Food is indeed fuel, and that keeps us going, it is this food that enables us to be the best possible versions of ourselves. Food also has the power to bridge barriers and build invisible bridges thus connecting people all across the world. Food is a universal love language. If you are thankful , if you are sorry, or if you want to impress someone, a good home cooked meal is a great way to go, or if that is not in your skill arsenal, then maybe taking the other person out could be a good idea as well.

2022 was a great year for these content creators as they rode the train straight to our hearts with delicious meals, recommendations, and they quite literally were the curry to rice as they spiced up our here.We have included some of our favourite creators. 

1- Pooja Dhingra

Pooja is indeed a boss woman who has had an incredible 2022.Apart from being an incredible pastry chef, whose delicacies make us drool, she is also the  Founder and CEO of Le15India. The proclaimed “MacaronLady” we are certain whatever Pooja makes not just looks delicious but is delicious too.With incredible flavours, and a generous sprinkling of her personality, Pooja’s account is indeed fresh out of the oven.

This Author, Entrepreneur,Business Woman, Content Creator is also a. Podcaster who host the #NoSugarCoat podcast, and as she puts it best, she is always learning something new!

2- Shipra Khanna

Shipra is indeed a force to reckon with, she is truly the Master Chief and we absolutely stand. She is incredibly talented and everything she does is executed meticulously and with great attention to detail.

She is the Indian Cultural Ambassador and a look at her feed, and her work and we are sure you shall agree as well. In addition to this, Shipra is also an acclaimed individual in the food and beverage industry. Thus she has also been appointed as the Health & Wellbeing Ambassador.

With Shipra the list of her accolades keeps going on and each is more impressive from the next and she indeed tops herself in everything that she sets her mind to do. Shipra is also the Masterchef Winner

A Cookbook Author, an acclaimed TV Host/Producer as well as a Consultant. In addition to all the above she creates remarkable content and is also the Founder of Skhanasutra

3- Vikas Khanna

Vikas, is one of the most famous names in the industry, he is super well decorated and known for his work. He is an Indian chef, restaurateur, cookbook writer, filmmaker and humanitarian. He is one of the judges of Star Plus series MasterChef India.

He has won a ton of accolades over his career, some of them include Featured on the cover of Men’s Health India Magazine in 2012, Top 10 Chefs in the world by Deutsche Welle News and Gazette Review, GQ India Man of the year 2012 by , The Shining Star Award from “Just One Break, Inc, Featured in the list of Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine in November 2011, Rising Star” Chef Award by Star Chefs for his role in shaping the future of American Cuisine and a ton of other awards. His social media presence is also what adds to his resume, as his followers look up to him for his recipes, tips and endorsements.

4- Ranveer Brar

Ranveer is best known as the “Food Sufi”. We absolutely love the content that he puts out, from recipes that make you want to get in the kitchen and start whipping up a storm, to watching him cook outdoors.

Everything on his page is literally chiefs kiss right from the quality, the execution and the story telling. We are always eager to see what he post next and see what he recommends, as they are truly some of the best game changers, that are very useful, As he describes it bes, we’d agree that he’s the  Story hungry Traveller, and we love to be taken along with him on his different explorations and adventures. He is also a judge on MasterChef India. RAnveer has literally killed the food space in 2022. 

5- Kunal Kapur

Kunal’s knack for creating incredible content is something we absolutely love, his vivacious personality and the integrity he brings to his craft is hard to miss. With everything Kunal does, we can see the love and the dedication he puts in, which only makes it 10 times better.

You may know him best as Your Kebab & Curry Guy! Kunal, in addition to creating incredible content on Instagram he is also known for his appearances on Master Chief. Kunal is a judge on the show MasterChef. In addition to that he is also an established Restaurateur. A published Author is another feather that he has in his cap! 

These were some of our favourite food content creators of 2022, do let us know who we should keep our Hawk Eye on in 2023. And we cannot wait to see what mouth watering plans 2023 has in store for these individuals!

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