What Are 5XX Status Codes ?

Web servers use HTTP status codes, which are standardised answers, to let web clients know how the requested resource or activity is progressing. The 5xx status codes are a subset of HTTP status codes that signify a server-side error, which means that although the request was valid, the server ran across an error while processing it. We’ll go over the most typical 5xx status codes in this blog post, along with their definitions.

500 Internal Server Error:

The most typical 5xx status code, this one signifies that the server ran into an unanticipated issue that stopped it from completing the request. This mistake may be brought on by a programming error on the server, a database error, or a configuration problem with the server. When a more specific 5xx status code cannot be used, this error is frequently returned. 

501 Not Implemented:

The server does not support the requested feature or functionality, according to this status code. This could happen if the feature is not enabled on the server or if it is disabled. When a client tries to utilize a PUT or DELETE request or another HTTP method that the server does not support, this error is frequently issued.

502 Bad Gateway:

This status code denotes that an incorrect answer was sent by an upstream server to the server serving as a gateway or proxy. This error may result from a server configuration issue or an issue with the upstream server. When the server is unable to connect to the upstream server or when the upstream server delivers an invalid response, this error is commonly returned.

503 Service Unavailable:

This status code indicates that the server is currently unable to process the request due to a momentary overload or maintenance. This error frequently occurs while the server is under heavy load, updating, or being maintained.

504 Gateway Timeout:

This status code denotes that an upstream server did not respond to a gateway or proxy server in a timely manner. A slow upstream server or a problem with the network connectivity between the server and the upstream server may be to blame for this error.

The 5xx status codes are a crucial tool for identifying server-side issues, to sum up. Developers who are familiar with the meanings of these status codes can see potential problems in their web apps and fix them immediately.

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