Being locked up in our homes during the pandemic did teach us one thing, that we can make the world our runway when all eyes are on us. And by eyes I mean the mirrors in our bedroom. But these creators took the style outside and keep slaying our existence with looks that kill. We are sure that you will turn that blue follow button grey for these amazing fashion creators. In no particular order, we have listed 22 creators we cannot help but just STAN!

  1. Gaganpreet Singh

A street style icon, Gaganpreet is turning into a household name with his creative fits, and his super relatable stories. We cannot help but fanboy over his super cool fits and we are sure you will be in awe too!

2. Prerna Shetty

A literal self portrait queen, going through her feed will surely leave you mesmerised, and her reels are literally an experience that will leave you going down a rabbit hole of watching her reels on loop. With captivating transitions and incredible fits. Prerna is indeed slaying it!

3. Sagal Singh

Giving off vibes of being fashion’s Godfather, there is no look that Sagal cannot pull off. From suave to street fashion this man aces them all, what’s more, you can cop his style from his store LEAD-A which has swoon worthy fits!

3. Sagar Kadrekar

Six inch stilettos have nothing on this fashion icon and fashion educator. With his quirky fashion sense and incredible styling reels, Sagar has disrupted the fashion scene creating content that is nothing short of amazing and will leave you shook!

5. Sanya Mirg

Her feed is indeed one of the most colourful places on instagram. We are convinced that there is nothing that Sanya cannot do, she sings, she dances, she is a fashion icon, a model and anything she sets her mind to achieving. You need to definitely check this girl boss out!

6. Elina Banerjee

Well she is a model, an artist, a photographer, and oh in case you thought that was all? She is also a lawyer. Elina has carved a niche for herself in the Indian street wear scene with her quirky fashion and her edits and photography skills that are to die for. This sneakerhead has one of the most impressive feeds and you can thank us later but go check her work out!

7. Alina Pramanik

 You do not need a Pinterest mood board, when you can go through Alina’s feed for fashion inspiration. With outfits that encapsulate the pastely, fairy yet edgy vibes, you are sure to find a look that you would love to recreate and Alina does it with ease!

8. Furkaan Shaikh

Please wait as we collect our thoughts after going through his drippy feed. Street style has never looked this good on anyone and Furkaan makes dressing up and looking stunning look easy and for that we cannot help but just go gaga over his fits!

9. Kunal Bhosle

His feed is indeed a museum full of art, and he is the fashion sensi you never knew you needed to know but are now obsessed with. If you are not fanboying over his fits then please go back and check his feed cause dayum boi! Plus his thrift finds and DIY’s are indeed a class apart!

10. Sayantoni

She is a fashion fairy, who will bless your feed with outfits that are captivating and mesmerising. Have an event to attend and do not know what to wear? Go through her feed , shop the link in her she shares and you are good to go! We cannot help but swoon over her colour blocking fits and her celebrity recreation outfit reels!

11. Sanaaya Gajaria

Sanyaa will take you to shook and leave you shook with her reels and outfit pictures. A personal favourite is the looks she creates with ties, but we are certain that there is nothing that Sanaaya cannot style into a fashion moment that will leave you gasping for air because it will take your breath away!

12. Parth

Homeboy will leave you in awe with fits that will make your jaw drop to the floor. His looks are indeed incredible and his poses are just A+. With reels, posts and DIY’s that are creative and mesmarising Parth does it all with his own flare!

13. Bella

Somebody call 911 because she is here to make your feed go up in flames. With makeup looks and fits that are sure to leave you quaking we are convinced that when it comes to looking like a fashion queen she can do no wrong!

14. Vishakha

Vishakha romanticises her life like no other. With fits that are Pinterest worthy and reels that pass the vibe check with flying colours Vishakha is the epitome of the cool girl aesthetic, and she does so with great ease.

15. Agou

This boy lives, breathes and is the definition of a fashion icon. We love every single fit he bestows upon us and for that we are eternally grateful. Can you just look at all the details? He is literally a walking Fashion Ken doll.

16. Khalid Walid

The fashion police will be left without a job if everyone starts following Khalid’s ways. With fits that got you saying “sheeeeesh dripp” you can’t help but go crazy over his fits and his impressive sneaker collection. On a side note, Khalid please drop a curly hair routine video already cause dayum! Mere mortals can only hope to cop his vibe!

17. Mansi Pandey

Exuding goddess energy Masi has made fashion look effortless and accessible to her followers by creating content that is not just relatable but also authentic to her. With looks that are showstoppers Mansi knows how to stand out in a room and command attention!

18. Yuvraj Acharya

The change is here, and you are welcome because Yuvraj is here serving it up! The reels that Yuvraj creates are nothing short of art and we cannot be the only ones who are left speechless after watching them! With two hashtags run by their account  #justyuvigroovy  and #degenderfashion, Yuvraj is here to break the ceiling!

19. Vinisha De Souza

Fashion takes a human form in Vinisha. With a super aesthetic feed that is incredibly well curated, Vinisha has a style that people would kill for. A stylist, a content creator, a visionary; the list of things she can do is never ending!

20. Asmitha

It is impossible to not go on a liking spree when you go through her feed, from her dance videos, to her edits to her effortless styling reels and post Asmitha is the epitome of the skater girl vibe, though when she wears an ethinc fit, we cannot help but be in awe!

21. Mansi Shah

An aesthetic feed that is to die for, well this is an accurate description of Mansi’s feed. She has made the colour brown a vibe and the way she styles fits to look like a living Pinterest board is her superpower!

22. Saumya Chandra

Bringing Paris to India, Saumya has brought the Parisian chic vibes into all her fits. Be it a street wear inspired fit, an ethnic one or a colour blocked fit, Sauma is a literal game changer and we are forever waiting to see what she does next.

These are 22 creators we feel you need to check out ASAP and we know you will not be able to get enough of their sheer talent and creativity. We cannot wait to see what 2022 has in store for these cool kids on Instagram.