1- Mohak Mangal

Mohak is a content creator who presents the simple facts to his audience and he does so in a way that is easy to understand by everyone. With content that is not just informative but is also topical, Mohak is your go to individual if you want to be kept updated on all the happenings around the world.

He runs a channel called SOCH. SOCH by Mohak Mangal is indeed a very good channel which does go on to provide in depth understanding of society politics historical events that are taking place in and around India.

He is known for his analytical videos based on politics, current affairs and social awareness which has all helped him  gain a huge fan following.

2-Shruti Thakker

Shruti Thakker is an entrepreneur and the Founder of The Design Club as well as Shrustarin.  At The Design Club she has garnered over 2.2Cr revenue in 10 months.

In addition to this with a specialisation in performance marketing as well as LinkedIn content marketing they have amassed over 85% new clients through word of mouth.

She uses her platform to share practical learnings from Bhagavad Gita because, in her own words, YOLO! Her audience looks forward to her new videos that are dropped every Tuesday & Friday!

3-Sapna Singh

Sapna is an education content creator. She has created a niche for herself and has captivated her audience through her insightful reels.If you intend to gain insights on  Bitcoin then Sapna is your go to person.

She is part of an elite group of the few women stalwarts of Bitcon in India. She is a Software Engineer, as also an Author  and a much acclaimed  Speaker. In addition to her impressive presence on social media and all her achievements, she is also a YouTuber by Passion.

4-Divyansh Tuteja

Divyansh has a Youtube channel on which he uploads videos about his learnings from self improvement books. And then over on Instagram he creates reels, that cover a range of topics, and his opinion, learning and thoughts about them, the genre of these are indeed diverse.

His aim for the content that he puts out on his platforms is to be able to empower people to work on their personal growth and thus  to be able to  live their best lives. If what you are looking for is content that is  inspiring then you should indeed check out his page. !

5-Shreya Bahukhandi

Shreya is an emerging creator who with her sheer star power has been able to  captivate audiences. She has efficiently carved a niche for herself and in doing so started building her platform.

After successfully being an integral part of DevFest, the sky’s the limit for her. She is a Developer, who could school you on all things NFTs & Crypto. A self proclaimed  Physics nerd and a Woman in STEM Shreya does indeed have a glowing track record. 

We cannot see what 2023 has in store for these content creators and we look forward to seeing how they use their platform to be able to help their audience grow and be the best versions of themselves.

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