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Conversion Rate Optimization Services

“Opening a store is not enough, visitors must also convert to customers” ~ Almost all Businesses

You have amazing products, a nice website, and grand promotion strategies. But somehow visitors seem to just ignore your signals and bounce off the trail. This is a scenario that plays out for almost all new businesses. This is where you need to bank on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) services.

MadHawks pioneers CRO with funnel development, right messaging, and environment testing techniques. With our CRO experts, you can improve your funnel efficiency and drive the visitors to become your consumers faster.

Conversion Rate Optimization Objectives
  • Remove Marketing Funnel Bottlenecks
  • Improve Scalability
  • Lift Conversion Rates Across the Funnel

Why Do You Need Conversion Rate Optimization?

If you receive a hundred visitors to your website and 5 visitors convert to customers, you need to know if the rate is – better, worse, or at par with industry benchmarks. In all three cases, you would like to continue or improve your conversions and maximize ROI for all marketing efforts.


Rate of conversions for the best performing websites

14.6% vs 1.7%

Conversion rates of organic leads vs leads from outbound marketing


Web pages not tested for conversion improvements


Small & medium businesses have not adopted CRO strategies


Conversion Rate Optimization Services at MadHawks

You can follow one of the two approaches to conversion rate optimization – follow the data trail or think of the user preferences. At MadHawks we aim to follow a middle path. You can chase numbers, but it should not make the process mechanical for the user.

Analytics Conversion Rate Audits

A conversion rate audit reveals the visitor’s behavior, find the loopholes in the conversion funnels, and helps us fix the shortcomings, boosting our conversion rates.

Desktop Conversion Audit

Desktop website behavior and user journeys are evidently different from other modes. MadHawks CRO teams can help you maximize conversions for your desktop websites through desktop conversion audits.

Mobile Conversion Audit

User behavior on Mobile devices demands different journey milestones and checkpoints. MadHawks’ Mobile Conversion Audit reveals the shortcomings of your mobile web assets and ways to improve them.

Split testing

Our AB testing modules help us find the perfect solutions for your website. MadHawks’ CRO team brings your website to its core and starts testing its way to the top, improving your website’s conversion funnel along the way.

Landing Page and Site Reviews

Landing Pages are tricky waters, but we know just how to work around them. Conversions depend on several technical as well as behavioral factors for a landing page. Our CRO teams ensure that you stay on top of these metrics and maximize conversions for the landing pages.

Analytics Review

Google Analytics can reveal a lot about user behavior on your websites. We track page visits and triggered events on various URLs among other data points. This data can help us redraft the journey maps and raise the conversion bar.

Ongoing Support and Advanced Strategies

Our regular reports detail the steps taken and goals covered and remaining in the Conversion Rate Optimization process for your web assets. These reports help you stay on top of the action plan and suggest corrections whenever needed.

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Steps of Conversion Rate Optimization at MadHawks

Phase 1

Barrier Identification

CRO services at MadHawks start with an audit and identification of bottlenecks in your consumer’s online journey. The analysis also reveals the unutilized opportunities.

Quantitative & Qualitative Research on Barriers

Once the possible bottlenecks have been flagged, we can test them for their effects, and possible CRO after improvements.

Designing Experiments

Finding the best fit requires testing your solutions with real visitor feedback. MadHawks CRO teams can design and set up experiments (A/B testing) to capture user metrics.

Phase 2

Prioritizing Goals & Action Plan

Bottlenecks with maximum impact can be prioritized for improvement. Another action plan can be set up for micro and macro conversions at each step.

Study of Experiment Data & Corrective Actions

User data can reveal a lot about the effectiveness and scope of the possible solutions. The goal is to keep the solution consumer-centric rather than mechanical.

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Success Stories (clients’ growth, successful campaigns)

With a Hawkitude

Why Choose MadHawks?

50 +

Websites Improved


Landing pages tested & improved


Avg. lead gen & conversion growth rate

Rs 150 million

Avg. revenue growth registered per business


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of improving the ratio of visitors performing a desired action on a website or landing page. The desired actions can range from filling out a lead form, subscribing to a service, or buying a product.

A few common ways of optimizing conversion rates include having a call to action (CTA), using bright colors to make the CTAs stand out, urgency drivers for subscription and purchase discounts, testimonials, etc.

The conversion rate formula is dividing the number of visitors performing the desired action on the page from the total number of visitors for the page. For example, if 100 users visit your subscription page and 5 have subscribed, your conversion rate is 5%.

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