Sometimes the major travel creators do give us travel goals, but in a way that is not relatable to everyone. We get it, but these creators have broken through the ceiling and the sky’s the limit for them, their personalities, journeys, and stories have managed to not just captivate, but also enthral us. Keeping us hooked on their voyages, we feel like we travelled through 2022 with them on their numerous journeys.

We strongly believe that if you are not following them, you are indeed missing out on some of the coolest travel content on the gram. Not to give you FOMO, but we’ve listed our favs in no order!

1- Aakanksha Monga

Got solo travel on your mind? Well, Aakansksha is your go-to creator. She not only has super helpful tips and tricks but her content will truly help you plan your next trip, and get you bitten by the travel bug. As she puts it, “Because, it’ll probably end up being the best time of your life and you’ll realise how capable you truly are. You may even end up falling in love…with yourself 😌.”

Aakanksha has made us fall in love with her travels as she explores every corner of India and has covered over 7 countries solo. We cannot wait to see what 2023 has in store for her!

2- Atulan & Divesh

Calling us single in over 1000 ways, Atulan and Divesh are the epitome of couple goals, we are in awe of their story, their travels, their outfits, and the occasional dance videos.

Romanticising their travels and making us feel like we’ve been packed in their bags with them is what they do best. The proud nominees of the Cosmo Travel Influencer Nominee 22 are out here revolutionising travel for all of us.

As they look for that homey feeling in every city that they go to. With 2023 here, we can’t wait to see Atulan and Divesh waltz around the globe and give us more iconic travel content, on their incredible trips.

3- Aannvi

Turing her passion for travelling into a remarkable community of like-minded individuals, Aannvi has been using her platform to not just showcase the highlight reels of her travels, but also document the how what and where’s of her journey.

Thus, equipping her over 152k followers with the tools needed for their next travel, if they choose to visit a location that she has visited. From safaris to scuba diving, she has done it all, and we are in awe of her exciting and enthralling reels, and in 2023 we cannot wait to see what she does next!

4- Dimple

Dimple is not just a traveller but also a fitness enthusiast, and her content does reflect that. With everything from her expeditions, hilarious funny videos, scenic surroundings, workout videos, tips and super aesthetic travel pictures, her feed is a melting pot, and it does have something for everyone.

We are sure that 88.4K + followers will agree with us when we say that she does live up to her motto that she just wants to lift and take off! If you want tips, be it for your next trip or your next lift at the gym, Dimple will surely have you covered.

We are sure that there is a ton more that she will grace all of us in 2023 and we can’t wait to see where she jets off to next. 

5- Sanya

Sanya has made the shift from being a fashion content creator and she is now absolutely killing it as a travel and lifestyle creator. She is sure to put a smile on your fav with her infectious charm and personality that is indeed unparalleled.

With her travels both within the country and across the globe, in the span that she has been creating travel content Sanya is out letting her followers know that she does it right from budgeting to living her best life, she documents it all for her over 170K followers. In 2023 we cannot wait to see where Sanya goes off to!

These guys are our picks for the creators we feel you need to follow, who do you think we should check out, drop a comment down below. In the meantime, go check out their feeds and we are sure you will be hooked!

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