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Google SGE Update with New SGE Ranking System

Posted By Gaurav | 12-Dec-2023 | Google Updates
Google SGE update is not capable of showing the Google ranking, yes, you read it right. Here are all the details that you need to know.

Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan recently made a statement that said that the Google SGE update is not able to give you information about Google's search ranking system. Furthermore, it does not offer any information about the score factors being used and not used. 

It is, however, general information that SGE learns from the web and not from any secret algorithms that are not in public records or the LLMs to learn. Furthermore, Danny Sullivan on his X platform wrote, “SGE is *not* showing what the Google Search ranking systems think of a site, nor do overviews include information that comes from our internal ranking systems...."

How the Google System Ranking System Came Into Discussion? 

A simple question was asked by Jared Bauman while posting an example on X where he said, "With the release of Gemini AI, you can now get an even better idea of exactly WHAT Google thinks of your website."

To this Sullivan further came in front and replied that "SGE is *not* showing what the Google Search ranking systems think of a site, nor do overviews include information that comes from our internal ranking systems....

Looking at your examples, I'm pretty sure SGE didn't automatically display any of these summaries because the system didn't think that would be helpful." 

Furthermore, he explained that

  • SGE can be triggered manually as well. This will further provide an AI-generated overview. 

  • The AI-generated overview is not aligned with the internal systems to show any ranking insights. 

  • AI-generated overviews are further accompanied by links for better understanding. 

  • To signify a particular point might be corroborated arrows are used like this: ⌄

  • Click on these, “low trust score” will pop up as these are not coming from internal Google search ranking systems. 

  • This does not give input if Google trusts the site or not, nor is any internal ranking data is displayed. 

  • Information from internal systems found across the web and other resources are displayed. 

Concluding thoughts

It’s essentially not the first time that such questions have come into the picture. These kinds of questions also came to the surface when Google’s Bard was launched. This depicts that the Google SGE update is working properly, it just doesn’t show any SGE ranking system based on the internal data.


What is SGE in SEO?

SGE- Search Generative Experience. For SEO experts SGE plays a major role in the ranking system. 

Is SGE safe to use?

Yes, SGE is completely safe to use. Although like other AI technologies, SGE also contains certain flaws, it is safe to be used for SEO. 

Which country has Google SGE?

Google SGE is available in English only in selected countries: Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, Kenya, Nigeria, South Korea, and Indonesia. However, it is further available in Spanish, Korean, Indonesian, and Portuguese as well. 


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