Life doesn’t come with a manual; it comes with a mother. Mums are literally superhumans, and some decide to make it their mission to form communities for other mums to come and have discussions about motherhood, share their tips, and express their stories.

This not only helps open the conversation to many, but it also ensures that everyone can share what is going on in their lives thus enabling them to be able to ask for advice, compare stories, or just find a safe space to vent.

ย Mum bloggers have been killing it on Instagram as they juggle their personal, professional, and social lives and for that, they deserve immense praise.

We have put together our list of our top mum bloggers from 2022.


1 Ritu Rathee Taneja

Ritu does it all, and whilst doing so she does manage it slay effortlessly. We absolutely love to see the super adorable relationship with her daughters.

She is a captain on Airbus A320, a YouTuber (who goes by Flying Beast), a mother and an all-around icon. She has amassed over 7M subscribers on YouTube and over 1.7M followers on Instagram.

She proves to her audience that, if you want to, you can have it all. Be a working professional and a hands-on mum. From pictures and snippets from shoots, snippets from her flights, to planning landmark occasions, as well as fashion content with her daughter, her feed has a blend of everything. We cannot wait to see what 2023 has in store for Ritu.

ย 2 Riddhi Deorah

Riddhi is out here helping raise better children by putting out one insightful post at a time. She has helped over 20k+ mothers and she has hosted 300+ workshops.

With content that is both informative and personal, it is very easy to relate to her and the kind of content that she is putting out. Cutting the glitz and glam, she depicts every aspect of being a mum, and along the journey, she shares her tips, as well as what she has learnt.

With ideas on what to teach, watch, educate, feed and how to cope with different situations, Riddhi is always one DM away. She also offers 1:1 coaching for mums as well as group coaching. Her goal is simple, as she wishes to empower mothers through her platform.

3 Sowmya Satyaraj

From hilarious skits with her husband and children to the most adorable family pictures, Sawmyasโ€™s feed has it all. We are in absolute awe of her adorable family and everything she puts out does manage to bring a smile.

Her 528K + followers will agree with us when we say that she knows how to create content that is not just relatable but also intriguing. The occasional humorous skits do add a great touch to her post.

This enables her to show the personalities of her daily life which is adorable. Our favourite is the pictures of her family in traditional wear as we cannot help ourselves from going โ€œawwโ€

4 Prithi Ashwin

Want to follow a creator where you get a diversity of content and super engaging stories? Well, then we suggest that you follow Prithi.

You are sure to fall in love with her adorable family. As we told you will learn a ton about cricket and maintain your curls. This is in addition to being a part of a highly engaging community with other mums, as you can discuss and learn new things, and share experiences from the journey called motherhood.

Covering it all from babies to parenting, Prithi has a knack for talking about all that is going on in her life and taking her over 144K followers in the loop, thus making them feel like they are all on the journey together.

A dog mum and a plant mom, you can expect content on gardening and being a pet parent too as also content around travel.

Prithi documents her travels too with ideas on what to do, how to kill time and enjoy your vacation. We also enjoy the content she posts at cricket matches as she is the support system to her husband too.

ย 5 Avanti

Avanti makes serving mommy goals look super easy, with her outfits that are forever on fleek. As she takes her 321K audience along the journey, we are always riveted to our screens waiting to see what Avanti posts next! Covering travel, lifestyle, mommy & fashion content, there is never a dull day over on Avantiโ€™s account.

With a personality that is as bubbly and colourful as her outfit, we cannot help but swoon over the relationship that she has with her family.

Taking her following on a journey, as she has so far travelled to 77 countries, we cannot wait to see where she heads too next. We love to see Avanti living her very best life on the gram.

These are our picks for the top mum creators of 2022, do let us know who your favourite mum creators are in the comments down below. Also with 2023, we absolutely cannot wait to see what these creators do, and we canโ€™t wait to be a part of the journey as we watch from our devices.ย 

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