We all know that skincare is a form of self-care and putting makeup on is a form of self-expression, an art! Over the past few years, budding makeup artists have risen from all parts of the country leaving us shook with their makeup looks, concepts, styling, and sheer talent. The makeup community is indeed booming and we bring to you some of the most creative artists in the country. We have made a list of creators you should follow, this list is in no particular order, be ready to be mesmerized!

  1. Crystal

Making us believe that Crystal is makeup royalty, at 17 an empire has been built and Crystal is sitting on a throne of makeup. With looks that will blow your mind, you are most definitely going to be left shook!  

  1. Jason Arland 

With an aesthetic that is the gift from the Gods to super creative looks Jason does it all. A model, an artist, a creative visionary, do check out Jason’s feed and we are sure you will be swooning!

  1. Kimberly Davids

An explosion of talent, that looks like literal art. Kimberly never fails to stun from her creative reels to her stunning makeup looks, there is nothing that she cannot slay and we can do nothing but stan Kimberly supremacy!

  1. Ritika

Here to give you absolute makeup GOALS, Ritka has literally popped off on Instagram, making her face her creative canvas and making our jaws fall to the floor looking at her super innovative and creative looks! 

  1. Ashrey Puri

Going through Ashrey’s feed we are sure you will be left speechless, from his effortless looks, to super glam looks, breaking stereotypes, one post at a time, is what Ashrey does best and we merely just fanboy over the content!

  1. Aditi

We are sure it is not just us, but you too are going gaga over this super talented makeup up queen. With effortless ease she manages to slay every look , whilst keeping it real with us, Aditi is a force to reckon with and we love her for that!

  1. Deep Pathare

You are shook, we are shook, and together we can be shook besties! But in Deep supremacy we trust! Every single look is a work of art and it will surely leave you gasping for air! 

  1. Shaurya Batar

He is an icon, a legend, a revolutionary creator. With the power to never leave his audience shook, Shauraya has mesmerized us and he will surely do the same for you too! If you aren’t already a Shaurya stan, what are you doing?

  1. Ayush Rajani

With looks that are GIVING! Be sure to check out this uber talented creator. Whatever style or look he decides to try, well he dominates it and slays it on the execution; and is forever fierce and we love that kind of energy for 2022!

  1.  Tannia Syiemlieh

Do not mind us here absolutely simping over Tannia’s looks. Be it colourful artsy looks, or glam makeup looks that can help you look stunning wherever you go, Tannia has you covered and she does it making it look absolutely stunning!

  1. Emmanuel Lobo

This boy has taken the instagram makeup game to the next level with his power puff girl inspired series to his daily makeup looks, everything Emmanuel touches turns to certified gold. Not to mention his impeccable style too! 

  1. Ansh

We will be right back, currently fanboying over Ansh’s looks and the sheer talent that this boy exudes. We cannot even begin to stress how talented and hardworking this creator is, but it shows in his work which is just breathtaking!

  1. Sheena

You will be teleported into another dimension when you go through the makeup looks on Sheena’s feed. What’s more she also offers great skincare tips and trust us we have been taking notes!

  1. Tushar

With Looks that serve fierce realness with a whole lot of glam, Tushar has carved a niche for himself in the makeup community and we love every look that he creates.A scroll through Tushar’s feed definitely makes you feel like you are browsing Pinterest. 

  1. Aaron Nayagam

A singer, content creator and a self taught makeup artist, there is nothing Aaron cannot do. We need to highlight this, every single one of his looks could be hung in an art gallery because they are certified art!

  1. Avishka Pokhriyal

They are the most stunning creator and the looks on their feed are indeed divine! From aesthetic makeup content, content revolving around her cat Rosa(an icon in her own right) to super helpful stories and small business recommendations you need to check Avishka out ASAP!

  1. Aleena

This 19 year old makeup artist is a true magician transforming her face into a wide array of creations that are nothing short of art. We believe that in 2022 we are going to see a lot more from her and we are looking forward to it!

  1. Anjeni Khusul

Her feed and her looks give off major Goddess energy, and we cannot help but fanboy! Be it a dewy look, or a glam look, Anjeni is indeed a makeup as well as a fashion icon!

  1. Muskaan Rangray

If minimalist makeup looks is what you are looking for, that are elevated but yet natural then Muskaan is your go to creator. She has finessed the art of looking glam and she does not give a damn, as she is unapologetically herself, making makeup and fashion accessible to her audience.

20. Subiksha Shiva Kumar

With looks that are both fierce and could kill she has crafted the art of entrancing her followers with her drop dead makeup looks. A model, a makeup artist and an all round queen, Subiksha is one to watch out for as she sets Instagram ablaze!

21. Akanksha

This cosplay creator with impeccable makeup skills is a force to reckon with, from her elaborate transformations to her stunning looks, we are amazed! What’s more? She has her own design studio Sachan Design’s and the costumes there are indeed incredible! 

22. Priyanka Panwar

This woman can literally shapeshift, her transformation reels into celebrities and famous individuals is mind boggling, her makeup skills will leave you shook, and her talent mesmerized.All we can say is WOW!

We hope you have found some new creators who can inspire you and we cannot wait to see what 2022 has in store for these super talented creators!