Social Media Marketing

“Amazing things happen when you listen to the consumer”- Jonathan Midenhall

Globally, the number of social media users has crossed 4.5 billion, which is huge. Although there are various such platforms and the user base, type of content, etc, can be different for each of them, you first need to identify which platform is the best for your brand. It’s not an easy task to go through all these statistics and compare different factors to decide which platform you are going to put the maximum focus on. But, you need not to worry as this is what MadHawks is going to do for you. Being a social media company in India, Canada, and Dubai, we can keep you ahead of your competition and provide you with better customer reach. 

Before you proceed further, let us make you understand what social media marketing is all about and why it is so important for your company.


What Social Media Marketing is all about?

Social Media Marketing refers to promoting a brand or business on different social media platforms for better reach and brand awareness. It’s not just about posting stuff about your products on social media, but interacting with your customers via comments, making them aware of your company’s back story is also social media marketing. Nowadays, not only e-commerce platforms are used for shopping, but new generations also look for different options on social media platforms, such as Instagram, facebook, youtube, etc. So, to get the best results out of SMM, not only posting is enough, but you also need to make sure that you are interacting with your customers and resolving all their doubts. 

A properly planned social media strategy can give you unexpectedly amazing results. It helps you in boosting your brand recognition, generating leads, and creating a loyal customer base, who can also become your brand advocates. People who follow you on social media platforms and are impressed by your posts can engage in word of mouth and it further increases conversions. 

What is The Need For Social Media Marketing?

There are so many ways to do marketing of your business then why social media? If you are still unable to find out the answer to this, we have listed some most significant reasons why your company or business needs social media marketing:

  • Brand Awareness: As most people are using social media platforms today, it is way easier to gain brand popularity via social media. As per some studies, it has been found that over 25% of the word popular gets introduced to new brands and products through social media only. It just takes a proper branding strategy and some influencers who are creating content related to your industry.
  • Good Relationships With Customers: Digital world is taking over the offline world really fast and people prefer to search for everything online before they finally make a decision. When you just list your products on e-commerce websites, so many people leave it just because they don’t have an option to get their doubts resolved. But with social media marketing, you get to interact with your customers and understand their expectations from your company.
  • Generating Leads: When you post your products or services on social media, you are advertising them to the right people as your followers already like your brand. By posting engaging content regularly, replying to your customers, and sharing your website links, you can boost conversions and generate more leads. 
  • Listening to the voice of customers: There are plenty of options online for almost everything. Is there anything that makes you unique? If not, you can do it by listening to the voice of your customers. Understand what you can do to improve conversions and try to fulfil all the requirements of your customers, so that they don’t go anywhere else for what you can provide them. 

Infographic: Your social media strategy needs to be SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

Different Social Media Platforms 

There are various popular social media platforms that businesses use for their marketing. In order to understand which platforms are relevant to your business, you need to go through some statistics and general information about all of them. The following are some Social Media platforms that are used the most worldwide:

  • Facebook: Facebook has the widest customer base out of all the platforms. As of January 2023, there are over 2.9 billion monthly active users on Facebook. It’s a great platform for creating brand awareness and advertising for B2C industries.
  • Youtube: As of January 2023, the total number of YouTube users globally is about to reach 2.6 billion. Out of this, YouTube has the largest audience from India, which is around 467 million and this makes it one of the best platforms of businesses in India. People generally refer to YouTube videos for How to’ and detailed explanations.
  • Instagram: Instagram has a user base of around 1.3 billion people, out of which, most are millennials. So, Instagram is the best platform for promoting businesses that target youngsters.
  • Twitter: The number of monthly active users on Twitter is 450 million, which is expected to hit 650 billion in the next five years. Most of the users of Twitter are well educated and wealthy. It’s a great platform for educational content, news, discussions, and debates, etc.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is considered a platform for professionals and is best for long form content related to core values, career growth, etc. The number of monthly active users of LinkedIn has reached 740 million as of January 2023.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest has a monthly user base of over 450 million people and hence it beats popular platforms like Twitter. People mostly refer to Pinterest for style or home decor inspirations, recipes, etc. 

– Infographic table (platforms, their users, type of content, etc)


No. of Monthly Active Users

Maximum Users

Best For


2.9 billion

Aged between 25 to 34

B2C advertising and brand awareness


2.6 billion

Gen Z and Millennials (aged between 18 to 29)

How To videos and detailed explanations


1.3 billion

31% aged between 18-24 and 30% between 25-34

Ecommerce, inspiration, customer interaction, etc.


450 million

Aged between 25 to 24 (educated and wealthy) 

News, discussions, debates, etc.


740 million

Aged between 25 to 34 (professionals)

Long-form content, employee engagement, core values, etc.


450 million

Above 13

Style ideas, home decor inspiration, recipes, etc.

SMM Services We Offer

Social Media Marketing is all about managing different platforms together and it requires well-planned strategies, hard-work, regular updation, and so many things. We at Madhawks ensure to provide our clients with the best social media marketing services, which include:

Planning for social media campaigns

We plan social media campaigns that can boost your customer engagement on social media and also help you run these campaigns properly. MadHawks, being a social media marketing company in India, Dubai & Canada, has a dedicated SMM team that helps you beat the competition and become trusted in your industry.

Content creation for campaigns

Planning is not enough, but you also need to create engaging content to post. You don’t need to worry about this as well as we have a great team for social media content creation. Our copywriters, designers, and video editors provide you with content as per your requirements and your customers’ expectations. We will help you find out what type of content you need to post and which platforms are the most suitable for your brand.

Strategies for audience growth

We also help our clients in growing their audience through different social media marketing strategies. Our social media managers can also help you engage with your customers by replying to tehri comments and making them feel valued for their feedbacks. This makes your customers your brand advocates and the audience starts growing eventually.

Detailed analysis and reports.

We don’t just promise you things, but also show you how things work. You get detailed reports and analysis of how much your audience is growing, how many conversions we have achieved so far, and everything that is relevant. 

Testimonials/Clients Growth Data

A glimpse of how we have helped our clients untangle their business through our social media marketing services:

“I collaborated with MadHawks for creation & execution of our Digital Strategy. Just one initial call with Ravi made me believe that MadHawks can be trusted for my project.

I am very glad I took this decision. The team is highly focused, diligent, and very proactive. They have helped us in every step in bringing our vision to life. Must say it is indeed a great pleasure working with them. As a Digital Marketing firm, they definitely earn my recommendation.”

Shalini Sharma

Founder, Six Yard Story

“From the first day, we started working with MadHawks, there was a spark like no other. The team is always ready to do more and keeps outshining themselves. Making SEO a dream is what this team has finessed, and in addition to that, they have also revolutionized our website, with graphics that have mesmerized us and our audience alike. I absolutely stan their work ethic and cannot wait to see our partnership flourish.”

Basma Aribi

Head of Marketing, Cigalah

“Working with MadHawks on our digital marketing campaigns is a smooth sailing process. Right from the get-go, the entire process was thought out and a structure is planned and pitched. Taking into consideration inputs from our end and marrying it with creative, unique ideas, we were indeed delighted with the final results. The thought put into each campaign is something which we were incredibly satisfied with.”

Ankit Gupta

Head of Media, Grab Taxi

“Madhawks performed really well in delivering high impact influencer marketing campaigns for us in an absolutely smart and savvy way. Their understanding of performing the desired service is incomparable.”

Rageev Pandey

Head of Digital Marketing, Akash Institute

Steps Included in Our Social Media Marketing Campaign

Let us have a look at what the Social Media Marketing Campaign by MadHawks looks like:

Phase 1

Determine Main Goals – 

We will help you determine and achieve your goals, which include:
– Boosting brand awareness by creating posts related to your products and services.
– Generating new leads by targeting the right audience
– Generating more revenue, which automatically happens when you generate more leads.
– Boosting brand engagement by interacting with customers via comments, DMs, etc. 

Develop Company Brand – 

– Keeping all your social media accounts up to date
– Identifying areas of expertise where you can boom i

Identify Influencers, Media outlets, and Customers – Partnering with influencers to recommend your brand 

 49% of the world’s population rely solely on the recommendation of influencers and 25% say that they discover new products because of influencers. This data itself says a lot about how important role influencers play in your brand marketing.

Phase 2

Build Influence – Today, if you don’t have influence, you have nothing

–  We do everything in our marketing power to create an air of influence for your company

Build Communities Brand and Revenue – Having a global community is not the finish line
– With the SMM experts at MadHawks, your statistics will shoot through the roof and garner a tremendous amount of income for your company. 

Project Management – Planning your content strategy and calendar

– Keeping in mind your budget, resources, brand bible and platforms, we start building your social media presence from the ground up.

Analyse Performance Indicators – Identifying what works and what works exceedingly well

 Our experts will be cooking up ways where we can not only increase your KPIs but also take your brand to another level.


  1. What is SMM in digital marketing?

SMM in digital marketing refers to Social Media Marketing. It can be defined as the marketing of a business or brand through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

  1. What is Social Media Marketing and how it works?

Social Media Marketing means the marketing of a business using different social media platforms. A business uploads stuff about their business and people start getting attracted to it, which further helps the business in generating more leads. Apart from this, it helps you interact with your customers better and understand their expectations from your company.

  1. What is a Social Media Strategy?

A proper social media strategy requires various steps and a lot of things to be kept in mind. You first need to plan what type of content you are going to post, how often you are going to post it, and on which platform. Other than this, you need to keep the ongoing trends in mind and update your social media accounts accordingly. All this requires proper planning, which we can call a social media strategy.