In today’s world, everyone who has a public account will be wanting to have more followers to get motivated to stay active on their social media handles. Not only public account holders, but certain private account holders are also planning to change their account to the public to have a good number of followers. Even though everyone likes to have a huge number of followers, the bitter side is that annoying dm, promotional comments, online bullying, etc. So, we prefer a certain percentage of privacy on social media to maintain good mental health. We have complete control of our followers over Instagram. We can block bullying followers, remove someone from following us silently, unfollow the accounts if we don’t vibe with their content, change our privacy by making our account private, turn off commenting, hide likes for a particular post, and many. So, users were able to achieve privacy along with socializing over Instagram. Similar to that, Twitter is now taking various efforts on providing more control options to the users. It was trying the “Leave the Conversation” feature back then to disconnect yourself from any thread. In that series, Twitter has launched the live testing of its new option “Remove Specific Followers”. Wait till the end to know what this new option is and how one can use it. 

What is the ‘Remove Specific Followers’ Option?

Some people have confused the new option of removing specific followers with Blocking an account over Twitter new feature is completely different from blocking. If you block someone on Twitter, you will completely lose the connection with that specific person. Both of you will be removed from each other’s followers list, will not be able to see their tweets, receive messages, tag each other on photos, etc. They cannot refollow you unless you unblock them again manually. 

Whereas in the ‘Remove Specific Followers’ option, the person you removed can see your tweets, send messages via direct messages, can even refollow you back. It is a gentle way of maintaining distance from a person rather than completely losing the connection. Once you remove the person from your following list, your followers’ count will decrease but you can continue to follow that person if you wish to do so. Also, when you remove a person from your follower’s list, it will not be notified to that particular person. So, you will not have a space for guilt traps while removing them from your followers’ list. The person has to refollow you identifying it manually to see your tweets or need your approval/permission in case of private or protected tweets. 

Where is this new option ‘Remove Specific Followers’ available?

The new option is available only in the web version of the app and will be soon launched in the mobile application as well. To remove any of your followers, 
  • Click on the profile option, move to the followers’ list. 
  • Click the three dots available near the following button and a list of various options like share this profile, mute, block the profile will appear. 
  • Below the Mute option, you will find an option to remove that particular follower. Click on that option and you are done!

By doing this, you can remove your followers who do not engage with your posts and tweets and have genuine impressions. 


Twitter is working on many privacy tools like archiving old tweets, unmentioned yourself, leaving the conversation, and hiding likes. It helps a person to prevent themselves from unwanted conversations and fake engagement over the platform. As long as the person identifies that you have removed them from your followers’ list, you will not be in a position to confront any future discussions or issues. Even if it goes beyond an extent, you have an option to block the user completely. These options are pretty helpful for brands and businesses to have a deep understanding of their followers, conduct audience analytics, and push relevant content at the right time. Brands can get expected returns on the money spent on running advertisement campaigns by removing their inactive followers. Thus, the control is in your hands and now it is time to analyze and get the best out of it. 

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