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Backlink Strategies in 2024: Decoding the Basics

Since the year 2023 is ending, we are here with some tips for you to follow to develop strong backlinks strategy in 2024
backlink strategies in 2024 decoding the basics

Backlinks have always been an important factor in the SEO world. To get your web page rank higher in the search results it is essential to have good quality backlinks to support your content.

For this you need to devise strong backlink-building strategies. Further in this blog we are going to help you understand the basics of building good backlinks for the website in 2024. 

What are backlinks?

In general, the word backlink is quite self-explanatory but to give you a better idea, backlinks are generated when two websites link together. These are also referred to as ‘inbound links’, or just ‘links’. 

These backlinks are used to build a strong credibility to the website’s content and further allows the website to rank higher in the search results. 

Why would you need backlinks?

There are two main reasons why you should have backlinks for your website. The first reason is very obvious- to be discovered by the searchers on the web and get your website more visibility. 

The second reason is that backlinking allows you to link two websites together and offer the searchers the link to the other website.

Now this website can be internal and external as well. In the case of an internal website, you are generally referring to your own website and redirecting the audience to a different page.

In external backlinking, the links are given to an external website for extra validation or credibility to your content. 

Backlink strategies in 2024

To establish the basics of backlinks, let’s discuss some effective backlink strategies 2024 that you can use to build backlinks and leverage them to rank your website higher in the search results. 

  • Content-driven backlinks 

One of the best backlink strategies is to create innovative and original content. Here you create sharable unique, informative, and likeable original quality content. This way you can get more and more websites to leverage your content in their own content, hence backlink building. 

Since more and more websites will be using your content this will further ensure better visibility of content and the brand as well, which further results in increased traffic on the website. 

  • Guest posting 

Identify websites that accept guest content. Based on their content niche and audience preference, develop an informative and valuable piece of content either in your niche or the niche that has a better audience group. Further include relevant backlinks to your website which will redirect the visitors to your website, hence generating more organic traffic. 

  • Competitor analysis

Do a thorough analysis of your competitors. The backlinks they are using, web sites offering them backlinks and the quality of their content along with the backlinks.

Now develop a similar niche content with better information and pitch the web sites to offer you the backlinks same as your competitors. This is helpful since your competitor is getting an audience from there and since you deal with a similar niche it will be helpful for you as well. 

  • Collaboration 

Identify the relevant content pieces where different collaborators offer their insights. In this strategy you offer your insights for this collaborative post and receive a good quality back link further backing up the credibility of your content and website. 

You can often find such articles on different platforms and contribute your thoughts in exchange for a good quality backlink. 

  • Social media leverage 

Since the world today is revolving around social media. Leveraging social media as backlink building strategies is a smart decision. Leverage different platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Meta as per your niche and audience demographics. If your content gets shared, liked or reposted here it can further work as the backlinks to your website and hence generating more traffic as well.  

  • Broken link building 

Not the last backlink strategy, but another important one is to repair the broken links. This is essential as it requires you to build the broken links and replace them with the new links. This allows you to further gain a high quality backlink in return. 

  • Third-Party Websites 

There are various third party websites also available in the market that can help you generate powerful backlinks in 2024. These websites are Blognow.co.in, Handyclassified.com and others. These websites further help you get connected with other collaborators and guest post portals for generating backlink strategies in 2024. 

Furthermore, the most important thing to consider is that you require to provide the audience with unique, valuable, and informative content. Offering repetitive content is not going to help you generate any good quality backlinks. 

Additionally, it is important to keep analysing and checking for any broken links and new websites offering high quality backlinks. As we have already mentioned in one of our previous blogs that SEO is an on-going process, backlinking is also an ongoing process. 

Final Words by MadHawks

MadHawks being a digital marketing agency understands the importance of backlink strategies and hence decided to give the audience these useful insights. 

Leveraging these powerful backlinks stratergies in 2024 will help you establish a strong backlinking for your website and further help you to have better search results and organic traffic. 

For more information on how to get these backlinks and other SEO-related queries you can get in touch with our expert SEO team here at MadHawks and get the solution to all your queries. 

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Are backlinks still important 2024?

Backlinks have been important in the past and will be important in 2024 as well. These help you to build credibility to your content and hence generate more visibility for your content, hence more traffic to your website. 

How many backlinks are good for SEO?

In general, a website should have 40-50 backlinks for strong backlinks. However, for the homepage, you can have 0-100 backlinks. 

Do backlinks improve SEO?

Yes, backlinks help to improve the SEO as they help you get more visibility to your content and build credibility. This further results in increased visitors to your website. 

Does Google value backlinks?

Yes, Google values backlinks, hence it is essential to have strong and relevant backlinks. However, Google only values relevant and strong backlinks and downgrades irrelevant backlinks. 

Is it legal to buy backlinks?

Yes, it is legal to buy backlinks for Google but the only condition here is that the backlinks should be genuine and from a reputable source only. 

How to get free backlinks?

To get a backlink for free you need to write a piece of content for the website from where you need the backlink, once they publish your content in exchange you can get the backlink from that website. 


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