Public Relations

Bill Gates once said, “If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on Public Relations”.

Trust and credibility are like the two wheels of an engine that need to work together to ensure the smooth running of the ship. For us at MadHawks, you put the I in Importance, we focus on nurturing relationships with your brands and your audience and enhancing your visibility. We get it, there are two important aspects of a business to function properly and sustain in the long run. Public Relations (PR) cultivates a positive reputation for businesses by various unpaid or earned communications, as also it plays an important role as a rescuer by defending businesses reputation during a crisis that can be threatening to their credibility.


Madhawks Approach

PR is adding some ’pyaar’ (which means love in English) into relationships. We at MadHawks know that Public Relations is the art of marketing that mirrors what the company wants to project into the minds of its audience. Our PR experts know that they need to be crystal clear so the brand’s image can be created without distortion. Our main goal is to take your brand and build a positive presence in your audience’s minds, with 0 doubts as well as help in yielding a high Rate of Interest. When our PR strategies are paired with other marketing strategies,you can always count on us for the best results, perfectly suited for you. 

What our Campaign Looks Like

Phase 1:

Brand Audit and Analysis

Doing a thorough check of your brand will be one of the first things we aim to get done. We believe that good PR strategy is born from brand consistency and analysis. Does your outlook match what you’re trying to sell? That’s what we’ll help you figure out. We’ll also shed light on where you are lacking consistency and how we can improve it. 

Story Pitches

Concise and clear, that’s a guarantee when it comes to our story pitches. In today’s day and age, it’s hard to have a grip on people’s attention, but we have a knack of keeping you interested and always wanting more, and we’ll do the same for your brand. 

The Right Promotions 

The reason the term “promotion” erks certain companies, is because they don’t know how to do it right. Luckily for you, we know how to do this and do it well. While using the best marketing channels and experts, your content will be reaching more users than you imagined.

Phase 2:

Project Management

Problems and bumps in the road are just something you can’t avoid, but we can manage. Our executive team comes up with crisis management plans and crisis communication plans that fit perfectly for your company. Our team will discuss and plan with you, together we will build a solid foundation. 

Media Presence

A strong media presence is a must. Luckily for you, we have connections everywhere. We pick media outlets that would work for your brand and organically spread the word. They say word of mouth can get you where you want to be, but the word of a MadHawk could get you where you need to be. 

Performance Analysis 

While scouting the best PR opportunities for your brand we will also be monitoring how these opportunities are performing, what works best and what is getting you more than you imagined. Using these statistics we’ll plan ahead and use them to our advantage.