When you are planning on writing a blog your headline must be something that will not only captivate your audience but also needs to be able to convey the context of the article to the reader. This enables the reader to know what they will expect to read in the article.

Here are some pointers that are sure to help you come up with a title that is both fitting and intriguing as well. 

1 – Maintain an ideas list.

This list of ideas will be the blueprint for what you are about to write. And, maintaining an idea list is a great way for you to be able to pick and choose what blog topic you would like to write about. It also helps as you can decide what is trending and what is not, thus making an informed decision before you post!

2 – Borrow ideas from others.

When we say borrow ideas from others we do not mean borrow the topics they have covered. We suggest you read through the comments, what are points that the audience would like more information on, and what would they like to be elaborated further on? Doing that will also help you convert the readers from your competitors’ blogs into your audience but you are also doing a service to them, thus they would be glad as well. 

3 -List to your audience.

This goes without saying, ask your audience what they would like to hear, and what they would like to read. By asking the right questions, you will be able to get the answers that you want. You can convert your social media audience into your audience for your blog by asking them on social media what they would like to read and then when the blog is published, share it with them too. 

4 – Use targeted searches.

Ranking high on Google will help you get the viewership that you deserve and need. What you can do is find out what topics have a high search volume and then using that you can then know what blog topics are the ideal ones for you and thus create your blog. 

5 – Expand existing blog posts.

If you already have a blog that is doing considerably well, and has a lot of comments on it, what you could do is leverage your clout and then be able to use this clout as your new audience and readers. So expanding on your blog and delving into more information is a great strategy.

6 – Use your story.

What is more honest and true to you than your own story? Write about yourself, your experiences, your findings and your struggles, you’d be surprised to know that there are a ton of people who would love to know how you did it, and how you live your life. And, this is food for really good content. 

7 – Write a detailed guide.

A detailed guide, like the one you are reading right now, does have an audience, and once your audience likes the knowledge that they have been given they will come back for more ( we hope you do). So you could write a guide blog on a topic you are most passionate about.

We hope these tips are of help to you and can help you take your fingers to your keypad and go on typing up a storm for your next blog.

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