Conversion Rate Optimization

“Every aspect of marketing is entirely useless, unless it produces conversions.” – Jeremy Smith

Digital marketers spend hours at a stretch trying to get targeted traffic to websites with only one intention–converting them into buyers and customers. We at MadHawks cannot see good traffic going to waste and thankfully, we know exactly how to optimize the conversion rate of your business. Our only objective is to find better ways of turning that generic web traffic into paying customers just by employing a few tricks here and there. We work harder and smarter with the sole intention of seeing your website conversion rate go from ‘meh’ to ‘oh yeah’!

Conversion rate Optimization

Madhawks Approach

We want you to be a part of the process with us. At MadHawks, we believe in collaboration and growth. Our team will do a deep assessment of your brand and make sure all the strategies we come up with are fitting to who you are and in accordance with your brand bible. We will also do a lot of research on who your audience is and what they are looking for, what makes them click and what exactly they want to see from you. While in talks with your team, our team will also scope out the competition and find ways for your brand to uniquely stand out from the rest.

What our Campaign Looks Like

Analytics Conversion Rate Audits

A conversion rate audit is the foremost step in the making of a conversion rate audit. Through a conversion rate audit, we understand the visitor’s behavior, find the holes in our conversion funnels, and use our knowledge of visitor behavior to fix those holes, boosting our conversion rates.

Ongoing Support and Advanced Strategies

We will give you the complete down low about how we will go about the Conversion Rate optimization process. Our experts will fetch the perfect strategies that work for your website and garner the best results. We make sure to stay ahead of the curve, so we are always prepared when it comes to new advances in the field and are ready to make those changes for you so you too, can be at the top with us. 

Analytics Review

When we handle your analytics, we make sure to hit all the important check points, we track your macro and micro conversions. Using Google analytics, we track page visits, your events, your various URLs and the duration of visits to your page. We track the behaviour of your audience, using Google Analytics we track how your users find their way to your page. 

Phase 2:

Desktop Conversion Audit

Making an account of what your ideal customer should be, we will tailor make your website’s landing page. We take into consideration how your website and it’s journey will look like for a third party. We conduct a 360 degree, in-depth research of what your website is now and with time, where we can take it. 

Mobile Conversion Audit

In a fast paced world, your website needs to keep up too, and we’re here to do exactly that. After an in-depth analysis of your website, we plan out how we can maximise your speed. In small ways, like resizing images, integrating digital wallets, making your website navigation easy to follow, not overcrowding your page with many call to action buttons and many other ways, we optimize your website for it to be the best version it can be. 

Split testing

We all know, one way isn’t the right way. With a little experimentation and AB testing, we will find the perfect solutions for your website. In this way, our team brings your website to its core and starts building and testing its way to the top, this way we improve your website’s metrics.

Landing Page and Site Reviews

Landing Pages are tricky waters, but we know just how to work around it. The aim is conversion and that’s what we can make happen. With a deep understanding and review of your website, we can access the parts that work and the parts that might be slowing your website down.