February is set to be one kick-ass month, with incredible content over on Instagram! We have put together a list of 28 boss women to watch out for in February! We hope you find new creators to follow and enjoy their content as much as we do!


A real-life GODDESS! Tanumita takes every chance she gets to absolutely leave her audience mesmerized! She is indeed Indian fashion royalty and whatever she does is ART!


With some of the most creative dance reels on Instagram , and fits that will leave you swooning, Siya has carved out a niche for herself on social media, and we stan her for that!


A makeup mogul, Aditi has literally taken our breath away with every post she bestows upon us. We are sure that she will serve you with major makeup inspiration and you are going to join us as we are blown away!


Hold our wings as we go out for some fresh air. She is a force to reckon with an ICON! A literal queen who has built an empire on Instagram and we are just mere mortals in her queendom! 


A literal fashion icon, a woman with a vision and a purpose! Rose has been a person to look up to for confidence tips, fashion tips, and all positive vibes!


She is the literal ray of sunshine on Instagram! Dimple will indeed make you fall in love with yourself and own your body, and then watch people who judge you change one by one. With her iconic outfits, and confidence, grace and well her fur baby Ginger, we are sure you will be going gaga!


The resident colour blocking queen,no one puts together fits like Lakshmi and no one can ever come close to her style, which is impeccable and very unique! She is sure to leave you waiting for her next post!


Hands down Kash is one of the coolest kids on Instagram and she never fails to leave us quaking! With her effortless looks, and street style pictures she has dominated IG during and post the lockdown! Ps. Her self-portraits are swoon worthy!


An aesthetic queen,Kajal is a lifestyle and fashion creator who will teach you how to romanticize your life and how to make yourself feel like the main character of your own life starring in your very own blockbuster!


The resident DIY queen on Instagram, we cannot get enough of the Jinnyness and her quirky fashion and ethereal DIY! From her impressive wardrobe to creative edits and awesome illustrations, we are convinced Instagram is Jinals playground, and she just comes to slay!


Quiet Literally Shrutika is one of the coolest kids on instagram! With outfits to die for, and an aesthetic that is truly a vibe in itself. The founder of S-ANE, we cannot wait to see what the future has in store for her and her brand! 


She is one of the champions who has pioneered the thrifting movement here in India! Rachel with her eclectic style and captivating personality teaches her audience how to leave jaws dropping on a budget whilst looking after the environment too!


Aesthetics takes on a human form in Tanitha. With a feed that is a breath of fresh air, and outfits that are equally mesmerizing as they are aesthetic, Tanitha has been captivating her audience through her work that is incredibly artsy!


BRB, as we continue to fanboy over Ruvaina’s feed! With impeccable style and super curated looks she has transformed her feed into a literal Pinterest board and we are constantly shook with each post she puts out into the universe!


Prathiksha has become a household name over the past few months as she hast quiet literally taken over our explore page with her reels, makeup looks, and outfits that will leave you shook! She has indeed found her niche and is dominating it!


Taking Instagram and turning it into Insta glam is what Auziata does best. With travel vlogs,outfit reels and minimalist neutral fits with occasional desi outfits Auziata is striving to make her mark and we stan!


Ensuring that she is always the center of attention is what Tanya does best, and, well, who can blame her! With looks that can kill and outfits that slay one post from Tanya can turn a frown upside down!


Exuding baddy energy, we are sure Riya could join the cast of Euphoria and fit right in! Her outfits are truly show stoppers and everything she posts is literal GOLD! 


Priyam has captivated our hearts with drop dead gorgeous outfits, which live in our heads rent free! Oh, to have style like Priyam would indeed be elite, and we are sure you too would be shook to the core when going through Priyam’s feed!


With everything from how to videos to, styling inspiration to vlogs and suggestions on ways to elevate your outfit, Ishita has got you covered and you are sure to learn a ton from her and her wide range of tips!


She will indeed light up your screen with her infectious smile, her dazzling outfits and what’s more she will also help you on your way to become a style icon like her! We are forever in awe of her street style looks and then her ethereal desi fit’s, and can never choose a favourite, because they are just too good!

Anjali & Tanmaya

With The Vogue Sisters it is always 2X the fashion, 2X The Style, 2X the sass and from us it’s 2X the love! They are two absolute style icons, each with their own aesthetic and style but when they come together it is a dynamic explosion! 


She is a style coach, a fashion icon and a colour blocking queen! If you ever need tips to shop for yourself, how to put together a fit, colour combinations, or anything with regards to fashion, you know who to hit up, and she always has an answer, or in this case a reel to help you!


Kashish gives off Lava Girl energy in 2022 and we are absolutely obsessed! A Tarot card reader, full time icon and a fashion enthusiast, a model, well she does wear a ton of hat’s and she absolutely kills it at everything she does! You need to check out her feed, we are sure you’d be shook too!


Aditi is a digital creator out here giving you lifestyle and fashion realness! We are in awe of her outfits and her reels are relatable and forever manage to bring a smile to our face!


Naysha is living art and no one can tell us otherwise! With some of the most creative and Pinterest-worthy fits on Instagram, and a super vibey feed, Naysha is one creator you do not want to miss on, we have our post notifications on! 


With modest styling tips that will surely help you get inspired to be a better version of you, Huma has been a trailblazer. We adore her outfits and the locations she chooses for her shoots, and she forever understands the assignment and delivers!


Well, Shumhangi has aced the model off-duty aesthetic to a T and her wonderful taste in fashion and art can be seen on her super arts and aesthetic feed! We literally believe posts from her feed could be hung in museums!

We hope you have found a new creator you love or multiple creators to follow! Stay tuned for our next month’s recommendation of creators to watch out for!