A new month brings with it new creators for you to watch out for. Their content has mesmerised us and we absolutely love what they do, from their dedication talent and sheer perseverance to be nothing but the best version of themselves. We have included 30 creators you should totally check out!

  1. Nitin Gupta

Your one-stop for fashion, lifestyle, grooming and lifestyle. With dapper style and drool-worthy content, Nitin is indeed a creator who stands out! A travel enthusiast who can help you achieve that airport chic look, but can still give you tips to dresses for a wedding, Nitin is totally killing it!

     2. Shakti Singh Yadav

A digital nomad, Shakti has made his mark on Instagram winning the Cosmopolitan Fashion Influencer 21-22 award. He is known for his impeccable style, and his shots which are the definition of creativity. You will truly be mesmarized by the content on his feed, as it is an explosion of colours and patterns paired very well.

   3. Akash Manisha Bagle

Akas is a man of many facets, a fashion and fitness creator, from a model, creator, and personal trainer. Sculpting a physics like the greek gods and with impeccable taste in fashion, he is truly a rising star who is indeed set to achieve great things in the coming year!

4. Rashan MH

Encapsulating the goddess vibe, Rashan is truly a fallen angel. Her content is primarily self-portraits and fashion related and we are truly mesmarized with everything that she puts out. 

   5. Reyna

They are a fashion icon. With fits that encapsulate the Y2K energy, they are truly killing it. Reyna is primarily known for her lifestyle vlogs, which are aesthetic and make you feel like you are on her adventures with her. As the owner of a store, we are sure that the future has great things in store for Rayna. 

      6. Faith Farheen 

If you are looking to follow a super vibey photography and vlog account, you needn’t look any further. Faith has one of the most aesthetic feeds, that has left us in awe. Her self portraits are stunning and the nature and the day in my life content that she puts out are super creative. 

   7. Sumit 

His fits are super dope, and his dance reels have got us shook. We cannot wait to see Sumit reach the summit of fame. He is dedicated towards giving us the very best and most energetic content and we stan that!

   8. Amit Yoga

With over 14000+ Happy clients and 12 years of experience in fitness, Amit is a specialist! As also, he is a certified nutritionist who helps people create a customised diet plan that works for them and their body type. On his platform, he teaches his audience how to lead a fit version of their life. In addition, he also provides thyroid, weight loss & weight gain diet plans.

9. Devika

She is the moment, she is the icon she is the revolution. Devika has created a platform for herself where she takes her audience on her life journey. And she does so in a style that gives major glamour yet relatable vibes. 

10. Shrishti Vora

Doing what makes her happy, Shrishti is truly a breakout star and the sky is the limit for her. With fashion, dance and relatable content at just 17 she is truly making her mark on Instagram and we absolutely stan her!


A skincare creator who has taken it upon herself to ensure that all of her followers can, just like her achieve flawless skin. Alekhya has been a source of inspiration to many and she is consistently growing and glowing at the same time. 

12. Vaibhav

A personal coach who will help you grow your wealth. Vaibhav has been consistent at providing his audience with insights on how to increase your wealth. With a repository of information, regarding stalks, sales and crypto. He has also made over Rupees 13 laks on Instagram. 

13. Dhivya Sri 

Dhivya creates content that focuses on fashion, lifestyle and beauty. She is a literal goddess and everything she does is absolutely stunning. Apart from the art, she creates her family dynamic with her siblings it totally adorable as well. 

14. Yukta

Yukta creates reels that are totally relatable, some which will make you burst out into splits of laughter, some that are utterly amazing and awe-inspiring and some that will make you think. When she does create fashion content she doesn’t fail to slay! 

15. Priya

She is a Lawyer a CS-Compliance officer, fitness and a fashion icon and true beauty with brains. Priya does teach her audience how to eat a healthy diet and also how to stay fit. Her journey may have just started but we cannot wait to see it grow in the future!

16. Silkeena Kauur

The digital creator is the broad description of Silkeena, she is a fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle creator who is making waves over on Instagram! 

An actor, influencer, and entrepreneur are some of the words she uses to describe herself, but we will just say that she is a true icon and stanning her is what we are going to do! 

17. Muskaan Madan

Muskaan is a stylist, a brand strategist and a social media creator. She does put out remarkable content that has us shook, and her reels are absolutely everything. She is a creator to watch out for, and we are sure that there are great things she shall achieve. 

18. Nupur Singh Rajput

Her styling tips are absolutely amazing. Nupur does not gatekeep when it comes to giving her audience the links to her fits, which is greatly appreciated! The founder of the hashtag #yourfashionbestu Nupur gives off girl next door vibes, and her outfits range from classic to chic, effortless, dressy and everything in between!

19. Siddharth Gulati

Siddharth has got the market cornered with his boy next door looks, his charming personality and his super funny yet relatable content. He is on his way to paying a niche fr himself, and we cannot wait to see what the future has in store for this talented creator. 

20. Shashank

A sailor, a blogger, and the chief officer, Shashank is a true inspiration for many. His journey is truly incredible. If you would like to keep up with a sailor and his adventure, Shashank is your man! What are you waiting for, go check his profile!

21 . Priyanka Chhabria

The founder of @indoremomtribe, Priyanka is out her documenting her journey to her super adorable kid one post at a time, and we are forever awaiting the absolutely adorable content on her feed. With recipes and fitness reels she is surely out here being her iconic self!

22. Silky Puri

Motivating people to follow their passion, this mum of two has been out here being her authentic true self with her super adorable family travelling, keeping it real and giving us literal goals! With content that ranges from, lifestyle, travelling and most importantly being a mum, Silky is a true force on Instagram in her niche and we love everything she puts out! 

23. Deepu Rawat

Deepu has been changing the conversation and being a fashion icon on the platform. A dancer, model, and creator Deepu is multi-faceted and his journey is on the rise, as he keeps growing and achieving the next big thing for him! 

24.Papri Ganguly

Covering content related to beauty, lifestyle and mommy blogging, Papri has been keeping it real and transparent on her handle and we totally appreciate that.

Makeup & motherhood are topics she does delve into and she does create reels about breaking the stereotype and being the best version of yourself!

25. Nishant

 A brand manager to multiple restaurant chains, a wine connoisseur, a fashion over Nishant is killing it with his fits. Be it street style or ethnic, his fits are absolutely to die for, and his personality does come through his content. 

26. Danny Mehta

Thi super talented fashion creator has been slaying the game on Instagram with incredible fits and colour pallets that are super creative. We are in awe of his reels and edits which are super creative! 

27. Agriya Batheja

Agriya is indeed living her best life on Instagram and we are totally cool with being on that journey with her. With fits that are the definition of jaw-dropping and the occasional dance reel, Agriya has taken the platform by storm and we absolutely stan that for her! 

28. Simran 

Her model off duty looks are indeed spot on, her fashion sense is totally top-notch and we are forever waiting on new content from her. Helping her followers style themselves and be the best and most stylish version of themselves is what she does best!

29. Aashna Ardeja|

A colour pop queen, Asshna is making Instagram her Y2K pallet, and we are soo here for it. Aashna is on her way to becoming an Instagram sensation, and we are manifesting that for her! Her colourful fits, her infectious personality and her vibe are all an integral part of her brand. 

30. Niraj

Niraj is the coolest kid on the gram. His fits are super trendy and look straight out of a fashion show, His photography and edits are absolutely dope and he is killing it on the regular. We cannot wait to see where he takes his fashion game to! 

Do you agree with our list of creators to watch out for? Who do you think we should feature next month? We hope you have found a few creators to follow and be inspired. Until next month, happy scrolling and being inspired!