Comiccon, the weekend of the year where the nerds come out in full force and the nerds rule the day. It is when all things Manga, Anime, Comics can be discussed without a care in the world. Are they eyes dropping or are they trying to hold back their excitement because they are in the presence of another weeb?

Enthusiasm filled the air as I entered the ComicCon arena, Jio World Center, Bandra-Kurla Complex had transformed itself into a hub with cosplayers, enthusiasts, parents and young adults. With an array of cosplays that left me speechless, right from walking in, I knew that this was going to be a once in a lifetime experience. This is when the content creator in me kicked in and I was sure that everything from now on was going to make content. 

Just as I was taking it all in, I was greeted by a six foot plus cosplay of a Transformer. This is when I knew I was immersing myself into a 360 degree experience. Headed downstairs to the lobby to meet the BoAt team to pick up my passes, the aroma of freshly popcorn hit me. 

Once I secured my pass from the team that had invited me to Comic con with them, I headed to their booth where I was astounded by the incredible sound and the setup, especially the snakes and ladder as well as the darts game at the BoAt kiosk. This is when I decided it was time to explore the exhibition centre where I was mesmerised with the Cosplays that I saw.

Here are some of my favourite other cosplays!

1- Taryn

His was a cosplay that was a fan favourite, and had people in shock, as they were in awe of not just how close the resemblance was, but also the fact that they got to meet one of their favourite cosplayers in person. 

2- Nysha

Her Nysha Potter cosplay was truly remarkable. With the right amount of originality and homage to the Harry Potter universe was a breath of fresh air, and then that topped off with her exuberant personality as well as her witty one liners was something that was hard to miss. 

3- Crystal 

She had an incredible outfit. That looked absolutely amazing and the best part was that cosplay was completely DIY’d. The effort and execution was something that was truly commendable and the fans absolutely LOVED it!

4- Nilofer


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Her cosplay was the definition of , I played to my strengths and it worked incredibly well for her. This cosplay was both absolutely adorable and made Nilofer stand apart from the rest at Comic Con. 

5- Zara


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This was another cosplay that took the cake for great effort and execution! The hair, the outfit and the accessories were all top notch which led into creating a great cosplay. One that is indeed memorable. 

6- Ryzi 


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If a cosplay could be spotted from space, then this was indeed the one you could see from anywhere. This was an outfit that not only won hearts but also won an award,

7- Chantel

Her outfit aimed to stun and you could clearly see the hard work and dedication in her cosplay. Everything from her hair to the wings to the makeup was done to perfection, no wonder people were literally fanboying in her presence.

8- Pooja

Her cosplay was indeed a show stopper, it exuded the “Mistress Of Evil’ vibes and I for one was in awe.

9- Warren

And, well, who says self love is dead? I did love my own cosplay of course, so I am going to include it in the list. 

The META booth, the CartoonNetwork, the Universal Studios booth and all the other booths and stores had something to offer patrons. The vibe was one of a huge community who shared the same love for comics. Comic Con Mumbai was indeed a tow day extravaganza of fun, comics, cosplay and networking that will never be forgotten, Do let me know if i missed out any f your fave content creators cosplays and until next time 

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