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Facebook Can Never Be Dead

Posted By Gaurav | 30-Nov--0001 | SMM
Despite the rise of new social media platforms, Facebook continues to dominate the digital landscape. Find out why Facebook can never be dead in this post.

Many people think that Facebook is dying as it is not cool like other social media platforms, lacks many features like effects on photos, reels option, poor algorithm, and the inability of people to interact with celebrities. It is not true at all. Facebook still has its audience, and the products replacing Facebook like WhatsApp, Instagram is originally owned by Facebook. So, there is no possibility that Facebook can die. Facebook is one of the effective platforms for social media marketing companies to grow the businesses of their clients. It is seen as a more profitable way to market your business than other channels


The Wolfgang Digital KPI Report shows that 88% of their clicks come from the Facebook feed. So, it is considered the best platform to drive more organic traffic, conversion, and people can have a higher Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS). Business owners get higher conversion, and quality leads with the help of Facebook Market Place and Facebook Messenger. Users can select the product and interact with the owners easily using these platforms. Thus, all these features make Facebook still the king in terms of sales. 

The novel Facebook Messenger which has been trying to integrate with WhatsApp and Instagram for group calls is turning 10 years old on August 26, 2021. It has decided to celebrate this occasion by rolling out four cool features to its users. All these features are made available to increase the engagement rate of the audience and pull more users back to the platform. Here is a detailed description of the plans of Facebook for Messenger. 

Send Gifts Using Facebook Pay:

This new feature is available only for US users. They can now send and receive cash gifts on special occasions like birthdays, festivals from the Messenger application directly. You can send cash gifts to your friends on their birthdays by clicking on the button that appears on the side of the birthday post on your news feed. You can enter the desired amount you wish to send. The message will reach them via the messenger application with gift wrap and virtual balloons. The receiver will receive a notification both on Messenger and Facebook. Once your friend receives the cash gift, he/she will be required to confirm the Facebook Pay Details. Upon confirmation, the amount gets deposited into their bank account.

Increase your Network:

The new feature of Facebook allows you to share any contact with anyone without manually typing the number. Under the More Section, select the ‘Share Contact’ option and share the contact number directly. With this feature, contact numbers can be shared seamlessly and people can avoid errors in typing the numbers. 

Express virtually:

As all these new features have been rolled out to celebrate the 10th birthday of Facebook Messenger, it has added many birthday-themed tools to the application. They have introduced

  • A birthday song Soundmoji
  • Messenger is 10 sticker pack
  • A balloon background on Facebook Chats and Groups to have a more realistic feeling
  • A message Effect
  • Birthday AR Effect


Poll Games with Friends:

Interacting with your friends over the Messenger groups will become funnier and super cool with this update. This poll feature is available in the Group chat section. Once you click the poll, select the ‘Most Likely to’ tab to pick the question. You can write any prompt like ‘Who is most likely to propose their crush on their birthday?’ or ‘Who is most likely to get a job offer from Facebook?’. Users can include the names of their friends in the options who can get potential votes. With this feature, a mini fun event to enjoy ourselves with our friends can be arranged.  


When people say that Instagram has replaced Facebook and it will die soon, Facebook is celebrating Messenger’s birthday with the initiation of these cool features. People will continue to build relationships and stay connected with these platforms amidst the pandemic. 

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