Social Media Marketing

“Amazing things happen when you listen to the consumer”- Jonathan Midenhall. Social Media is your middle man when it comes to your audience. 

Handling our clients’ digital presence through Social Media and making sure that the brand’s message gets delivered to the audience, in a way that helps our clients meet their projected goals.


Madhawks Approach

We follow a platform wise conversational approach across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest that helps us to create an open communication method. With approx 450M audience on social media in India. We at MadHawks create personalised calendar for each platform. For Facebook and Instagram we create buckets which are more image heavy, Twitter buckets are more of a conversational and moment driven, LinkedIn buckets include thought leadership. We’re always on top of our game, most of our content being shared, re-tweeted by influencers and thought leaders across all the social media platforms.  With the brainchild you entrust us with, we want to make your vision a reality, just the way you want it. Our social media team has eons of experience with a dash of unique Mad energy and a hint of a potion called “Just what you need”. We encourage you to paint the picture of what you’d like to see happen and we want to help you strategize that into your future.

What our Campaign Looks Like

Phase 1:

Determine Main Goals

Our social media marketing specialists at MadHawks, will sit down with you and map out the certain checkpoints you’d like to hit. Increasing brand awareness, mapping out the ways we can measure your brand awareness, driving more and more traffic to your website, constantly generating new leads, growing your revenue, boosting your brand engagement, building a community, enhancing your brand and customer service, getting your name into the press and maintaining avid social listening are the mains things we want to achieve with you.

Develop Company Brand

In the digital age, your brand is of the utmost importance. We must always stay on the ball when it comes to social media marketing, with trends created overnight, you forget to realise the impact it has.  That’s why our social media experts will make sure all your accounts are up to date, identify the area of expertise you can best boom in, share content on a regular basis, how can we forget, creating and curating relevant and engaging content and most importantly, keeping your brand tone, voice and Image consistent. 

Identify Influencers, Media Outlets and Customers

49% of the world’s population rely solely on the recommendation of influencers when planning on buying a product, 25 % say that they discover new products because of influencers. As a social media marketing company in Canada, a social media marketing Company in India and a social media marketing Company in Dubai we have an unfair advantage to keep you ahead of your competition, we at MadHawks, reach out to influencers and media outlets that best represent your brand. With reviews and recommendations, social media marketing begins when they read the name of your company. Customers are your best friends in social media marketing, and we aim to create a community that is a beehive for your business.

Phase 2 :

Build Influence

In today’s day and age, if you don’t have influence, you have nothing. Like we mentioned before, we’ll do everything in our marketing power to create an air of influence for your company and also build a community based on trust and brand loyalty. 

Build Communities Brand and Revenue

Having a global community is not where the finish line is. With a community based on trust and brand loyalty, the statistics will shoot through the roof and garner a tremendous amount of income for your company. With the experts at MadHawks, this dream can become your reality within no time.

Project Management

Once we get a good idea of who your audience is and what kind of content you’d like to put out, we start planning your content strategy and calendar while keeping in mind topical days and ways we can make you and your brand stand out from the rest. Keeping in mind your budget, resources, brand bible and platforms, we start building your social media presence from the ground up.

Analysing Performance Indicators

Once we test out various types of content we put out on all your platforms, we start measuring and identifying what works and what works exceedingly well. We won’t be leveraging that one well performing source for your brand, instead our experts will be cooking up ways where we can not only increase your KPIs from that one source but also take the other sources and your brand to another level.