2022 was all about growth. Growing yourself, growing your business . It was imperative to learn new skills to not just better yourself but to be able to reach your goals whatever they may be.

Be it small goals or much larger ones. This year would be incomplete without our internet besties who have been with us along the way. Bringing a smile to our faces and bringing some much needed motivation. 

1- Dr. Vivek Bindra

Dr Vivek is a 9 time Guinness World record Holder. He is also the  Founder & CEO of Bada Business Offering master classes on a variety of topics he has an objective of helping his audience to not just reach but also achieve their goals. With content that is easy to interpret and understand and with content in hindi his content does reach the masses and his impact can be seen by his 3.2 Million followers. 

 2- Abhi & Niyu


Abhi and Niyu have had an incredible year in 2022. We have absolutely loved being a part of their journey and watching their story blossom and grow has indeed been incredible for us.

As they put it best they are on a journey to start the process of ‘decolonizing Indian minds, one video at a time’. Forbes 30 under 30 has also recognised their work which has truly made a difference and has created waves. In addition to this they have also been voted as the Most Impactful Influencer of the Year. 

3- Sonu Sharma

Sonu is a force to reckon with. His presence on instagram has indeed made a difference to innumerable individuals and his 2.6 Million followers will surely agree with this. He has been able to effectively and efficiently be able to revolutionise the platform in a way that had never been done before, and thus he was one of the trail blazers in the motivation speaker niche. He has motivated a generation to be the best version of themselves and we absolutely stand that! 

4- Ranveer Allahbadia

Ranveer is a fitness and motivational influencer and is also one of the Co-Founders of Monk Entertainment. He started creating content on his YouTube channel called ‘Beer Biceps’ back in 2015 in order to motivate his viewers.

The story behind the name is that he wanted to make fitness more fun than boring and serious.Ranveer has efficiently been able to make people want to change their lifestyle and become the best for themselves. 

5- Ankur Warikoo

Ankur is a serial entrepreneur who is on a mission to help his audience to be their most optimum selves. He is also a bestselling author who has seen incredible reviews on his book. To add to the long list of his achievements he is also an online educator,a content creator and everyone’s Instagram fave. His new book “GET EPIC SHIT DONE” is out now, and we recommend that you do check it out !

This is our pick of 5 bloggers who have got us through 2022 who do you think we should have our hawkeye on this year.