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Web Design & Development Services

“Good design is obvious; great design is transparent.”

Web design and development are critical for a brand’s online identity. More than 80% of total businesses are present online today, and the way their website looks plays an important role. Web Design and development directly impact your website’s online performance and attractiveness to consumers.

A beautifully designed and easy-to-navigate website can attract and hold the attention of your consumer longer, increasing the possibility of conversions. As a full-stack digital marketing company, MadHawks considers all the critical factors of digital marketing for your brand while designing your website.

From suggesting alternative designs to testing user experiences, we take care of the entire online marketing funnel to maximize website conversions.

Web Design & Development Objectives
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Optimized for SEO & Conversions
  • Adaptive Content & Structure
  • Brand Representation

Why Does Your Brand Need Design & Development Services?

Your website is the first impression of your business for online visitors. Seamless navigation and fluid design also increase the chance of conversions on the website.


Users prefer Mobile Friendly Websites


Users prefer Beautifully Designed Websites


Impact of Web Design on First Impression


Form Opinion About the Brand based on Web Design


Would return to a Mobile Friendly Website


Expect the Website to Load Within 3 Seconds


A good Website Has a Positive Impact on…


Improve Your SEO Strategy


Create A Positive Image of Your Customer Service


Build Trust Among Your Audience


Help You Stand-out from Competition

Web Design and Development Services at MadHawks

Under our web design and development services, we provide you with a complete package that includes:

UI/UX Design

UI/UX is the front face of your website. Fast loading, attractive color combinations, and critical navigation to various products and services make up your website UI and define the UX.

E-commerce Website Development

Build a customer shopping cart or pick it up from easy-to-manage CMS options. Let MadHawks help you gather your online consumers to your store with a seamless and mobile-friendly e-commerce store.

Small Business & B2C Website

Whether you are a start-up or a small business trying to build your digital presence, you need a consumer-appropriate website. Our design and development teams can provide a quick and simple solution for your online presence.

Enterprise & B2B Website

Build a professional and impressive website to attract and drive your website for online leads. Our design and development teams can simplify the complex navigational journeys for your website.

Custom Website Development

Our website development algorithm isn’t the same for every client, but our ex-pats make sure that all your requirements are being kept in mind and fulfilled.

Technical Advice and Direction

We are not like other digital marketing services companies that will design your website once and be done with it. Our tech experts will always be there to assist you.

Security and Performance

Our services don’t end once we are done with developing your website. Adequate security with SSL and other necessary measures ensures users’ trust and safety on your website.

Support and Maintenance

Websites require regular maintenance and updates to ensure smooth function and better user experience. From technical upkeep to content updates, our website management teams support your website for maximum uptime.

Content Migration

If your website data is in any other database or any web-based system, we can import it to WordPress for you.

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Design and Development Tools at MadHawks

Supported CMS
E-Commerce Builders
Supported Scripts
Java Script

Steps of Web Design & Development at MadHawk

Phase 1

Scope the Project
  • Target Audience Profile
  • Business Goals for the Project
  • The Brand Personality

Answering the essential questions builds the framework and guardrails for creative designs, navigation, and messaging.

Create Wireframes
  • Present Website Appearance
  • The Website Appearance of Your Dreams
  • The Appearance Website Should Have

The website is for consumers. However, it should also carry the exclusivity and image of the brand and business.

Develop Sites
  • Select Suitable Technologies & Platforms
  • Keep the Design SEO-Friendly
  • Keep Website Up-To-Date

Technology and platform form the critical ground on which the foundations of your website will be built. We ensure that the ground and foundations will support a highly scalable model of your website.

Phase 2

Website Quality Assurance
  • Testing for all Web Assets & Connectivity
  • Bugs & Broken Link Fixes
  • Brand Quality Guideline Matches

Before opening the website for live traffic and public usage, we ensure that all functions and navigation links are working as desired. We also ensure that all web assets meet the brand guidelines.

Refining and Optimizing UX
  • Monitor User Journey Metrics
  • Run A/B Testing for Critical Pages
  • Improve Funnel Efficiency (CRO Steps)

Having a good-looking website is only the first step. We continuously monitor and improve the navigation and content integration to optimize conversion rates at different stages.

KPI Monitoring & Analysis
  • Set Performance KPIs for Website
  • Measure Performance
  • Mark for Improvement

KPIs provide specific performance goal posts for the website. We measure metrics like bounce rates, conversion rates, heat maps, etc. to assess the performance and improve any shortcomings.

Success Stories (clients’ growth, successful campaigns)

Ready For The Madness?


With a Hawkitude

Why Choose MadHawks?


Websites developed & deployed


Web pages designed


Successful e-commerce platforms


Mobile-first web assets deployed


The five stages of website development include – discovery, prototyping, design, development, and testing. With testing the website design can be improved and deployed.

Any business website should include the following five things: - Description of who you are - Information about what you provide - Easy mobile-friendly navigation - Customer testimonials - Contact information

A website builder is a platform or tool you can use to build and customize your website. It can include a drag and drop modular assets that you can use to create web pages, hyperlinks, and content placeholders.

Our Untangling Services

Services You May Need

Growth Organically

The least expensive approach to acquiring and keeping customers. MadHawks’ SEO helps you uncover customer intent and be there when your customers search for your solutions

  • Innovative ways to rank
  • Investigate competitors
  • Create long-term funnel
  • Automate lead generation
  • Build awareness & trust
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Outrank Everything

Organic results taking time? Not to worry. Start reaching your paying customers quickly with Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaigns. Let MadHawks’ PPC strategies drive ROAS & conversions.

  • Generate revenue faster
  • Build brand recall
  • 200% average ROAS
  • Appear for local searches
  • Cost-effective growth
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Embrace Audience & Attract Customers

More than 50% of the world is on Social Media channels. Let MadHawks’ SMM strategies discover and engage your audience and enhance performance across marketing channels

  • Increase brand recall
  • Higher brand trust
  • Free consumer voice
  • Higher conversions
  • Add post-sale services
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One Place to Track Every Marketing Dollar

Stop dealing with five different screens to track your marketing efforts. MadHawks’ CRM is a holistic SaaS platform to bring all your digital marketing efforts to one place

  • Manage customers
  • Don’t miss a beat
  • Track 50+ Metrics
  • Self-explanatory interface
  • Manage 100+ campaigns

Design to Assist Visitors Navigate

Whether it’s a website or your social post, a good design makes for a resistance-free traffic flow. Let MadHawks’ design thinkers polish your web and social creatives to guide visitors

  • Improve funnel efficiency
  • Make the website appealing
  • Higher social engagement
  • Improve brand trust
  • Increase conversions