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2021, Feeling the Reel Frenzy

Experience the cinematic whirlwind of 2021 in 'Feeling the Reel Frenzy'! Immerse yourself in a reel adventure filled with excitement, drama, and unforgettable moments. Get ready to be captivated by a rollercoaster of emotions in this cinematic journey!
2021 feeling the reel frenzy

Instagram Reels ideas to boost engagement, well that is a top Google search at this point. With the rate at which reels are taking over the Instagram space, it is imperative to remember this, reels are the future for digital marketing, and good reason too. 

They are engaging, they are in the video format and they are also short, so they work well for individuals who want to know the gist and then make a decision if they would like to engage or not. 

And as always, we have gotcha, so here curated are just a few Instagram Reels ideas that can help fuel your creative juices and help you get started.

How-To (bonus points if it’s oddly satisfying)

How-to videos are the tried-and-true method of generating engaging content, and if the past and present trends are anything to go by, this trend is here to stay, slay and continue to snowball into something bigger. And Instagram Reels are a perfect place to implement them.

Not only is it an informative process, but, if you do add in the oddly satisfying but, it is bound to have its charm that will draw in tons of viewers.

Behind Closed Doors

This insider’s viewpoint is something that makes the audience feel privileged and special like they are getting a sneak peek into something, as though they are being let in on a secret. This is a close cousin of the how-to Reel. One great way to engage your audience is by showing them what goes on in your business behind the scenes.

This both humanizes your brand while giving your audience an interesting look at how you create a product or provide a service, breaking down walls and bringing the ‘you’ to them.

An animal doing literally anything

If it has a cat or dog, it is PAWWWFECT ! People will engage, share and interact with the post. It’s no secret the Internet loves cats and dogs. After all, what’s not to love?

A perfect way to capitalize on this is by showcasing a cat or dog doing literally anything. Seriously, they don’t have to do a lot, and people will eat it up.

Have an office dog who always begs for food when you eat lunch? That’s a reel. Have a cat that always jumps on your back while you’re filming yoga tutorials? That’s a reel.

This is a perfect opportunity to show off your office pets too! And don’t they deserve a little bit of love from the Internet? Be ready for them to steal the thunder, for all you know they will have fan pages before you know it. 

Prank it or Plank it

Prank videos get a bad rap—and for that is indeed for a good reason. The cruel ones are mean and nobody really enjoys them.

However, there’s nothing wrong with a harmless prank. In fact, not only is it a good way to have some fun with those around you, but your audience might find it funny as well.

Warning: Do not perform the prank if it’s malicious and cruel! It might elicit the opposite effect. Nothing is more embarrassing than screaming, “It’s just a prank, bro!” as you get your butt kicked six ways to Sunday because of a prank gone wrong. 

At the same time with fitness being all the rage, why don’t you get your office fitness freaks in on the action, film them literally doing anything, put it in slow-mo and you have got yourself content, that is bound to draw eyeballs.

 FOMO Feel Karo

Make your audience want to know you, make them want to be your friend, and want them to want to be your friend, and if you do that well, you are winning the battle. 

FOMO stands for “fear of missing out,” and it’s a powerful way to get your viewers watching and liking your videos. And you can enhance people’s FOMO in a lot of ways. 

Remember that beach day pre-Covid, or that shopping spree, haul those items, post a video with a montage of pictures and videos from the beach trip, and you have a #imissthis #tbt reel. 

Another great option for you to try out is,  you can show off some unique (and delicious) eating experiences you have had in the past or you are having, pandemic style cooped indoors or whilst social distancing. 

Or better still, you can take them to new and exotic locations (as long as it doesn’t involve you breaking any local COVID-19 restrictions):

Think about the ways that you can do the same with your Instagram Reel. Does your business require you to travel a lot? Maybe you’re able to go to a lot of cool museums or buildings? Or maybe you’re able to meet some big-name, famous people who you can include in your Reel?

Slow it Down with Slow-Mo

Like TikTok, Instagram Reels gives you the option of choosing your video’s speed setting. It ranges from slow (.3x speed) to fast (3x speed).

Oftentimes, though, the most eye-catching videos are the ones that take advantage of the slow-mo feature. This also offers a lot of opportunities to be creative too.  

Got that office fashionista who makes the hallways the runway, or that fitness freak who wants to reorganize and bench press, shoot that, you have personality and content in the same place, what more do you need. 

Art is in what you see, so unboxing your tiffin, or planning for a pitch, anything is content if it is shot and edited well.  Of course, not everything should be slowed down. Only do so when there’s something uniquely cool that can be enhanced when you slow it down.

And if they’re all too complicated or you can’t find one you like, just make one up! Who knows? You might be the one to start an entirely new Instagram Reel trend. 

The algorithm is always picking up something and who knows your brand could be picked up by the algorithm and it shall be popping off.