After the last two years which were not just rollercoasters of emotions but also a time spent primarily indoors, 2022 opened doors to the possibilities of travel. Travelling has the power to not only give you enriching lifelong experiences but also enables you to broaden your horizon, learning and cultural lens. Travelling is perhaps the best teacher in the world where you learn about new people, places, cultures, traditions and much more.

This year has been a great year for travellers as they have finally been able to pack their bags and travel and do what they love the most. We have put together our top 5 travel content creators from this tear, and we have indeed been entrapped with their captivating content that has given us both travel goals and immense FOMO.

1. Aashna Malani

With content that is sure to get the travel bug in you itching to hop onto a plane, Aashna is indeed revolutionising the way you travel within and out of the country. With her drop-dead gorgeous looks, charm, and captivating personality her content does indeed stand out. She has also been appointed as the cultural Ambassador by the Government.

Offering her 2.2 million followers a diverse set of content options, the travel creator offers fashion, makeup, and food tips as well that are lapped up by her dedicated audience. We cannot wait to see where 2023 takes Aashna and we are super excited to be virtually taken on her next voyage.

2. Nikhil Sharma

 Nikhil is out here not just giving us travel goals but travelling as a family goal. With super adorable pictures of his little one in scenic locations, to pictures that just can’t stop us from going awww, Nikhil does charm his 1.4 million flowers with super aesthetic content, and that has also enabled him to hit over 39 Lakh subscribers on YouTube too.

Highlighting his travels across the globe, we are sure he does have a packed passport and stories that are sure to be a part of a travel memoir. We cannot wait to see where his travels take him next and are so here to take off into 2023.

 3. Savi and Vid

This duo is the definition of, “find yourself your lifelong travel buddy and then just jet across the world with them”. To their 1.2 million followers their travel honeymoon is surely a treat to your eyes. After having travelled to 105 countries together, they are indeed the yardstick of “That Travel Couple”.

They have been featured in Feat on Discovery, TED, Nat Geo, BBC, Forbes, and many others. They have also published a book recently on their travels, which, we admit, is a must-read for all budding travellers out there.

They’ve got us hooked on their love stories as well as their travels. Let’s see where they transport us to in 2023.

4. Shramona Poddar

adventure, food, people & culture through her super enthralling travels, is what she does best, and we must agree with that.

We can say that we are an august company, as acclaimed publications like Forbes too agree upon the rating and have awarded Shramona with Forbes Top 100 Digital Stars. She has got us hooked with a feed that screams a riot of colours, and we keep coming back for more.

Pinterest comes to life on her Instagram feed, and we must insist that you don’t miss the fun on her feed as we patiently wait for her to post what comes next in 2023!

5. Isa Khan

Isa is here to prove to the world that India is indeed incredible, and the content that he puts out indeed does that. With reels that are sure to mesmerise and posts that captivate his 500K + audience, Isa is indeed a revolutionary travel creator.

He is also a Canon India Influencer, who knows how to give his audience “THE SHOT” which makes everyone feel like they are on his expeditions with him. With 2023 around the corner, we are sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to see the places and the people he meets as he takes us virtually to meet them.

This is our pick of our top 5 travel bloggers from 2022 and as we’ve said, 2023 is indeed going to be a flight you will not want to miss. With the incredible content from these influencers, you are surely going to be in for a treat!

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