Untangle the Clutter, Make a Good First Impression With Your Instagram Bio

With people’s attention spans diminishing as everything goes visual, the money is now in the grids of Instagram. Gripping your way through the sea of saturated, perfect pictures of a perfect life, may seem like a daunting task, but guess what every castle was built up with the foundation of one brick.

 If you came with a trailer, what would it be? Would people stay on for the full-length feature film, would they come back for a part 2? Your bio is the first peephole for the world into what makes you.

Here are 6 Tips for Creating a Good Instagram Bio

●      Hack: Optimize Your User Name for Search Queries

What’s in a name, well, a lot, it is your identity, and probably the first thing your prospective follower is Instagram Influencers. Making sure that your username is optimized with your name and/or a searchable keyword, not only enables your profile to pop up when searching for that particular keyword but also enables people to know what they are signing up for (following) when they turn that blue box grey.  Also, using the profession tag greatly helps, as, this way, when people search for you on Instagram, they’ll be able to easily find the correct account. Food for thought, Instagram as of 2021 also considers the username fields in search queries, so it’s a great idea to make sure they’re optimized, thus ensuring that you get the best traction directed towards you.

●      Hack: Add Your Niche & Target Audience

Filtering out the noise works best, when building an account, thus ensuring that your followers are engaging and don’t lose interest in you and your brand, A niche is always better than a scattered profile, as it gives you and your team, the scope to climb up the ranks and thus be the best in your niche. If you are someone who is known as an opinion leader, a doctor, teacher, trendsetter, make sure to include that in your bio, thus giving your audience a feeling of security, knowing that they are in trusted hands.

●      Hack: Relevant Keywords are key

Instagram management service is all about the community, building a community and sustaining this community, and then scaling it upwards. Using relevant keywords is a great way to give your account more focus and connect you with like-minded followers. Also, it helps in putting out your message clearly right at the onset. When deciding what keywords to include in your Instagram bio, think who you are, what is the DNA that makes you, and what makes you different/ someone they should follow. If you use Instagram for business, spend some time building a “persona” of your ideal follower, and another tip would be to find other accounts with an audience you aspire to have and engage with their followers. Points to keep in mind for picking the keywords to attract your prospective followers would be, what are their pain points or interests? What keywords will resonate with them?

●      Hack: Give Them Your Digits

Instagram Account Handling, don’t be shy, let your prospective clients have the option open, if needed, that they may connect with you, and have their doubts, cleared. Studies have shown accessibility, is a key reason that makes people trust an account. With an Instagram business profile, you can add contact information to your Instagram bio, and what’s more, if you don’t even use up real estate space on your bio, you get a box which they may click, if they wish to contact you, thus acting as a visual prompt for someone, if they feel the need to reach out with their questions or an inquiry.

●      Hack: Let Your Personality Shine Through

You are the best and most authentic version of your own brand, and using you yourself can be the best way to come across as relatable, likable, trustworthy, and most importantly follow worthy. While it’s important to convey who you are and what you do in your Instagram bio, you can shed off that white collar, if that isn’t your aesthetic, and give the people a slice of you, show off your personality and have fun.

Here are 3 ways to insert some creativity:

  • Use Emojis to Space Out Your Text, get a favourite emoji, use it as a page breaker. Into astrology, well add your sign, it is a great conversation starter.
  • Include a Branded Hashtag, hashtags also help you get affiliated and make you belong to a greater whole or a community, thus influencing members of the community to engage and interact with you and your content.
  • Add Line Breaks to Your Bio, can really help to break the word vomit and perhaps work as text breaker, thus giving your bio some definition.

    Instagram Bio Checklist
    Now that we have given you the tool, it is your turn to build the ship, let’s go over the blueprint one more time, before you can go out there and conquer.
  • Who are you, what makes you, YOU and what makes you Follow worthy!
  • Target your niche audience with specific keywords
  • Break through that screen and be more accessible.
  • Show off your personality.

Just like life, with everything that grows, there is change, so ensure to keep up, as you and your business grows and evolves, you can set time aside every few months to review your bio and make sure you are in control of the narrative, and that the narrative is not running you, you are the fuel that puts the metal to work, remember that!