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Your Customers are Probably Here & They are Talking About You…

Before Facebook, social media had been an experiment riddled with stories of platforms shining and fading away. However, with Facebook’s stability and audience reach came social media marketing. Now six major social media platforms, including Facebook, rule over almost half the world’s population.

So, your customers are probably present on social media. Also, given that 50%+ users are researching products on social platforms, your customers are probably talking about you. Given that, about 70% of these users will eventually buy the products, any brand driving referrals on social media will have a fair advantage.

Objectives of Social Media Marketing
  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Custoer Voice
  • Leads
  • ROI

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing includes activities to promote a brand, product, or idea using social media platforms. Social media marketing has been instrumental in brand-building for most businesses. Social media marketing has helped millions of small and big businesses drive traffic to their websites and improve their sales.

Social media marketing allows more accurate targeting of audiences based on various user attributes. Precise targeting improves the quality of traffic and leads for the brand.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing has a critical claim for success in today’s digitally connected world. Superb adoption of social media by almost all user groups offers unique promotional opportunities to all businesses. No wonder some of the largest social media platforms feature more than 300 million businesses worldwide.

4.6 Points Lift in Brand Recall

Royal Enfield

4.9 Points Lift in Brand Awareness

Qatar Airways

175% Growth in Qualified Leads


47% Lower Cost-per-Incremental Installs



18% Average Brand Recall for Ads


180 Million Users Tap on Shopping Posts every month


80% of users mention a Brand or Business in their Tweets


80% of users make or influence Business Decisions


40-60% Click Through & Conversion Rates

Social Media Marketing Services at MadHawks

Social and content teams at MadHawks can help you develop and implement a sound social media strategy for your brand with the following services:

Social Media Strategy

Social media strategy is critical if you wish to achieve social media goals for your business. A good strategy will help you optimize and drive your social media content, engagement, and expenditure.

Social Media for Ed-Tech

Ed-tech companies stand to benefit greatly from organic followership. Organic follower growth requires a clear definition of your target audience and regular engagement with relevant content.

Social Media for E-Commerce

Social media marketing can generate qualified leads for your business. Platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp have integrated shopping and payment features to support e-commerce activities.

Social Media for Healthcare

Whether you want to increase relevant traffic to your website or improve conversion rates for your store, social media ads can help a lot. Social media platforms allow you to find and engage the regional audiences with accurate profiling.

Social Media Marketing for Hotels

Continuous engagement is important for any social handle to maintain its social media effectiveness especially for hospitality. Start engaging your target audience with regular posts and unique content with MadHawks.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a part of collaborative effort and content marketing on social media. Engaging influencers to broadcast product reviews, offers, and brand mentions can draw the attention of the relevant audience to your brand. MadHawks engages with 1000+ influencers in India, the US, and Canada.

Social Media Marketing for BFSI

Social media is a perfect place to drive the thought leadership status of your BFSI brand. You can engage with your target audience, competitors, and service providers on SM within the purview of regulatory overwatch.

Social Media Marketing for B2B

B2B social engagement objectives can be direct or indirect. At MadHawks we make sure that your social campaigns drive home the results you aim for through the most appropriate platforms.

Social Media Events

Social media events can boost your social engagement more effectively than other channels. We can plan and organize successful social media events like product launches, corporate achievements, etc. for brands.

Social Media Marketing at MadHawks

Let us have a look at what the Social Media Marketing Campaign by MadHawks looks like:

Phase 1

Determine Main Goals –
  • Boosting brand awareness by creating posts related to your products and services.
  • Generating new leads by targeting the right audience
  • Generating more revenue, which automatically happens when you generate more leads.
  • Boosting brand engagement by interacting with customers via comments, DMs, etc.

Develop Company Brand –
  • Keeping all your social media accounts up to date
  • Identifying areas of expertise where you can boom in
  • Identify Influencers, Media outlets, and Customers
  • Partnering with influencers to recommend your brand

Phase 2

Build Influence
  • Today, if you don’t have influence, you have nothing
  • We do everything in our marketing power to create an air of influence for your company

Build Communities Brand and Revenue
  • Having a global community is not the finish line
  • SMM experts at MadHawks help you build reliable WoM and UGC strategies for automated engagement and advocacy.

Project Management
  • Planning your content strategy and calendar
  • We start building your social media presence from the ground up with your budget, resources, brand bible, and platforms in mind.

Analyse Performance Indicators
  • Identifying what works and what works exceedingly well
  • Our experts will be cooking up ways where we can not only increase your KPIs but also take your brand to another level.

SM Cient Success Stories (clients’ growth, successful campaigns)

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SMM in digital marketing refers to Social Media Marketing. It can be defined as the marketing of a business or brand through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

Social Media Marketing means the marketing of a business using different social media platforms. A business uploads stuff about their business and people start getting attracted to it, which further helps the business in generating more leads. Apart from this, it helps you interact with your customers better and understand their expectations from your company.

A proper social media strategy requires various steps and a lot of things to be kept in mind. You first need to plan what type of content you are going to post, how often you are going to post it, and on which platform. Other than this, you need to keep the ongoing trends in mind and update your social media accounts accordingly. All this requires proper planning, which we can call a social media strategy.

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