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Latest Google Ads Trends Needs To Know In 2024

Posted By Gaurav | 08-Jan-2024 | PPC
We have entered 2024 and it’s time to look into the latest Google Ad trends and improve your ad strategies accordingly. To keep your marketing and advertising campaigns updated, you must be aware of these latest trends that we have discussed further in this article.

Artificial Intelligence has significantly impacted digital marketing, especially paid media. Google Ads is continuously improving with the latest AI and ML technologies. With the increasing number of internet users, AI and ML platforms have access to more data. Better and more relevant data helps AI tools to perform better and this is why AI and ML technology is becoming more and more significant.

Google Ads is already using AI-powered features and we can expect that Google will add more of such features to its advertising platform. In this article, we have listed some highly expected paid advertising trends that advertisers must be aware of in 2024.

1. More AI-Powered Features

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning have already changed a lot in the digital marketing landscape. AI has redefined the way we run and manage paid campaigns. We can expect even more advancements in audience targeting, automated bid strategies, and semi-automated ad creations. Advertisers are using ‘predictive analytics’ to get insights into consumer behaviors and optimize their future campaigns accordingly.

The advanced automated bid strategies have brought a revolutionary change to the paid advertising industry. Instead of manual bidding, advertisers can now just automate the entire process. As mentioned earlier, we can expect the following AI-based features in Google Ads:

  • Improved Audience Targeting: AI has already been incorporated into the process of audience segmentation. AI-powered platforms can come up with highly accurate predictions about user intent just by analyzing their search histories, site interactions, social media behaviors, etc. With this, ads are shown to users who are more likely to convert. We can expect this to advance a bit more in 2024.

  • Predictive analytics in campaign optimization: Predictive analytics doesn’t only help advertisers get insights into user behaviors, but also allows them to improve and optimize future campaigns by evaluating past campaign performances. 

  • Semi-autonomous ad creation: PMAX allows advertisers to access the entire Google ad inventory, including Search, YouTube, Gmail, Discover, Maps, etc, through one campaign. Google is continuously encouraging advertisers to use their PMAX (Performance Max) campaign type. 

2. Automation and Smart Bidding

Along with the above-mentioned features, smart bidding strategies like ROAS and target CPA are highly likely to remain popular in 2024. We can expect advertisers to continue leveraging these strategies for campaign optimization. Smart bidding has been really effective in advertising. AI-powered strategies like tCPA, tROAS, max conversions, etc, have been extremely useful for advertisers. As they keep gathering data and learning, these strategies improve and become more effective over time. 

3. More Focus on Broad Match

Google is not putting more emphasis on broad matches and encouraging advertisers to use it. Google’s focus on broad matches is more now than ever in the past. It is because of their confidence in smart bidding and continuous advancements in AI-powered features. Machines learn better with more relevant data and provide you with more specific results. In other words, the more relevant data you provide, the better machines can adapt to the objectives you have specified.

4. Growth in Video Advertising

With the increasing popularity of short-form video content, we can expect video advertising to grow rapidly this year. Video advertising is likely to grow not just in the form of YouTube ads that users see as of now, but in the form of short videos. YouTube shorts by Google are their answer to Meta’s reels and TikTok’s short video content. YouTube now allows you to run ads that are placed in between the short video feeds of users. With the increasing competition on Instagram reels and TikTok, we can expect that more advertisers will shift toward YouTube shorts to utilize them as a placement. 

5. More Visual Experience in Search

Google search has already come a long way. We can see advertisers publishing their ads along with images and other forms of visual content. This is very much likely to advance in 2024. Google search may take on a more visual experience, aiming to provide users with more relevant and specific content. 

Keep Your Google Ads Strategies Updated With The Latest Trends

In today’s highly competitive world, it is extremely important to keep your strategies updated with the latest information and trends. When it comes to the advertising industry, we can expect more and more AI-powered features to be released by Google. With AI techniques like predictive analytics, semi-autonomous ad creation, etc, advertisers can better optimize their ad campaigns. However, it’s just the beginning of the year and there is much more to come. 

The paid media marketing team at MadHawks keeps an eye on all ongoing trends and the latest tools and technologies in the field. We will keep you updated on all the latest information and Google Ads trends of 2024. Stay Tuned! 


1. What are the types of Google Ads?

Ans. Some most important types of Google Ads include Search Ads, Shopping Ads, Display Ads, Performance Max, App Ads, Video Ads, Dynamic Ads, Image Ads, and Bumper Ads. 

2. What are bid strategies in Google Ads?

Ans. Google’s automated bid strategy uses AI-powered features to place bids based on the likelihood of an ad getting conversions or clicks.

3. What is a successful Google Ads campaign?

Ans. A successful Google Ads campaign is an advertising campaign that encourages users to stay, click, and eventually convert.

4. Why is Google Ads so powerful?

Ans. Google is one of the most powerful advertising platforms in the world as it deals with millions of searches on a daily basis.

5. Is Google Ads still profitable?

Ans. Yes, Google Ads is still profitable and is expected to grow even more in 2024.


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