Pay Per Click

“Pay per click was just the beginning. The real revolution is pay per action.” – Bill Gross.

Ever wondered how some businesses manage to get on the top of SERPs in a very short period whereas you are unable to do the same with months of hard work? It’s all because of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Pay-per-click is a very effective method to grow a business in a highly competitive environment. It comprises various components including social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, visitor analysis and many more that together build a strong digital presence for any business. At MadHawks, we are driven by a commitment and passion for providing our clients with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that works the best for them. We work on diverse projects for top brands as well as for cool startups.

If you don’t know how the PPC model works. Let us help you understand this first. A business bids to get their advertisements listed on different platforms. After this, the advertiser needs to pay the bid amount every time they get a click on their ad. WIthout PPC advertising, it becomes really difficult to rank on SERPs as the keywords are really competitive these days. But, with these advertisements, you can achieve traffic from your targeted audience much faster.


Infographic (PPC vs. CPC)

People often use the terms PPC and CPC interchangeably, but there is a basic difference between them:

Pay Per ClickCost Per Click
PPC or Pay Per Click is the amount that the bidder/advertiser needs to pay for every click on the ad published by them.CPC or Cost Per Click is like finance metrics to measure total click and total amount spent on a particular PPC campaign. 

Benefits of PPC

Many website owners who follow SEO practices make the mistake of depending entirely on SEO to get traffic. It is true that SEO is very very important, but with PCC along with search engine optimization, you can achieve even greater heights. Getting Pay Per Click Services for your website or business has so many advantages as listed below:

  • Faster Results: Pay Per Click ads show faster results compared to the SEO influenced search results which take months to rank on Google SERPs. The PPC ads are mostly above the other search engine optimization based results  
  • Cost-effective: The Pay Per Click advertising gives you the flexibility to show ads under your budget. You need to pay only when someone clicks on your ad and it will be totally worth it to pay as you will also get conversions from these ads. 
  • You can Target Your Ideal Audience: People will click on your ads only if they are interested in the same. When you get to know how many people are clicking on your ads and what age group & category they belong to, you can find out your ideal target audience more easily. 
  • You Can Rank Even With Low Domain Rankings: As more businesses are coming online, the keywords are becoming highly competitive. It is really difficult for you to rank on the first page of search engine results if you are new to your industry. But with the help of Pay Per Click advertising, you can rank on the first page within a few hours.
  • PPC Data Helps You Improve Your SEO Strategy: You can even make your SEO strategy better with the help of PPC. It’s a big myth that you should either choose SEO or PPC for your website. The right strategy is to work together with both.


Individuals often confuse whether they should prefer SEO or PPC for their website. But, this is completely the wrong way of thinking. You need SEO along with PPC for the best results and to get the maximum traffic on your website. Let us first understand the difference between SEO & PPC:

Search Engine OptimizationPay Per Click
  • SEO brings organic traffic to your website.
  • Even the top results influenced by SEO appear after the paid ads in most cases.
  • The organic traffic that you get via SEO is free of cost.
  • SEO takes time to show results, usually a minimum of two to six months. However, the time taken is totally worth it if you can maintain your content’s position at the top.
  • You get traffic via advertisements in the case of PPC.
  • The paid advertisements appear at the top when relevant to a particular search.
  • There is a cost associated with every ad click. You get paid, but you also need to pay.
  • PPC is easier to control and shows faster results. 


Only SEO or Only PPC will not give you the results you might be expecting, but SEO along with PPC is what makes the best SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy. So, instead of comparing the two, you should focus on an integrated approach of SEO as well as PPC to get the most relevant traffic.

Infographic (only SEO – No, Only PPC – No,  SEO + PPC = Yes, the best SEM strategy)

Top Platform for PPC Advertising

You can not just post your PPC advertisements on google, but there are various platforms for it. Some of the top platforms for Pay Per Click advertising are as follows:

  • Google Ads: When it comes to the top search engines, Google remains at the top. This is why Google Ads are the most expensive ones, but also help you get desired traffic faster. The advertisers need to bid for their ads to be shown over other websites on Google and they may get customers/conversions in return. 
  • Facebook Ads: Facebook has also emerged as a popular PPC advertising platform in the last few years. These ads can be in the form of images, videos, carousel, etc, and appear in the news feed of facebook users.
  • YouTube Ads: After Google, Youtube can be considered as the most preferred platform for Pay Per Click advertisements. YouTube also allows businesses to promote their products via advertisements and charges for every click in return. YouTube Ads can be of different types, such as skippable ads, non-skippable ads, short bumper ads, etc.
  • Instagram Ads: Businesses as well as individuals can also showcase and promote their products & services on Instagram. Instagram Ads look very similar to the regular posts/stories. Users can see the ads on their news fees, stories, IGTV videos, etc. 

PPC Services That We Offer

We at MadHawks don’t only offer one or two types of PPC advertising services, but we can run all types of advertising campaigns based on your business requirements. The following are some major PPC services that we offer:

Search Ads

Search Ads are the PPC advertisements that appear on the top of SERPs when an individual searches some related keyword on Google or any other platform. These are generally text based ads that are prepared in such a way that they appear on the top when someone searches for a particular keyword.

Display Ads

Display Ads can be defined as the image or video based ads that appear on a website or app in the form of a banner. These ads are generally eye-catching and aim to gain the attention of the targeted audience. 

Social Media Ads

Social Media Ads are the advertisements that can be seen on different social media platforms, like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. These appear on the feeds of people based on their social networks, interests, etc. 

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing Ads are targeted at the customers who have purchased the products/services of a particular business previously. The aim of these ads is to remind those who have visited your website earlier to visit it again. When they open other websites/apps, these ads pop up on their screens.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads can be seen on SERPs in the form of a carousel, where various products are displayed in the same ad along with their prices. Individuals can see the prices of the products even without clicking on the ads. These types of ads are the best for e-commerce companies or businesses that are selling multiple products.

Local Services Ads

The local services ads don’t work on the Pay per click model, but on Pay Per Lead model. Therefore, you don’t need for every click, but you only pay when a click generates a lead. 

Testimonials/Clients Growth Data

A glimpse of how we have helped our clients untangle their business through our social media marketing services:

“I collaborated with MadHawks for creation & execution of our Digital Strategy. Just one initial call with Ravi made me believe that MadHawks can be trusted for my project.

I am very glad I took this decision. The team is highly focused, diligent, and very proactive. They have helped us in every step in bringing our vision to life. Must say it is indeed a great pleasure working with them. As a Digital Marketing firm, they definitely earn my recommendation.”

Shalini Sharma

Founder, Six Yard Story

“From the first day, we started working with MadHawks, there was a spark like no other. The team is always ready to do more and keeps outshining themselves. Making SEO a dream is what this team has finessed, and in addition to that, they have also revolutionized our website, with graphics that have mesmerized us and our audience alike. I absolutely stan their work ethic and cannot wait to see our partnership flourish.”

Basma Aribi

Head of Marketing, Cigalah

“Working with MadHawks on our digital marketing campaigns is a smooth sailing process. Right from the get-go, the entire process was thought out and a structure is planned and pitched. Taking into consideration inputs from our end and marrying it with creative, unique ideas, we were indeed delighted with the final results. The thought put into each campaign is something which we were incredibly satisfied with.”

Ankit Gupta

Head of Media, Grab Taxi

“Madhawks performed really well in delivering high impact influencer marketing campaigns for us in an absolutely smart and savvy way. Their understanding of performing the desired service is incomparable.”

Rageev Pandey

Head of Digital Marketing, Akash Institute

Steps Included in Our PPC Campaign

Phase 1

Determining countries with the biggest potential: Using the fast developing companies to create something bigger
– With our resources and their potential, we’ll have the best businesses at the tip of our fingers

Create a go-to-market strategy:  Bringing together all of the key elements that drive your business

 We provide you with a strategic action plan that clarifies how to reach your target customers and better compete in your marketplace

Determine digital marketing channels with the biggest return: Finding out the campaigns and event sponsorships that are worthy for your company dollars

– With our detailed research and experience, we use the perfect blend of all elements under PPC to get the best results possible. 

Phase 2

Strategic market launch: Outlining the selling ideas and procedures your brand can use
– We will identify and research your competitors and customers and create a launch that is unique and well describes your products

Determine the cost per acquisition by channel: Spreading your marketing budget equally to get you the best results
– With our customer analytics knowledge, we  trace the paying customer’s journey so that we know what areas have the most traction and what areas need to be worked on.

Sales across different countries: Expanding your reach is one of the main objectives we aim to achieve
– Not only will we ensure the best customer experience locally but also take it to an international level


  1. What are the different types of PPC?

Pay Per Click advertising can be of different types as mentioned below:
– Search Ads: These ads appear in the form of text on SERPs when an individual searches something related.
– Display Ads: These ads appear in the form of images/videos on different websites or apps.
– Social Ads: Social Ads refer to the promotional advertisements that appear on the feed pages of different social media platforms. 

– Remarketing Ads: Remarketing Ads are targeted at people who have already visited the website of the advertiser. These ads are just like reminders for them to visit the website again.
– Google Shopping Ads: Google shopping ads appear in the form of a carousel where different products of a particular business are listed along with their prices.
– Local Services Ads: Local Services ads work on a pay per lead model where the advertisers need to pay only when a visitor has converted into a lead.

  1. How does PPC help my business to grow?

Pay Per Click advertising model is one of the fastest working models under digital marketing and helps you grow your business really fast. Where SEO influenced content takes months to rank on Google, PPC advertisements start appearing on the top of SERPs only within a few hours after being published. It increases relevant traffic on your website and also helps you boost your website conversions.

  1. Why should we use PPC marketing?

A website or a business that works online must use PPC marketing, especially in the initial stages of their business. It is because PPC advertising helps you rank higher on search engines even without having very much authority in your domain. With the right strategy, your website ad can even appear on the top of the best SEO influenced website.