We have lived an entire lifetime in a year, 2020 was a year that brought with her a whole lot of news, giving us a  new normal. It was during this time, that from the ashes and tears of the world comes crumbling down it was these creators that rose to the occasion, being their unapologetically themselves they entertained, educated, and mesmerized us over the small screen of our phones. 

Not all heroes wear capes, some know-how to take your frown and turn it upside down, here is celebrating some of the best Indian creators who helped make this bleak time not make us get in our feels, a little too deep.

    1. Name: Priya Priyambada

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      Priya Pryambada is one of the most influential emerging models in India. She’s not only taking over the social landscape day by day, but she has the blog world in the palm of her hands. With beauty and fashion tips up her sleeves, Priya has also made it possible for running Mission Dreams Pageants and Mission Dreams Production House. Her beliefs have always been the apex and that’s what has made her achieve what she stands for, today.

    2. Name: Abheshek Garg

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      Abheshek Garg is an up-and-comer in the Social Media world in India. A man who graduated from engineering, killed it in his field by becoming the co-founder of hashtagply, while also taking on the Fashion world. The dictionary is yet to invent a word that describes the kind of firework that Abhishek is, and until then we just have to wait and watch for his next big move.

    3. Name: Flexcia D’souza

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      If you think you’ve reached the peak of your Travel FOMO, you haven’t checked out Flexcia D’souza content. With reels and vlogs that teleport you to the best destinations and show you the most beautiful places on Earth, you fall in love within seconds. Not only does she produce great content but she also puts out tips and tricks for other creators to help them be their best selves across the platform. Flexica just has a way with these things and something you can’t deny.

    4. Name: Sahil Shah

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      Here is an Unpopular Opinion- some of the funniest, most insightfully hilarious conversations are happening right now on Sahil Shah’s YouTube channel. With his channel, you are promised to have an occasional cameo from some of India’s best comics, his beloved wife’s quick comebacks, and Bagel.
      From one proud BMM student to another I have only this to say:
      Three cheers to Sahil Shah,
      Jai Mata Di, Let’s Rock!

    5. Name: Rahat

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      The pandemic had its worst moments but how can we ignore the surge of talent it gave birth to? Rahat Abrol used the perfect mix of situational comedy and short videos that blew up the internet. With his insanely good looks, perfect jawline, and great sense of humour, Rahat is making a name for himself among the creative community in India today.

    6. Name: Srishti Nadhani

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      Talking about trendsetters it is impossible to leave out Srishti Nadhani. With impeccable fashion sense and an infectious outlook on life, she has been a digital creator and co-founder of extra cheese please marketing which is a marketing and advertising agency. She is one of the people you have to look out for when it comes to the brimming social media world. This woman is the definition of confident and most certainly has everyone’s attention when she walks into a room.

    7. Name: Sumedha Sharma

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      For this fashion Content creator, the sky is not the limit, with her effortlessly chic style she wowed the small screen viewers as well as the masses on Instagram snagging the third spot on the first season of Myntra Fashion Superstar. Tye dye may be her forte, but she embodies the boujee on a budget life with her reels that have popped off during the pandemic raking up the views. When she is not styling clothes, she is also hauling products for her audience and posting fan favourite red carpet look reviews. Start her own line SueMe and a thirst store, there is no stopping this feisty woman anytime!

    8. Name: Mikeal Akash

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      Mikeal is one of the many comedians that brought joy to us when we were stuck at home. When TikTok blew up, so did he. With his comedic videos that we could all relate to, Mikeal made the best out of his platform and is now taking over reels as well. Who knew 30 seconds is all he needed to give the best and most relatable belly laughs. You can’t leave his profile without visiting and following his youtube channel.

    9. Name: Nysha

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      Indie is making a comeback and how. It’s like the 2000s but much better. Naysha broke out as a huge TikTok sensation with her videos on the perfect outfits and makeup looks that just define the word SLAY. Scrolling through her feed or her youtube channel gives you a crash course on aesthetics and how to play around with them. This girl exudes confidence and she knows it.

    10. Name: Krisha Avlani

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      Krisha brings such a fresh perspective to the makeup and fashion world and it’s undeniable. Giving us the best kind of self-care remedies and routines, Krisha knows the beauty world inside out and shares her experiences with us! Her makeup looks will render you speechless, it’s insane the amount of creativity she can bring out with just a few accessories and colours.


    1. Name: Neelakshi

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      Loving your body is sometimes the hardest thing to do, but Neelakshi Singh takes us through the ups and downs of this process with the love that we need. A professor, model, body positivity advocate, content creator, 24/7 Goddess, and co-owner of the clothing line called Label Carpe Diem, where she and Vishakha Bhaskar are the Fairy God Sisters we always needed. Neelakshi is breaking down stigma and the patriarchy day by day and oh man! We’re just lucky to be living at the same time as she is.

    2. Name: Raaghvam Nigam

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      Raaghvam is what you’d think Prince Charming would be like. He’s got a voice that would make anyone swoon, the most adorable smile, and looks that prove he’s God’s favourite (and ours). Even though his username is “mostly melodious” he’s got music flowing through him all the time, we can’t wait for the day he’ll have sold-out shows and record deals with the greats. He shows his modesty by calling himself an Amateur Guitarist despite soothing our ears with the most melodious tunes.


  1.  Name: Vekkey

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    Are our eyes deceiving us or are we actually looking at an Indian Royal!? Vekkey is a Chennai-based content creator, actor, model, and caricaturist who is killing it in the media industry. With a spice-filled personality and killer good looks, he can’t go unnoticed. These are all great but how can anyone not fall in love with that beard. Vekkey stands as a pioneer for beard modeling in Tamil Nadu and has been named as the beard icon of Tamil Nadu. As he moves ahead in his career he is immensely eager for his debut movie ‘Ayalaan’ with Sir AR Rahman for scoring music and Sivakarthikeyan as the protagonist.

  2.  Name: Shweta Pal

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    Shweta Pal has unlocked the secret to being fit and fashionable, all in one. She motivates you to be the best version of yourself and helps you when it comes to those few extra crunches, not to mention the fashion tips that she explores with so many colours and patterns. This fit India Ambassador has been awarded the Kwai Most Fit Vlogger for the year 2020 which is just the beginning of her laurels. Once you start scrolling through her account, it’s hard to stop without double-tapping everything you see!

  3.  Name: Pooja Amritkar

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    The phrase Jack of all trades is made for someone like Pooja. Did you know that she is a fashion icon, a writer, and a professional in the IT industry!? I mean, it doesn’t get better than that. She can put down in words, the emotions we think are indescribable, now that’s clear talent. With an M.Tech degree and a thirst for traveling and learning new things, she’s set to make her dreams come true. And she definitely inspires us to do so too. We can’t wait to see what other talents she’s yet to discover.

  4.  Name: Hiyavi Saigal

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    If Makeup is an art, then Hiyavi Saigal is a Frieda Kahlo in her field. Give her a makeup brush and a few colours she’ll create a makeup look that’s unique and suited exactly for you! The celebrities can’t get enough of her and neither can we! While making a huge name for herself in the makeup biz, she has also started her own mask brand called Maskeif, which ships worldwide, these masks are one of a kind just like Hiyavi, and add a fun fashion statement to all your outfits. That’s not it, she is now emerging her own essential oil line with a twist this year and of course, it will be the most amazing product of all.

  5.  Name: Rahul Sutariya

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    Based in Surat, Rahul Sutariya has grown to be a portrait and lifestyle photographer. With his work at his fingertips, he manages to create a different aura through his models giving them an energizing spark and charm. His work is mostly affiliated with the youth and men and has recently launched stylebyrr, a budget clothing brand for women.

  6.  Name: Yamini Kuchhal

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    Known for her style and quirky videos, Yamini is one of the fashion and style bloggers that are blowing up on the Internet. From her #effortless styling videos to adorable reels with her sister, we could definitely take some fashion inspiration from her.

  7.  Name: Archana, Vidur

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    I think Deepika and Ranveer might need to step out of the spotlight because we just found our favourite Power Couple! Archana and Vidur have travelled to almost every destination in India, and have given us a severe case of Travel FOMO. With the most aesthetic travel photos and views, we only wish to wake up to, if you start scrolling on their Instagram page you might never stop. When getting featured in a big creator’s profile or in some publication is a dream for every blogger, this lady managed to nail it by getting featured on top newspapers like LP, Hindu, TOI, Doordarshan, and many others. 
  1.  Name: Lavina

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    Lavina is the perfect mix of pure aesthetic, amazing photography, and authenticity. She incorporates culture, food, luxury, and so much life into her content, the levels of wanderlust have never been higher. We only hope that one day we’ll travel to all the places she’s been to.

  2.  Name: Shivali

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    Shivali Oswal’s Instagram username is ClassifiedBird but honey, let me tell you, Miley Cyrus was right, she can’t be tamed. With her outstanding marketing knowledge, she’s been able to make a brand out of herself. From fashion tips to makeup and skincare and travel vlogs, it’s not a wonder that she was crowned Best Travel Influencer of 2020.

  3.   Name: Janaki

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    The only thing I can say is WOW, what a photographer! Janaki has such a unique gift of capturing perfect pictures. Her use of colour, angles, rule of thirds and light, as elements is so spot-on, I need a master class in photography by her! Not only is she one of the cooler photographers I’ve ever seen, but she’s also a Pilot for Indigo. Yes, that’s right, a PILOT! She gets to travel to fun destinations and live her best life! It’s her mesmerizing photography and thumb-stopping content that has got the large fan base she has today.

  4.   Name: Priyadarshini Vijayakumar

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    We can never get enough of style and especially not from Priyadarshini. Based in Chennai, this lifestyle and fashion blogger takes us through all the fun ways to mismatch and style outfits, giving us a drab to fab transformation with style elements we all have at home. Her username is Highonstyl and that’s so true, it’s hard to stop scrolling when you explore this fashionista’s account.

  5.  Name: Varun Kaushal

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    With insanely good looks and the freshest fashion sense, Varun brings so much to the media table. From his reels to his undeniable sense of style, his content speaks volumes, brings out his quirky personality, and definitely proves his maverick personality.

  6.  Name: Krishna Makwana

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    With one of the most aesthetic faces on the platform and a style quotient on par with the Gods, This Mass Media graduate has carved out a niche for herself and has recently upgraded as a cofounder of kayauz, to show her fashion journey to the world. Giving her audience a dose of drool worth OOTD, and a post that is sure to enchant, let her eyes do the talking as you find your fingers double-tapping. Fashion made accessibly, and second-hand fashion is right up her alley, as she adds her desi flare with her punk edge to take looks from drab to fab!

  7.  Name: Warren D’silva

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    Warren D’silva is the embodiment of a Tim Burton Character IRL, no seriously, look at his hair, his outfits, and his vibe! He is the definition of E-Boy next door. The man exudes creativity and his fashion speaks louder than words. With his artistic flair and limitless imagination, you’d think he thinks in colours and music. He’s a brilliant stage performer and a dynamic wordsmith. He’s not your regular Joe, Warren is the whole package with splashes of green and more!


2021 is almost over and this is the last month we are in. These are the influencers you must have followed this year. Do not worry if you haven’t been following them. You still have time and you can start following them right now. The best time to help change your fashion, aesthetic or help you curate your look is now! So, what are you waiting for? Click on their pictures and start stalking their profiles.