When it comes to social media or socializing, Twitter is one of the most crucial platforms of communication, enabling creators and business tycoons to join hot conversations, drive traffic or even share the news. 

However, these are some of the significance of having Twitter. But to have these around you, you do need followers for it and that’s where you would learn how to get more followers through this article.

To get more followers, it is equally important to know where Twitter holds its place and that is, for sharing short-form updates and real-time reactions (when it comes to building your brand’s social media strategy).

It gives a platform to connect with potential customers and drive traffic among 145 million users.

Matt Swider, TechRadar’s US Editor in Chief explains how Twitter gives immediate CTA perks. He gives a notion of how outward websites bring more potential and re-tweeting creates a powerful viral message.

Here are 6 tips to increase your followers on Twitter:

1.More of visuals

They say that visuals have more impact than a long-formatted caption, and that’s true and justified. Having more images gives you clarity rather than a simple long text. 

Also, audiences love minimalism so images or videos or GIFs along with short captions do capture the audience’s attention.

Swider states how Twitter is all about immediacy, making you have at most 280 characters, making you share it faster and for the audience to view it faster.

If you see, videos are ten times impactful in the engagement phase and precisely everything is about engagement.

The calm app makes sure to use videos in their tweets while Shopify uses memes which is another great source to pull in your audience or to get more followers.

And if you make sure you have the right content i.e. visuals, know that re-tweeting is another power.

2. Showcase of your Brand Identity

Connectivity is the mother of all relations and that’s where your identity comes into the limelight when you have conversed with your potentials beyond sales or services.

Your foundation to your passions is not only limited to your services. It’s more than that which is being more interactive with your potential customers or followers. 

See the world through their eyes and you will be able to identify how the world carries your image around you.

These are some tactics that made brands like Chipotle and Wendy’s, cult favoritism.

Small businesses like Bloom made sure to keep it authentic rather than corporal.

Hence, it is important to have an engagement with your followers by just being within your identity your passion carries-having a similar and identifiable voice.

3. Trending is everything

Twitter makes sure to publish in a synchronized manner i.e. as per the time which becomes easy to get on to the trends with opinions and perspectives all over. With Twitter already featuring short convos, it becomes possible to know the current market in different avenues.

As you hop along with the trends, make sure they match your identity, keeping it aesthetic under the genre of your passion.

Tip: Hashtags have an excellent impact on the engagement of users. Add relevant ones and you are settled to have more users consuming your tweet.

4. Chats or Hosts

Being taken themselves as experts on the topics, brands can create conversations to have a larger audience lingering around your hotspot. 

Brianne Fleming, one of the marketing instructors avails it by proclaiming about pop culture and trending topics.

If you think you don’t wish to host a conversation, take part in the comments with the community having the same interests. This turns out to be a great engagement and point to increase more followers.

5. A Public Twitter List

When you create a public Twitter list, it’s created under an exclusivity bracket. This is one of the ways to boost the number of followers.

This makes it possible for users to follow you or your brand as they receive notifications once they are added to the list.

Black Women Photographers have made it possible for providing resources to Twitter lists that serve as directories to search magazine editors, photographers, art directors, journalists, and much more.

Tip: Make note of followers who are in the context of your interests and ideas and add them.

6. Cross-promotion

Sharing your tweet on other social media platforms is a great way to boost your followers. When you do so, it creates more sharing via stories or commenting or even sending it to their peers. 

This furthermore creates an impact on your followers on other platforms making them keep themselves updated on Twitter.

Tips: Publicise your Twitter handle by putting it up on bio, email signatures or packages, business cards, or more.

It primarily comes down to conversation and creativity as to how you would like to have it flown. Once you’ve caught hold as to how to go about, your Twitter account is all ready to flourish.