drop-drop Saying, my, drop-drop-drop Make you say “Oh my god” These creators will indeed leave you shook to the core!