Search Engine Optimization

“You can’t just ‘SEO’ your website and be done. It’s a forever moving goal post.”

Ever wondered what it takes to be atop the search list? Well, we’ve got you covered…SEO is a complex activity that constitutes different techniques, tactics, planning and actions. These practices keep evolving as consumer and web-user behaviours change according to new technologies and search engine algorithms. This makes SEO a very crucial step for any business that wants to be visible online. Do you still have your doubts? leave it to us, and watch your results rack up.


Madhawks Approach

We at MadHawks, are a young, bustling team with madness spread globally with genuine analytical perspective in search engine optimization. We strive to provide the most perfect, unique, global solution for our clientele. As an SEO Management company with rapidly changing algorithms and evolving user behaviour, our zealous team is always updated with the latest Google search engine algorithm update via Google Developers Blog; which helps us strategize for each partner beforehand. As we are always at the forefront of all the Google updates, we leverage SEO tools like SEM rush, aHref, Moz, Crazyegg to timely inform & execute the required changes for each project. Within a short span of time, our clients from various industries across the globe are enjoying free click or free traffic AKA SEO Traffic. Like a Hawk watching over its eggs, we watch our clients

What our Campaign Looks Like

Phase 1:


The foremost step in the SEO process is to analyze the opportunities on a website that can be addressed to improve its ranking potential in search engine results pages (SERPs). With MadHawks SEO analysis, we find what aspects of our SEO strategy are working and identify the obstacles that are affecting your website ranking. It helps in making strategic decisions and reduces the time and resources spent.

Personalized Strategies

Let us cook up something for you, by us, catered to your needs. The key to a good ranking on SERPs is to stand out from the rest which can only be done with personalized strategies. Our SEO team makes sure that every strategy is curated and backed by robust research and works well with the business. Factors like location, language, browsing history also come under personalization.


Like a squirrel planning for winter in summer, with SEO Forecasting, we make use of data to make predictions such as future traffic levels and the value of that traffic. It projects how much the SEO will grow and increase revenue. It can also help with sales or predict the future impact on clients. At MadHawks, our clients are presented with a seasonal calendar which helps in determining the plans. For example, for AC repair services which are more useful in summers, we start creating content from January so that it gets published by May-April and serves its purpose well.

Phase 2:

Project Planning

It is important, nothing works without planning but every planning process is a strategy, and is different. MadHawks project planning incorporates all the factors that are needed for a strong and successful SEO. From planning objectives to executing the strategies and measuring the results, everything is taken care of under the MadHawks umbrella.

Identifying KPIs

Key Performance Indicators help to measure and give clarity into the success of a strategy or a campaign. In SEO there are many critical KPIs that need to be tracked to make sure that all your efforts are being utilized in the right direction. Some of these indicators that we focus on are – organic sessions, Keyword rankings, leads and conversions, bounce rate, average session duration, page load time.