With every challenge, there comes a new wave of individuals who are able to take the bull by the horn and gallop into the sunset, creating a world for themself, that is the most authentic and true version of themself. These creators popped off during the year where everything virtually shut down.  Creating content being vulnerable on the internet is not something for the faith-hearted and these creators have managed to do it, against all odds. Here are some of our homegrown creators who we believe you should keep a tab on, because, well they are EXPLOSIVE!
  1.  Name: Anagha Maria Varghese

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    Dance India Dance can’t handle the insane talent this girl has. From easy moves you and I pull off at weddings to full-blown fast choreography, there’s nothing Anagha can’t do. If you haven’t checked out how good her whacking skills are, what are you waiting for!? Soon we’ll be dancing to her trendsetting dance moves on Instagram!

  2.  Name: Dipti Sharma

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    Dipti is the epitome of beauty and at least to be a dead ringer for Katie Stevens from The Bold Type. From her beauty and skincare reels to her fabulous outfits, I dare you to not get addicted to her content. She is also one of the few chosen to be on The Amazon Influencers Program, how cool is that! It’s safe to say, Dipti is on the brink of absolute stardom.

  3.  Name: Tanya Appachu

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    A post shared by Tanya Appachu (@yourinstalawyer)

    This badass woman next door has levelled the playing field for her followers with her super informative reels. During a time where knowledge is power, she has used her platform to grow from strength to strength with her moto “No sections, no clauses, no legal jargon”, she has bridged the gap between the void for knowledge, with her judgment-free DM’s she champions women’s rights, and she fights for equality with all her might!

  4.  Name: Ankit

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    A post shared by Ankit • Portraits • Travel (@framesbyankit)

    Canon India knows what they are doing, because well, this guy’s profile is ART! A photography influencer, his feed has it all, from perfectly captured beauty shots to the most vibrant and enchanting visuals that are indeed mesmerizing his viewers. Go on, check out his profile and you will be left in awe of his creativity.

  5.  Name: Dr. Falguni Vasavada

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    A post shared by Dr. Falguni Vasavada (@falgunivasavada)

    Don’t you wish you were as cool as Dr. Falguni? Acing the latest trend and amalgamating in her flavour is what she does best, leaving her followers with a spectacle to behold in each and every one of her posts. As a marketing professor and TEDx Speaker, she has the gift of the gab, but then, as a Fashionista, she leaves no outfit looking drab.  Body Positivity is the root of her brand, and the branches of her staunch love for sarees can be seen in her works, sprinkled with a generous dose of positivity.

  6.  Name: Mohammad Harris

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    A post shared by MOHAMMAD HARIS. (@harris7417)

    An Engineer by profession, a fashion influencer by passion, he has, over the lockdown turned his passion into an amazing curation of chic, yet dapper loos, that can be achieved by the man on the go, his tips are what his audience loves, as the wait each day to lap up his carefully crafted content, that keeps them looking just as stylish as him!

  1. Name: Kainaz Reddy

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    A post shared by Kainaz Reddy (@kainazreddy99)

    She has, for sure carved out a niche for herself on the platform, and her creative content has helped rack in the views. This woman is the epitome of BOSS WOMAN, as she knows how to secure the bag and also gives her audience memorable content with every post, leaving them with a treat for their eyes. She has, over the years, been able to amass a fan base that has only grown over the pandemic with her choicest recommendations that make her oh so relatable. 
  1. Name: Devang Sethi

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    A post shared by Devang Sethi (@the_punjabi_wanderer)

    Just a browse through his feed shall leave you longing to get on a plane and jet-set around the globe. Having set foot in Greenland, Russia, Iceland, Kazakh, and Europe, this travel junkie, with his thrill for adventure, has been able to translate the real world onto the reel world. During the pandemic, he has not let the travel restrictions throw a wrench into his plans as he has commenced backpacking across the country giving his followers quality content that has kept them longing for more.

  2. Name: Parul Jindal

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    A post shared by Parul Jindal🐼 (@paruljindalll)

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well, with Parul she has embodied the less is more trend, as her feed boasts of minimalism yet the best chic look. With reels that have done nothing but skyrocket in the views, she has cracked the code on how to use the algorithm and not beat it. Putting out the best content, she always leaves her audience longing for more.
  1. Name: Shubham Kathuria

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    A post shared by Dr. Shubham Kathuria (@silk_thoughts)

    Be Humble is what she has etched atop her bio, her feed is packed with character, pizazz, and the most scenic shots. With pictures that can transcend and take you to another world, worthy of being on postcards, Shubham Kathuria has mastered the art of giving the people just what they never knew they needed, with a generous sprinkling of quotes spaced out through her feed, turning that blue button grey is something you shall not regret.

  2.  Name: Rangeeli Ruchi

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    A post shared by Rangeeli Ruchi (@rangeeliruchi)

    A woman with a checkered coloured life, she has and can do it all, from being one of the leading Radio Jockey hosts on Fever FM to being a TV host, YouTuber, anchor, and fashionista. The proud recipient of  “Rj of the Year 2018”, this woman dominates anything and everything she sets out to conquest. And that in itself is a major reason why you should follow her. Oh, and did we mention she has a super adorable daughter Zenaya. This little munchkin is a ray of sunlight and her smile on your feed shall spin any frown upside down.

  3.  Name: Twinsis

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    A post shared by Content Creators | Twinsis (@twinsis_02)

    Are you seeing double? Double the aesthetic content, double the drama, double the flair. Gaurangi and Shivangi are probably the most relatable YouTubers out there. Everything from their vlogs to their spooks looks like works of art. Oh, just another feather in their hat is that they are award winners at multiple national and international film awards, impressive, yes indeed. Winners of the Dglitz Best Entertainment Influencers 2021, there is no stopping for these firecrackers, who are out here blazing their trail doing what they love.

  4.  Name: Simran Poddar

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    A post shared by Simran Poddar💫 (@bellisimo__simran)

    Simran loves to keep it casual and her love for it is at its peak. A publicist at Elsol strategic consultant, Simran makes it a point to keep it up to date for her love for fashion and make-up. She accelerates herself towards wisdom and purity and loves to follow Buddhist philosophies.

  5.   Name: Mithun

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    A post shared by Mithun K Prasad (@mithun.kp25)

    A mover and shaker, Mithun is a dancer, choreographer cum content creator whose routines will leave you dazzled. He’s always experimenting and his videos and reels will really get your feet tapping.

  6.  Name: Arushi Kapoor

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    A post shared by Arushi Kapoor (@curlmoohi)

    Arushi Kapoor is what I like to call a modern-day wonder woman, she’s a digital content creator, editor at scoopwhoop, and an anchor at OK Tested, all while being a functional adult, I mean how!? Best known among many things for her one-of-a-kind puns and how we can forget being a super mommy to her adorable pets. Let’s also take in the fact that she does all of this while maintaining those beautiful curls. Arushi! We need answers!!

  7.  Name: Dr. Ritu Singh

    With a mind in the dentistry profession, Dr. Ritu Singh brings herself as a fashion influencer, lifestyle, and beauty content creator. She has given herself a nickname of confidence and blessed herself with a lovely beautiful range of clothes in her wardrobe. She stands for lifestyle from the get-go and has managed to give some Indian cultured style, including western. If one may ask what she loves more, profession or passion? She’s firm in keeping it balanced because why not? If you love it, you get it because that’s when everyone moves when you take a step is what she believes in.

  8.   Name: Karan Sons

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    A post shared by Karan Sonawane (@focusedindian)

    Named Focusedindian, this artist wishes to make your day a bit lighter from your everyday routine. Karan Sonawane manages to bring up everyday happenings via reels on gram bagging 662k followers with 579 posts in all. Though not verified as he calls himself, he surely gains people’s trust with his content and wit.

  9.  Name: Akshita Rai Shrivastava

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    A post shared by Akshita Rai Shrivastava (@akshitaraishrivastava)

    A passion to appreciate whatever life throws; Akshita Rai Shrivastava equalizes travel, fashion, and writing. With an open mind and assortment for her closet, Akshita likes to keep it real and smooth and negotiates her place to keep her feed active.

  10.  Name: Joel Thottan

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    A post shared by Joel Thottan (@iammojojojoe)

    Joel Thottan has personified juxtaposition. Here you have an influencer and the most deserving creative director of ttt_official, whose instinct is to kill off every main character he writes. But somehow he is also a writer who owns the Internet’s most heartwarming poems and stories. Whether it is his three sentenced poems or his ability to write a beautiful story in a sponsored world. Leave it to Joel, to make Instagram reclaim some of its previous aesthetics. 
  1.   Name: Joe Sembhi

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    A post shared by Joe Sembhi (@imjoesembhi)

    With his content portraying more than words could offer, Joe believes in keeping it to what he loves to do. He makes sure to align his interest with his work and keeps it on the mark with a bang-on specialization in menswear, infusing ideas with various clothing styles and lifestyles. He also loves to capture random colours and keep them aesthetic and neat.

  2.  Name: Vaishnavi

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    A post shared by VAISHNAVI | CONTENT CREATOR 🤎 (@journey_towards_fashion)

    in Raigad, she believes in fashion, art, and DIY mantras. A student of MS chemical engineering, Vaishnavi makes sure to keep her trends and her mantras on-point. She has grown considerably over the years with her fashion sense. Her work has bagged her 47k followers through her content just with over 905 posts on her feed. She must be super proud to be the founder of navistyle, which is a women’s clothing brand.

  3.   Name: Arshad Ahmed

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    A post shared by ARSHAD AHMED | Men’ Fashion (@iamarshd)

    Tall, Dark and Average, is how he describes himself, well, we’d say he is well above average, with an eye for all things aesthetic, he has created a space for himself that truly brings out the best of himself and he shares that with his audience, the good, the bad and the extraordinary. With reels on a wide variety of topics, he has managed to be himself and has amassed a fanbase doing just that. Like look at this feed, go on check it, we are sure you will need help lifting your jaw off the floor!

  4.  Name: Monalisha Mahapatra

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    A post shared by Monalisha (@monalishamahapatra_)

    Monalisha has encouraged herself to keep up with new trends in fashion. She possesses her love for fashion, make-up and keeps her mind out of negative thoughts, being bossy bang-on with her thoughts she has for the day. Monalisha amalgamates a fusion of her ideas in an impeccable way. She raises her bar for western, modern, and Indian clothing and keeps it realistic and infuses her thoughts into it, and believes in keeping it as per her visuals. Her collabs with different brands and designs have truly paved her way to becoming the next influential digital creator.

  5.  Name: Tanisha Saxena

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    A post shared by Tanisha | Sustainable Fashion (@tanisha_saxena07)

    The resident thrift queen on Instagram, this woman has converted her passion to building a sustainable future into a massive movement with her showcasing over 100 + stores where you can get your fashion quotient without the guilt of having contributed to fast fashion. Hacks and tricks are what her audience knows her best for, with a smile that reflects sunshine she has carved a niche for herself which is truly amazing.
  6.  Name: Emilina Rebello

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    A post shared by Emilina Rebello (@_onlyemilina_)

    As she denotes, figuring it out bro, she is truly making her way in being a content creator. Having her own youtube channel Emilina carries her content with precision and smoothness. She manages to make it on various topics and of course, they are very relatable and funny. That’s just not it, she also favours wardrobe and of course, that’s also her interest and love in being a content creator.


When one door shuts, the other door opens. The above-mentioned influencers are a living example of the same. They pulled out their creativity when the locks were down. They never failed to entertain the people around them despite various barriers present. They work because we can smile, they dedicate their lives so that we can enjoy every second we scroll our feed. Following them is the least we can do to give something back for their hard work. Though you have missed them out in 2021. Start following them for the year 2022 and get more styling and fashion inspiration.