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How to Gain Followers on Instagram: Decoding the Secret Tips

Follow these easy tips curated by our experts to help you gain genuine Instagram followers. Read below for more details
how to gain followers on instagram decoding the secret tips

Living in a digital world and digital age, we all are hooked to various digital platforms such as Instagram and are constantly trying to gain more and more Instagram followers to enhance our reach and presence on the platform. Here are a few tips for you to follow drafted by our expert SEO services providers that can help you gain genuine Instagram followers. 

How to Increase Followers on Instagram Organically?

Before we dive deeper into the tips and tricks for you to follow to help you make followers on Instagram, understand one thing, the followers that you will gain on any social media platform will be influenced by anything that you do or say, hence, you need to keep the impact of your actions in consideration. 

Starting with the tips for you to follow: 

  • Pick a niche

First and foremost, you need to pick a niche about which you are going to post on Instagram. Once you have decided a niche, ensure that you have expertise in the niche and that you can make engaging content to keep the audience and your followers engaged. 

You are further required to stick to your niche and not deviate to a different niche as this will confuse your audience. The important thing to consider here is that you are not going to get genuine Instagram followers over the night, hence, be regular with your niche.   

Your followers are interested in your current as well as future content. Sticking to your niche being a micro-influencer (10k-100k followers) will attract advertisers to your content as you have a niche audience to which they can advertise their products. 

  • Enhance the engagement rate 

With constant and regular posting you can keep your engagement rate high and get more Instagram followers. To keep your followers engaged and attract more Instagram followers create more interactive content where your audience can engage in a conversation with you. 

This would generate more likes and engagement on your posts and hence, you will gain more Instagram followers. The only thing you need to ensure that your content is engaging for the audience and is not offensive to anyone.  

  • Create engaging content

Follow the latest trends in your niche and on the social media platform to create more engaging content for the audience. If your content is engaging, your followers will interact with your posts, and embark a conversation in the comments section which will give your post more visibility and more genuine Instagram followers in the end. Include share-worthy content that your followers can share with their friends and help you gain more Instagram followers. For this you can use aesthetically pleasing pictures, posts, videos, or informational content in your niche. 

  • Integrate relevant hashtags 

Every social media platform integrates some trending hashtags that increase the visibility of your posts to the target audience. Using relevant hashtags in your posts will ensure increased engagement and visibility of your content and hence, more Instagram followers. Use 5-1o relevant and trending hashtags for better engagement and visibility. 

For this you need to have a thorough understanding and research of all the trending hashtags on Instagram and the most trending hashtags in your niche. Instagram users who engage on other posts of similar hashtags will also get your content and allow more visibility to your content and more genuine instagram followers for your account. 

  • Boost the best posts 

Integrate Instagram ad campaigns that help you boost the visibility of your best content to a large audience base. For this, you need to choose a target audience, and pick the best post that you think is suitable for attracting more followers. This will allow your content to reach beyond your regular followers and help you make followers on Instagram. 

  • Monitor and analyze insights 

Have a thorough analysis of the engagement rate on all your posts. Understand which format of content is receiving more engagement from your followers and which content is not working. This will help you understand the audience better and allow you to create more relevant and relatable content for your audience. 

  • Create reels 

Reels are most trending at this point on Instagram. These are more relatable and engaging for the audience and allow the creator as well to express, and include more content in a limited time frame. Additionally, with the new update of Instagram, the duration of Instagram reels has also increased which provides you enough time to get the audience's attention. 

Here you need to ensure that the reel is engaging for the audience and your audience is interacting with the content. For this, you can add a surprise element towards the end of the reel to keep the audience till the end of the reel. 

  • Engage with other creators 

Alone you can achieve only limited, hence it is advisable to collaborate with other similar content creators on Instagram and have an even more enhanced visibility. This will allow you to get your content to the audience base of the other creators as well. 

You can also engage on posts and content of other creators which will allow the audience to see your account as well and will urge them to follow your account as well for more such relevant content. 

  • Organize contests and promotions 

Another approach for you to implement here is to organize a Giveaway campaign in which you offer a certain reward to selected followers who can achieve the task. This will create a buzz about your account among the followers and other audience as well and they will be intrigued to participate in the contest. This will in the end help you to make followers on Instagram. 

  • Promote blogs on social media 

For a blogger or businessperson, if people are following you on other social media platforms they would most likely want to follow you on Instagram as well. You can leverage this and promote your Instagram on these different platforms and gain genuine Instagram followers from these platforms as well. 

Following the above-mentioned tips will help you make followers on Instagram easily. However, another thing to consider is that all this will require a lot of effort and you need to be regular with your posting as well. Also, do not fall for any fraud or scams that provide you with free Instagram followers in India. 

MadHawks on Instagram Followers

Working in the digital world it is essential to keep yourself updated on social media platforms and keep your presence on these platforms as well. We as a digital marketing agency have always promoted genuine and organic ways to gain Instagram followers and follow the same tips for our Instagram followers as well. 

For more information, you can get in touch with our experts and follow us on our Instagram- madhawksofficial 


How to gain more followers on Instagram 2023?

Be regular with your content posting, post original content, pick a niche, and use relevant hashtags to promote your content to gain more followers on Instagram. 

Do you need followers to get paid for reels?

Yes, in order to get paid for reels you need to meet the monetization criteria of Instagram which is to have a minimum of 10K followers on the platform. 

What happens if I get 10k followers on Instagram?

Once you achieve 10K followers on Instagram you are categorized as a micro influencer and with a creator account you can get paid for your reels and other paid collaborations as well. 

How to get paid on Instagram?

To get paid on Instagram you need a creator account and a minimum of 10k followers, also you need to match the monetization criteria of Instagram in terms of engagement rate. 

How can I boost my Instagram?

To boost your Instagram, create a creator account and integrate ad campaigns to boost your content. 


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