How does SEO work ?
Search Engines rely on search algorithms, comprising up to 200 ranking factors, to display the most relevant and high-quality websites in search results. SEO specialists who understand these algorithms and ranking factors can optimize your website accordingly. SEO works by improving your website according to ranking factors like the meta tags, keywords, content placement, backlinks and much more.
How can I rank higher on Google?

You can increase your online visibility and enhance customer engagement by opting for on-page SEO, off-page SEO, influencer marketing and content marketing. At MadHawks we help our clients achieve higher visibility on search results and give you the best return on your investment.

Is digital branding the same as digital marketing?

No, Digital branding is a part of the umbrella term digital marketing. Digital branding will focus on creating an awareness about your services and by giving you a digital footprint. Digital marketing provides a holistic view and helps you generate awareness, sales, conversions and maintain a strong relationship with your customers through Online Reputation Management.

What are the advantages of Digital Marketing Services?

Digital Marketing Services aids your company to increase its brand awareness, brand loyalty and drive sales. The main advantage of Digital Marketing is that it helps you measure success, performance and results of all the activities across all platforms in the most cost-effective way.

What makes MadHawks a good SEO agency?

Listed below are the key factors that make us a good SEO agency:

  • A well versed dedicated team for every client
  • Our primary goal is to generate organic revenue for our clients
  • Our focus relies on a data-driven approach

A comprehensive SEO strategies for each client

What are the 4 types of digital marketing?

Digital marketing can be divided into multiple different types of activities. The four most prominent digital marketing activities are:

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

– PPC or Pay-per-Click Marketing

– Social Media Marketing

– Content Marketing

Each of these activities can include multiple different activities, such as on-site and off-site activities, E-mail marketing, display ads, PR publications, etc.

Why do companies use PPC?

PPC ads are a great way to identify and broadcast to your internet audience. Your PPC success also assists your SEO efforts and improves conversions, brand recognition and rankings. That means regular PPC campaigns help companies stay connected to their target audience build brand recall and catalyse all other organic digital activities.

Why do brands need influencer marketing?

The best part about influencer marketing is the ROI. Influencer marketing has proven to offer better ROI than any other digital marketing channel. So, brands, both small and big, must use influencer marketing to reach their target audience. Most influencers can offer explanatory content about your brand’s product or service, which gels well with their audience. Thus, bridging the hard-to-fill communication gaps and improving recognition, trust, and sales for the brand.

How does content marketing help in brand building?

Content marketing helps your target audience ratify each step and increase the likelihood of a sale for the brand. With content marketing, you can answer difficult consumer questions, clear their doubts, explain your brand’s position, and help consumers make a qualified decision. Content marketing leads are often more qualified, take less time to convert and stick with the brand longer.

How is Social Media Marketing Different from Social Media Strategy?

Social media marketing is a goal-oriented social media strategy. While social media strategy will include almost every activity involving social media channels. If you want to increase followership, reach a wider audience, bring more traffic to your website, and generate leads for your business social media marketing is your way. However, the overall social media strategy will focus more on maintaining a regular set of organic activities on social channels.

When is it best to use PR?

As a brand you should use PR as often as you can, especially to broadcast positive news about your brand. However, for the sake of clarity, larger brands must use PR more often and for more than one goal. Some of the important PR objectives will include – strategic communications, media relations, crisis communications, community relations, internal/employee relations, social communications, etc.

Is Blogging a good way to establish thought leadership?

Thought leadership is a set of activities involving content creation with specialization in one line of thought or subject. Blogging is one activity to support your thought leadership efforts. However, thought leadership content will involve videos, podcasts, talk shows, peer publications, social participation, content with other leaders in the domain and much more apart from blogging.

What Services does Business Consulting Include?

Business consulting services can vary a lot depending on the domain expertise of the service provider. As a marketing company specializing in digital services MadHawks’ Business Consulting services include discovering and evaluating your business growth challenges and executing a solution plan. MadHawks can use digital as well as other marketing channels to execute the plan of action for the required growth.

What are the important factors in Website Design & Development?

A website for a business is a long-term asset. The larger the business the more your website will behave like real estate. Even though website design and development offer a lot more flexibility, you want the base structure to offer future-ready flexibility. Factors such as domain, hosting, CMS, database, and scalability are the primary factors in website development. After these website design can focus on user engagement and journey through the website.

Are there tools for conversion rate optimization for a website?

Conversion rate optimization tools help you identify user activities on your website and improve funnel traffic. You can use several free well-paid tools to gather user activity data on your website. Some of the popular tools include – Google Analytics, Heap, Hotjar, Google Optimize, Instapage, and Crazy Egg