Foodies all over  during the pandemic taught their followers how to recreate their favorite and all our inner Master Chief’s came alive as we tried baking banana bread, making Dalgona coffee, trying out lemon tarts or making cookies.

But these creators have stood the test of time, and have made their passion for creating good food a huge part of their online presence. They have been able to crack the code, and have wasted their way into our hearts after dominating our phone screens

1- Surya

Sura has turned is passion for food into his digital career and everything he post is literally #goals. He is forever giving us food fever with everything he tries out . If you are looking for some of the best recommendations you know who to turn to.

Surya has got you covered and with his personality he is sure to captivate you through your phone screen. This young entrepreneur has also got a passion for creating fashion and lifestyle content that he sprinkles in within his regular post. 

2-Punam Patil

Got a guest coming over and you would like to impress them? Well then you should definitely check out Punam’s content, and in the event that you have guests over and you need recommendations as to where to take them, well for that situation too, you must check out Punam’s content.

She is literally a creative whirlpool, and her recipes make us salivate to the absolute max. And when she posts a recommendation, we cannot help but wait until we too can go and try it out. 2022 has been a great year for her as she was also recognised as a Meta Content Creator. We cannot wait to see what she does in 2023.

3-Sheetal Jain

Sheetal is a lifestyle content creator and her page has evolved into a platform where she showcases her love for food, and she includes her recommendations, for her audience to check out.

She is just breaking onto the scene but she is making a huge splash especially with her vibrant personality and then enthralling way with which she shows off the new restaurant to her audience.

She has been able to, in a short span captivate a great relationship with her audience which is marvellous and it has got her featured on Maz Mmumbai, What’s Hot Mumbai Whats Up Mumbai Life SoMumbai Mumbai Culture amongst others.


Erum has found the right balance between taking her audience on food walks across Mumbai. She has been able to efficiently merge her audience who have different spending capabilities, as she has something on her feed for everyone.

With recommendations at all price points right from budget friendly options to fine dining options Erum has it all. Be it a roadside snack that you seek or you are looking for a fancy restaurant to dine at, if you are looking to try a new space you need to give Erum’s recommendations a go.

5-Radhika Agarwal

Radhika has an amazing knack for creating content and that is something that we and her over 30 thousand followers will agree with. From colourful eye-catching posts to incredible story telling skills we are always waiting to see what she posts next.

She has turned her passion for food, coffee, and travel into her digital identity. Based out of Jaipur, she has achieved a ton of milestones in 2022 and we can’t wait to see what she conquers next.

Some of the highlights include-

  • Best Digital Influencer 2022
  • My FM Best Food Blog 2021
  • First India Food Talent 2022
  • And Vigo Video Best Food Blog 2018 amongst others.

These are creators we have our hawk eye on and we cannot wait to see what our eyes are going to be blessed with seeing and hopefully our taste buds will taste in 2023 as we will be taking notes of all their recommendations.

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