This March let us celebrate some of the trail blazers in the Industry who have absolutely captivated us and their audiences, and in doing so have been able to carve out a niche for themselves cementing themselves as ICONS! Watch out for these 30 women this March as they set to make Instagram their queendom! In no particular order, get ready to be amazed.

1. Anmol

Anmol has literally left us shook and keeps mesmerizing us with content that we are forever in awe of. With everything from, workout, fashion and makeup hacks and trick Anmol is literally the definition of a girl boss, who is set on world domination, and we absolutely Stan her!

2. Diksha

A fashion icon, a Youtuber, a designer, a skin care queen Diksha is not one to shy away from a trend, but she makes it her own and is an educator of fashion making it accessible to her audience!

3. Nidhi

With looks that would leave the Greeks shook, Nidhi has made Instagram her playground with creative reels, stunning portraits and outfits that will make your jaw drop to the floor, do not believe us? Well, you do not believe us? Go check her feed and thank us later!

4. Devishi

Giving us the most relatable lifestyle content, the source of us laughing at ourselves, and the CEO of casual yet chic outfits Devishi is a creator who is for sure gonna help you turn any frown upside down. She is a ray of light spreading her sparkle on Instagram. 

5. Asmita

Asmita serves “Girl Next Door” chic fits, and when she does she absolutely understands the assignment. Be it any event that you need to attend, you can totally turn to Asmita and she will definitely have an outfit that can help you look absolutely stunning!

6. Trichia

She is the definition of a multi talented queen! A musician, an artist, a teacher, a certified instrumentalist and a wholesome content pioneer, Trichia is the moment and she knows it. We are forever in awe of whatever she creates and we are huge fans of her music that literally is a blessing to our ears!

7. Sujata

Sujata has been serving her audience with reels that are nothing short of quality content, that is both relatable but yet super duper aesthetic. Mesmerizing us each time she posts is what Sujata does best!

8. Cimron

If being an aesthetic queen was a profession, Cimron would be the CEO of that! She pairs colours like no one else, and when she decides to give her audience a fit with a minimalist vibe she aces that too! We are sure she is the muse for a Pinterest vision board!

9. Thomsina

A model, a fashion icon, a makeup enthusiast, Thomsina does it all with a smile on her face, and when she does it she never fails to mesmerize! Her journey has been remarkable and we are forever awaiting what she decides to bless us on Instagram with because everything she post is absolutely ethereal and stunning!

10. Mayelmit

Her fierce red hair, her outfits, her message is enough to leave you shook. Each post that Mayelmit post absolutely leaves us gagging and star struck. She is the human for of an aesthetic queen!

11. Garima

We are convinced it’s Garima’s world and we are all just merely living in it. From outfits that could be seen or red carpets and looking absolutely stunning in everything, Garima has paved the path and made her mark on Instagram! She is a certified style powerhouse and the resident minimalist aesthetic queen!

12. Naureen

When style and graphics come together Naureen has married the two together seamlessly! With edits that will leave your wig snatched and fits that are the cause of global warming from the sheer heat, we are Naureen stans!

13. Saba

We are seriously in awe of Saba’s style. She gives effortless cool and chic vibes, and yet when she wears traditionals she slays those outfits too! A modest fashion creator, she also creates lifestyle and beauty content and we are forever amazed at what she puts out!

14. Shrushti

Shrushti shows us how you can have it all, a career as a dentist and slay it on Instagram as a fashion and lifestyle content creator. Shrushti does put out absolutely effortless vlog styled content which makes us long for a vacation! She is literally living her best life and we are fans of that!

15. Heba

We are for certain that Heba is a walking Pinterest board and we cannot help but save everything she puts out. At this point in Heba supremacy we trust and if she does we just merely follow. A true trend setter Heba is indeed making her mark!

16. Riya

Riya has probably invented the colour red, because she is the CEO of the red lip, red outfit combination! With an array of aesthetics under her belt she can do anything from boho to classic timeless outfits and she absolutely slays it!

17. Joyna

We cannot imagine a world in which Joyna is not absolutely slaying our existence with outfits that mere mortals could only dream of wearing. Her style is a mix of trendy and classic and her audience are truly obsessed with the content she serves them!

18. Yesmin

Having one of the most well curated feeds on the platform, Yesmin has indeed solidified herself as Instagram’s “It Girl”, and we are just gonna Stan that. Her outfits, the colour combinations and her dog are all truly iconic!

19. Norma

Her outfits and her are forever GIVING! If maximilism is your vibe then Norma is the CEO of the maximalism trend. She pairs colours like no other, and her hair has its own identity. With content that is fierce and fabulous, Norma is our absolute favorite!

20. Sneha

Sneha is proof that you can make every day look like art, just by existing in it. She has managed to, in a very short span of time, find her niche, find her audience and absolutely slay it! We cannot wait to see her grow in the future!

21. Saum

Sending us into an absolute frenzy with every post Saum has aced the art of giving us iconic looks with every single look. Everything that we are dished out is nothing short of an iconic fashion moment that could literally be seen on a runway or on a red carpet.

22. Amruta

The co-founder and creative director of Rising Among, Amruta has literally paved the way for young female entrepreneurs in the fashion industry and while doing so she has also managed to make her very own mark, setting style trends and absolutely filling it with her very own personal style too!

23. Heena

A chartered accountant by profession, Heena is also a personal stylist, wardrobe editor, a colour analyst and a self certified travel and shoe addict. We are stunned with every outfit that she put’s out on Instagram outdoing herself every single time!

24. Pearl

The OG cool girl Pearl is indeed the reason we love cookies, the cookie connoisseur, a fashion icon, a revolution, words fail to describe the woman that Pearl is and that is totally fine because, now you can go and check out her feed and join us in fanboying!

25. Roma

Roma is the trailblazer in her own lane, she has made trench coats look absolutely stunning and matching colour and roma are a perfect match made in heaven! With style that is both practical and trendy, Roma is your go to person for trendy and fashionable fits!

26. Harshita

Harshita has the most perfect outfits and you can always turn to her for style inspiration, and whatever the occasion, you can be assured that you can find an outfit that will inspire you from her feed!

27. Preiti

India’s first cruelty free blogger Preiti is beauty and lifestyle creator who has made her mark on Instagram and is literally the beacon of light on the platform. She doesn’t mince words, and is a great creator as she gets her point across and that’s why not just us, but her audience stan’s her as well!

28. Roshini

Roshini’s Instagram feed is an explosion of colours and that literally makes us feel like that certifies her page as the happiest place on Instagram. We are in awe of her captivating fits and her personality that leaps through the screen!

29. Urja

Urja is on her way to becoming a household name, an actress, a model a fashion enthusiast, Urja does it all, all whilst serving us sas with an extra dose of glamour on Instagram! We are truly enthralled by the outfits that she comes up with and we cannot wait to see what she does next!

30. Aksharah

If Euphoria needed to cast a desi character they would not need to look any further. She has literally taken over our feeds in the best way possible, and we are forever patiently awaiting her next post. 

31. Andrea

Andrea is indeed one creator to watch out for. With her outfits that are certified fire fits, she is out here on Instagram giving us legit outfit goals! The CEO of the baddy aesthetic we are thoroughly captivated with every single post!

We hope you have found a few new creators to support and we cannot wait to see what these creative women do in the future. Until then, we are just going to be refreshing our feeds, waiting for these icons to post and slay our existence!

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