SEO is a game changer when it comes to helping you rank effectively, and when you use SEO you are able to grow your business immensely. Some think that SEO is only meant for big businesses that have had years on years of experience, but that is far from the truth. Every business no matter the scale needs SEO.

A small business needs SEO to rank high, to build credibility, and to be found by new audiences. A large business needs SEO to build credibility, retain an audience, stay relevant, be found by new audiences and grow the business. 

2023 has seen a huge shift in the way businesses run themselves, and also in the way that businesses market themselves to the public. This is one of the huge marketing shifts of the year so far, and we are sure this trend is going to only continue to grow in the coming years. 

Websites are the eyes to your brand, and it is the way your prospective clients as well as your audience in general will view you. A good website has the power to allow you to be able to grow greatly. In this process the website will allow you to grow your business organically. The website, appart from a creative and a visual representation,it also has an SEO angle to it, which will help you rank higher and get more leads. 

Ranking high on Google means that you will be able to have a head start against your competition as people check what is on the first few pages first. Also if data can help convince you, then this should make a difference. 50%+ of all website traffic is from Organic Search. 

Google receives more than 3.5 billion queries every day and captures 90%+ online search queries. Of this, more than 70% consume the first five search results on the search engine outlining the importance of SEO for organic traffic. Organic traffic can help you scale up your business and this is one of the best ways for you to grow online.

Having a crawl worthy website means that Google crawlers will be able to crawl your website and thus it will be able to help you to be able to optimise your website effectively. In addition to this keywords are what you need to help you with ranking. These keywords are what is going to help your content get picked up and help in your ranking. But be sure that you are not stuffing keywords as that will then restrict your website from ranking. 

Some of the most common benefits that have been used with respect to boosting websites are listed below. These benefits are the ones that SEO uses to help your website to grow greatly. 

  • Boosts Credibility.

Having a website automatically boosts your credibility and it helps validate you and your business. It makes you look legit to your audience. This website is a way of establishing yourself. And in this establishment you create authority for yourself.

In the digital landscape authority is what sets you apart and will help drive traffic to you. This traffic is what is eventually going to be your audience and your audience can then convert into customers. This is why credibility is what you need to be able to grow. 

  • Supports Content Marketing Endeavours

Content marketing and your website should work together in parallel and this will mean that as one grows, the second one grows as well, and this growth is what you need to be able to reach your goals. 

While your social media presence helps you rank, also ranking through your website is needed. This ranking is what you need so that when people type your business name intot he search bar your profile will come up and thus you’d rank. 

  • Maximises Pay Per Click Campaigns

Pay per click campaigns have been all the rage off late, and for good reason. The reason they are creating waves is because they work. Making the most of this campaign will give you the best shot at growing your profile. And hence a SEO optimised website is what you need.

  • Aids With A Competitive Advantage

In the competitive marketing landscape out there, using SEO to optimise your website is what is needed . With everyone targeting using the same or similar keywords, and long tail and short tail keywords, it is the optimised content and the way it has been put out that will help you rank and reach the audience you intend on reaching. 

  • Helps You Reach Maximum People.

Reaching as many people as possible through SEO is what you need, and in doing this, the number of people shopping, working or following your call to action will increase. This increase is what you need to be able to scale up. More eyeballs means more traction. More traction is always a good thing. Because the more traction you receive the more your sales will grow. And growth is always a good thing. 

Thus, having not only a well designed website, but also one that is well put together and has been optimised with SEO in mind can help you grow incredibly. 

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