Content writing is an art, and just like with any artform, you must be well equipped with the tools needed to excel at it. Therefore it is imperative to have the tools in place to be able to get your creative juices flowing when you start writing.

It can be advisable to have these points either etched in your memory or you could have them written on a post-it and have it on hand when you are writing.

  • Do Add Valuable Information for the Reader

When your reader is consuming the content make sure that you have it structured in pointers, so if there is something that they would like to pass, they can do so, and thus just skim through it and read the points that they are interested in. Add statistics data and any other information that you may feel is of value to the reader in your content piece. 

  • Do Make Edits

Editing your document before it gets published can help you cut off any extra trimmings and may also help you be more cohesive with your work. This can ensure that your reader has the most seamless experience whilst reading your content piece.

  • Do Pick a Niche That You Have Information On

When you choose to write on a topic ensure that the topic you choose is one that you have a ton of information on and is also one on which you can write a compelling story on. Thus you will be able to captivate your audience with the written piece. Also writing for a niche you are familiar with will ensure that you are writing from experience thus helping you add more insights.

  • Do Use SEO

Using SEO means that you will be able to effectively optimize your article and when you do so you will be able to target the right audience and get the right people to read your article. Doing this can ensure that your content piece is well optimized. 

  • Don’t Plagiarise Content

No one likes a plagiarized article, for one reason it lacks credibility and also because that would mean that they can get the same information everywhere. Thus that would mean that there is nothing special about reading and taking cognizance of the content piece that you have written.

  • Don’t Try To Show Off With Complex Vocabulary

Flexing with complex vocabulary does make the article look difficult to read to many people and this may be the reason why they choose to not read or skip over the content/blog. Using easy-to-read and easy-to-digest words and phrases is the way to go as this would mean that you can target everyone.

  • Don’t Repeat Your Content

Saying the same thing over and over again would mean that the blog could sound boring. Repeating the same point time and time ageing can make it look like you do not have enough information on the topic and thus forcing you to repeat yourself.

  • Don’t Overdo SEO

Overdoing SEO can be overkill and that could make your content piece wordy and also make people lose interest in what they are reading. This is an important thing to remember. Know who you are writing for, and write to them and not at them.

We hope these tips can help you with some of the crucial do’s and don’ts for good content writing. This will enable your work to be well received and appreciated. 

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