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How Do You Find A Particular Account When There Are Millions In The Same Niche

Posted By Gaurav | 03-Aug-2022 | SMM
If millions of accounts post similar or the same content, how did you find a particular account? Here is the answer.

Longing to eat a fudgy brownie with ice cream as your dessert? But in no mood to dress up and take your vehicle out. Bored with shopping from big giants and wish to support small businesses? Looking for some gifts that are completely customized at affordable prices?  What do you do during these situations? We heard it!  You immediately jump into Instagram, search for the things/recipes you are looking for. 

How did you find a particular account in your search results when there are millions of accounts posting similar or the same content? Instagram search engine ranks your content and your page based on a particular algorithm. See how Instagram ranks Search results and the improvements it is trying to make to deliver better content to the users.


Your search results are completely based on the words (Keywords) and the input you type on the search bar. Instagram understands the type of content you are looking for only with the input given by you. According to the keywords given b you in the search bar, Instagram will figure out what type of influencers/friends/content creators you will be interested in.

It will push all the accounts with that particular keyword in the bio, posts/reels/IGTV videos with that particular hashtag. With all the relevant content for your search term on the search results, you can choose a highly relevant account.

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Apart from the searches team entered by you in the search bar, various signals are also used to rank the search results they are :

  • Your Activity: The accounts and hashtags you follow, interact more, visit often, like, and share always have a top portion in your search results.  when you type a particular keyword if that keyword is used by people in your following list, those accounts will appear first rather than other people. 
  •  Popularity: If none of the accounts you follow use that particular keyword/hashtag, then popular accounts/posts with a good number of likes, shares, and follows will appear on the search results. So, accounts that already have a good engagement rate will be pushed to you. 



Every influencer or anyone on Instagram wants their content to appear on the search results of their followers/fans when they are looking for that particular content. So, here is what one can do to appear on the search results of their fans and followers:

  • Use The Right Username: As mentioned earlier, all the search results are mostly based on the search term entered by the user in the search bar. So, use a simple user name that is easy to remember and find. 
  • Have An Optimized Bio: Don’t forget to include the right keyword and location in your bio section. Only with the bio, users will understand who you are and the services you provide. So, explain about your services/yourself most thoroughly. If your services are location specific, always include the location you serve to appear on the search results of people in that location. 
  • Hashtags and Captions: Try to infuse keywords in the caption naturally. Use relevant hashtags to your IGTV Videos, Reels, and Posts. Don’t use high-volume hashtags unless it matches your content. 



Apart from allowing the user to find only hashtags and accounts, Instagram is working on a full search result   page to enable the users to have a deep dive into the content they are interested in. Instead of simply showing the accounts, a full page with all images, videos, and posts will appear to have a better experience.


It is crucial to remember that if any person spams/violates/pushes irrelevant content, Instagram penalizes their post/account by shadow banning them. Shadow banning means Instagram will not make your accounts appear on the search results, and won’t push your content to the users despite following all the guidelines. So, understand the simple algorithm and make the most of it.

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