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“The news spread like wildfire…” ~ Many Novels & News Articles

Influencer marketing is the magical progression of information like compounding is for investments. Social media channels have made influencer marketing a powerful medium to spread brand and product awareness. Social media users with a large following have a significant influence over the buying behavior of their followers.

Influencer marketing services have always been available as a medium to marketers. Social media has only formalized and exponentially expanded the medium. So, now influencer marketing is not a niche for large brands, but almost all businesses, big or small, can ride the influencer blast.

Influencer Marketing Objectives
  • Brand Awareness
  • Higher Engagement
  • Improve Conversions
  • Social Proof

Why Does Your Brand Need Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing can build trust faster for your brand, products, or services. Right influencer marketing strategies put your message among the right audience faster and possibly with additional info they can share.


Gen Z Follow Influencers on social media


Of online consumers trust influencer recommendations


Have bought a product after influencer recommendation


Avg. return on every penny spent on influencer marketing


Influencer Marketing Services at MadHawks

As an influencer marketing agency, we have focused on developing a community of influencers. We bring these influencers together, not only for business but also to make an impact. This approach has helped us create a vibrant community of celebrity, micro, and mini influencers in India and other countries.

Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing strategy is the first step in giving direction to your campaign. Based on your objectives MadHawks social and influencer marketing teams set the timeline and activities.

Influencer Audit

Based on your social and influencer marketing strategy, we build a target influencer profile and match the possible influencers for the campaign.

Influencer Briefs

Preparing an influencer brief is critical to ensure the influencers can post correct messages about the product and the brand.

Influencer Management & Tracking

Once the influencers have been engaged, we continue to monitor the KPIs and social metrics for their efforts. We can course correct anytime if said KPIs are not met.

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Steps of Influencer Marketing at MadHawks

Phase 1

Recruiting Influencers

At MadHawks influencer recruitment is a continuous and independent process. This process ensures a ready and engaged pool of influencers and a high hit ratio when we float a brand campaign.

Vetting Influencers

We check and classify the influencers in our pool based on various engagement metrics on their social channels. These metrics will also influence the cost and ROI of these influencer engagements.

Briefing Influencers

Influencer briefs are the sacred documents of influencer marketing. We ensure that an up-to-date template is followed, and influencers are provided with all the information in a simple and unambiguous format.

Phase 2

Managing Influencers

At MadHawks, we manage influencers to ensure our campaign objectives are met continuously and within budget limits.

Measuring Influencers

We measure influencer performance on several metrics including social media engagement stats, brand social channel engagement, traffic, inbound leads, etc.

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Affiliate marketing is a passive mode of branding and promoting products, while influencer marketing is an active one. You can hire social media users with high followership to talk about and review your products or actively recommend them to their audience.

Most social media influencers are content creators for the platform and have a large followership due to their creative content. Influencer creator management allows you to engage and support these influencers to streamline influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencer marketing offers several benefits. The most important of these benefits are high ROI, social channel growth, higher conversion rates, and more trust among consumers.

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