Mum’s the word. Probably the first word a child says and the first person that comes to a person’s mind when it comes to helping, solving a problem or lending a listening ear.

Well, these mums do not just do this for their kids, but for their following too. They are a DM away and are always there to help another mum or anyone who has a question for them.

Parenting in the digital age may be tough but they are out here breaking down barriers, living their authentic life, and being beacons of light to other mothers and parents.

2022 has seen these creators kill it with their content and their dedication and sheer efforts have paid off, and in this new year, we cannot wait to watch as they move ahead in their journey. We’ve put together a list of creators we feel have popped off this year and think you should indeed check their profiles out. 

1- Pooja

Pooja has curated an audience that is not just invested in her life, but also in that of the life of her daughter. Their relationship and interactions are super adorable. Sharing snippets from their life, and their travels, giving us tons of fashion inspiration, this mother-daughter duo is the definition of mother-daughter goals.

Their swoon-worthy outfits and travel diaries are indeed a highlight of her content. What is more, she has also been awarded as one of The top 10 Mom Social Media Influencers, India (North).

2- Mridula

Mridula has mastered the knack of creating content that is relatable to her audience and giving her audience a wide spread of content that is not just focused on her and her daughter, but also tips for healthy living, talking about food, ideal games and also talking about her personal life.

These stories help to make the connection between her and her audience a strong one and fortifying the same has gone a long way to help maintain the relationship between her and her 46.6K followers. 

3- Sneha

If you want easy-to-consume content and super saveable content then Sneha’s page is exactly the right one for you. She has everything you need, right from the hard truths to facts, ideas and some great life lessons.

Sneha has a series “What We Can Learn From Villains” and that is indeed an incredible perspective. She is an Engineer and Coder, who is also Phonics certified, with the goal to ease the patenting process for her following. Offering her audience play-based fun learning tactics, she also focuses on improving your and your kid’s emotional quotient as well as touching on raw parenting tips helping to develop your skills. 

4- Tanya

Tanya has an incredible insight into parenting and her approach is one that we marvel at. She is very transparent with her audience and this makes it very easy for them to form a connection with her and the content that she puts out.

Tanya is a Certified Child & Maternal Nutritionist, thus making it easy for her audience to trust the recommendations she makes with respect to food and snacks as well as treat ideas, She also practises yoga and gives insight/ and conducts workshops on traditional weaning.

With a focus on child care, she also is the founder of the hashtag #Practicalparenting. Tanya does touch on a ton of topics on her feed apart from parenting with highlights that also include skincare, nutrition, fitness for moms and a ton of others. 

5- Dr Garima Kathuria

Dr Garima has been awarded as one of the Top 20 Health Influencers of India, which in itself is an incredible feat and she has been curating content on Instagram for her over 79.9K followers on Instagram.

From adorable interactions with other creators, day out reels with her daughter, to tips and tricks, her feed is a documentation of her life. By profession, she is a Child Dentist, she is also a certified parent coach as well as a baby sleep consultant.

Dr Garima conducts workshops that are incredibly insightful and useful to parents and in addition to this, she also offers her audience myth-busters, product recommendations and oodles of super adorable content. 

In 2022 these mums have absolutely slayed Instagram with incredible content and we cannot wait to see what 2023 has in the works for them. We recommend that you follow them, and we are sure you will get your dose of serotonin with the adorable post with their kids.

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