Influencer Marketing

“A trusted referral is the holy grail of advertising” – Mark Zuckerberg.

49% of the world’s population rely solely on the recommendation of influencers when planning on buying a product, 25% say that they discover new products because of influencers. Well, the figures speak for themselves, 74% of the audience you could have been marketing to will be alienated if you choose to ignore influencer marketing services.

Influencer Marketing

Madhawks Approach

Influencers are taking over the marketing world. It’s a $10 billion industry and creates a whirlwind of opportunities for content creators and influencers across various categories. MadHawks has direct access to more than 15,000 influencers across the globe. We have executed campaigns for India’s largest airline, Edtech giants and Real estate pioneers. In this process we have engaged with more than 1000 influencers in the last 1.5 years. These influencers were of various types i.e. Celebrity influencer, Macro Influencers, Micro Influencer and Nano Influencers. In collaboration with them, we were able to deliver more than 100 million impressions. With our category centric research and creative mindset we always try to communicate with the audience in the simplest and craziest way so that your product or service can have a longer brand recall. We have a robust onboarding process for any influencer which has multiple checkpoints like content relevancy, recency, engagement, frequency and audience etc.

What our Campaign Looks Like

Phase 1:

Recruiting Influencers

As an influencer marketing Company in Canada, an influencer marketing company in India and an influencer company in Dubai we have an unfair advantage to keep you ahead of your competition. Considering our company is filled with young innovators, we know how to differentiate the best from the rest, in this digital age. When it comes to marketing and content, the best thing today is using influencers. Expanding your company’s reach through social media to new eyes and ears is what we want for you. When it comes to picking the right creators, we will always choose those that suit your idea and company motto best.

Vetting Influencers

Your brand is important to you, as well as us. When it comes to influencer marketing, we put out regulations and guidelines that they need to follow, in order to stay on track, on the ball and most importantly on top of the game.

Briefing Influencers

Everyone likes things a certain way, but nothing great happened without a touch of creativity and teamwork. We at MadHawks, combine your brand bible and their content, to bring out the best of both worlds. As mentioned before, we understand the importance of your brand and image, so we always make sure to add clauses for each project that the creators undertake. 

Phase 2:

Managing Influencers

We’ve been told that MadHawks has a way with people and there’s no denying that. Our team members understand the cumulative task that comes under responsibility when managing a well-known name. Luckily for you and us, we have rules and guidelines that cover all the possible situations that could occur. At the end of the day, all you need is trust, we’ll be able to move mountains.

Measuring Influencers

Even though it may seem like it, you aren’t putting all your marketing eggs in this basket. We smoothen the process of measuring influencers all across the board and make the best out of each piece of content. From the total impressions, number of clicks, revenue, engagement rate and conversions to customers, we promise you your money’s worth.