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Thought Leadership

Breaking through the glass ceiling, cutting through the clutter and shooting for the stars is the way to grow, and that’s the path we take with our clients, giving them nothing but the best-in-class content. We believe that thought leadership is an art, it is only possible with consistency and determination. Which we ensure by regularly publishing articles, research, blogs or any other form of original content. And how does that help our clients? They mark their names in the industry with insight and authority and when the time comes to hire a company, our clients will be at the top of their mind.

Madhawks Approach

“Your company isn’t very interesting, Your story is what’s interesting. That’s what we need to tell.” The audience always wants to know more about you and we are here to do just that. While image and vision is important, what’s also important is brand authority, making a name for yourself with a backstory that draws your audience in. We will use the information you give us and make content that will not go unnoticed. With this we also aim to increase your website traffic and bring more people around to see who you really are. With your experts, there’s no chance you’ll go unnoticed.

What our Campaign Looks Like

Phase 1

Brand Analysis

Our executives know that you have a set idea about where you want your brand to go. Our team sits and discusses the various checkpoints you want to hit and goals you want to achieve, while also researching potential opportunities for you and especially, which of these opportunities suit your brand the best.

Building Brand Authority

While building brand trust and image is important, we also can’t forget the third objective, brand authority. At MadHawks, we will do our best to answer the audience’s questions about who you are, in a way that they are instantly drawn to the brand. We’d create newsworthy reports and content that is anything but unclickable, make the best use of your experts and ours, associate you with other authoritative brands and much more to make your business undeniable.

Increase Brand Value

We can guarantee that your site will be outstanding, but you must be wondering how we’d do it? We’ll break it down for you, with supreme advertising, swift social media usage, irresistible headlines, a responsive website and indisputable content, we’d give you more traffic than what you experience on your way to work.

Get Noticed

Giving you the spotlight is just the beginning of what we at MadHawks will do for you. While updating your Google My Business listings, being mobile to increase your brand visibility, optimising your SEO, making your Social Media a trailblazing force and being consistent are just some of the tactics we use to help you stay in the spotlight. As a thought leadership marketing company in Canada, A thought leadership marketing company in India and a thought leadership marketing company in Dubai we have an unfair advantage to keep you ahead of your competition.

Phase 2

Contributor at Top Tier publications

When you need to spread the word, you want to be getting the attention from the right people. Our PR team has a roster filled with potential opportunities for you and we intend to make the process as smooth as possible. Our team believes in collaboration and growth and we know that together, we can make many of the best opportunities happen for you.

Get Featured On Differentiated Media

We all know that in this fast paced world, one platform just isn’t enough. Our experts have years of experience in every platform and know exactly how to get you on the top tier levels. With content that is versatile and flexible and content that is specialised for each platform, our team gives you the best of both worlds.

Brand Image

One of the most integral parts of who you are is your brand image. We know that is one aspect that we need to stick by. While creating content and building up from what you give us, we ensure that we keep consistent, your brand image.

Trust & Credibility

Our goal is to build relationships and you can’t do that without trust and you can’t get anywhere without credibility. We make sure these virtues are translated into the work we do for our clients and we make sure that at the roots of our foundation with you, there is a relationship built more than just a business deal.

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