Fitness Influencers 2022

Now that 2022 has settled in on us, and you have probably broken your New Year’s Resolution, we are here to remind you once again. Make fitness a part of your lifestyle and you will be good to go! We have put together a list of 22 fitness creators on Instagram who we feel you need to check out. 

Rudhra  T

The Greek’s are probably missing a God, because Rudhra is out here giving us fitness goals. A fitness enthusiast, an entrepreneur, a traveler serving beach bod goals. Rudhra is your go to guy from his engaging stories to his highlights that are sure to give you some inspiration.

Saarah Mukaddam

A youtuber, the owner of an online fitness thrift store, a fitness force to reckon with, Saarah has carved a niche for herself in the fitness industry and there is no stopping her! With a workout plan that her followers can subscribe to, she does teach her audience to achieve their ideal fitness goals.

Yash Pal Singh

From serving fitness goals, to fashion and grooming tips Yash is your guy next door, out here to help you get your fitness goals and at the same time groom yourself and up your style game, helping you get that 360 makeover!

Ritu Dubey

With reels that are sure to have you invigorated to get back and start working out, Ritu has made working out and staying fit a part of her lifestyle, and has done so in a way that makes the process look accessible but without any sugar coating. Her tips are really insightful and you should try them out too!

Rahul Jain

This 20 year old has taken it upon himself to serve us with summer body goals! A vegetarian, an athlete, he is one to watch out for. And for all the vegetarians out here, turn to Rahul for tips and inspiration.

Rohit Chauhan

As an online fitness coach Rohit is proof that if you put in the work you can achieve your personal fitness goals! A natural athlete with several accolades such as IBBF MR Himachal, Sirmaur 2k21 and a ton more. He has transformed over 300+ lives and is also an E.R.E.P.S LVL4 qualified certified nutritionist.


A fitness trainer, a Youtuber, a content creator, a bubbly personality, Apoorva does it all! Be sure to check out her incredible yoga tips. Apoorva is a BB Level 2 trainer in Hatha Yoga and Mat Pilates.

Tushar Uppal

If “beast Mode” had a face Tushar would definitely be it! This 24 year old is the creator of two trending hashtags #LifetimeNatural #MrBiceps as well as thefounder of TeamNatty and the co-founder of Nuts Over Nuts .

Sanjana Achar

Sanjana is a trailblazer, a fashion icon, a fitness enthusiast and a body positive advocate. She believes being fit is more like a lifestyle, and standing true to yourself, loving yourself and working out for you on your terms is crucial! She does say if you should, “Dream. Believe. Act. Achieve”. As an Actress you can also find her on Netflix’s  Masaba Masaba.

Aryann Khanna

A youtuber, a fitness icon, a mentor to many, Aryaan serves his followers with swoon worthy fitness content, which works as inspiration . Also his playlist that he shares with his fanbase is a great addition which you can add to your workout routine.

Suraj Namboodiri          

A Fitness coach, a yoga instructor, Suraj does give us fitness goals, and his outfits are absolutely Stunning! Nutrition & lifestyle consulting from this icon, will indeed be insightful as also to learn the art of  evolving into your best possible version of yourself!

Dimple Mangal

This girl boss does give us fitness and travel goals. From her workout routine insights, to how to lead a healthier lifestyle, Dimple is a great creator to look upto! And may we add, her vacation pictures are to die for, they look absolutely stunning!

Anirudh Sharma

A fitness model, this lad has made fitness his passion and has done so in a way that he has created a brand around it. With reels that can help you get back onto your workout grind, and tips that can help you on your journey, Anirudh is a creator to look out for!

Abhiraj Chadha

With your boy next door charm, and the fitness goals of the Greek Gods,Abhiraj is one to look out for. With a great fashion sense, and workout, lifestyle, travel and fashion related content, he is your one stop creator who has got you completely covered!

Prableen Kaur

This Mumbai based fitness creator has trail blazed for the next generation of female fitness creators. She has achieved a ton of milestones on the platform and her fitness routine and the dedication that she shows is truly impressive. The proud funder of  the hashtag #CurvesByAsad, she has created a dedicated community on the platform!


At 22 this lad has built his own personal brand of being a fitness and a fashion icon! Based out of Delhi he creates contempt revolving lifestyle, fashion, fitness and nutrition. Beit fashion tips and hacks, or reaching your fitness goalsSparch is your go to guy.

Vareesha Tripathi

She gives you fitness goals! With her pole dancing videos and her zumba videos, Vareesha has made a mark for herself on Instagram and her red hair, videos and content is sure to leave you shook! She is an absolute icon, and we cannot help but stan!

Vijay Thakkar

An online fitness coach who gives his audience the choice to book a slot with him for his 21 days, 30 days & 60 days personal fitness training journey, Arjun is a great mentor and has documented his journey for his followers. As also a travel enthusiast Arjun does give fitness and travel goals!

Tanny Bhattacharjee

As a government of India recognized Yoga Trainer, this woman will truly help and guide you on your fitness journey! A prenatal yoga instructor with a key focus on female fitness, Tanny is out here crushing the fitness game!

Rohan Singh

The founder of All India Strength Wars, Rohan has made fitness his lifestyle, and his entire journey has been documented on Instagram! Putting out great content on the platform , and also creating content for YouTube, Rohan gives his followers a slice of the fitness lifestyle and you should look into his journey too!

Shreya Upreti

This fitness creator is your go to girl for all things fitness related and leave it to her to always keep it real with her audience as she gives them absolute fitness goals. She is also the founder of  Gym Bay Official!

We hope that you have now been motivated to get up, get off your couch and start taking baby steps, maybe first go ahead and follow these amazing creators and then get started on your own personal fitness journey!

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