So, you have decided to write a blog, and you intend this blog to create waves and reach the right target audience. Well, you have come to the right place. Writing a compelling story/blog means that you can captivate your audience’s interest or, that you have a topic that they would like to gain some insights into.

Cutting to the chase here is what you should keep in mind whilst writing a blog. 

  • Have an introduction paragraph.

An introduction paragraph is the main hook of any article. This paragraph is the paragraph that can get your reader to continue reading or stop reading altogether. An introduction paragraph should talk about what the article is about and what the reader can expect from the article. This will help them get an insight into what is to come and keep them wanting more. A good way to start is by adding a question to your blog.

  •  Use compelling headings. 

A complete headline that touches on a current topic, or something that is a word-play on a famous catchphrase is the route to go. This is the way to give your article a fresh perspective and this ensures that the article will be read by someone; because a catchy headline has the power to get someone intrigued. 

  • Keep your paragraphs short and crisp

Short paragraphs are not only easy to read and speed read but cutting the fat from your blog ensures that your blog is to the point thus allowing your audience to get just the information they need. Short paragraphs are also easy to skim through and in today’s fast-paced world, you need to ensure that your blog caters to everyone’s time schedules too! 

  • Write using plain English

Complex English is great when you are trying to impress someone in a story or a narrative. Though, in a blog, simple and easy-to-read English is ideal as this will ensure that your audience can understand the message that you are trying to convey.

  • Do not lose your voice

With the overflow of information that is present out there, it is pretty easy for you to lose yourself in the process of writing a blog, as in doing so you will lose your voice, and that is not appealing to a reader. They would like to know your thoughts and your perspective. As there is a ton of other information, and if they want to consume that they will, now that they are reading your article you need to be original. 

  • Use compelling imagery and supporting data.

Data points are the best way to convince your reader and sell a story. Using compelling imagery you will be able to paint a vivid picture in your reader’s mind, and in doing so you get them hooked to the article. Data also makes your article seem well researched and giving credits helps give your work credibility. 

  • Have a conclusion with a clear statement

End your article with a strong conclusion paragraph, summarizing all the points that have been covered. A clear statement is a great way to close your blog. If you have any other thoughts it is a good idea to add them to this section. Also if you want to suggest something adding it to your conclusion statement is a great idea.

  • Use a Call to action at the end

A call to action at the end of your article means that you plug yourself or tell your reader what are the next steps that you recommend them to take. A subtle plug from us would be to check some of our other blogs and check out our Instagram to stay updated. 

We hope this article has helped you and answered any of the doubts you may have had concerning how to structure your blog. And we cannot wait for you to put these tips into use.

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