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LinkedIn Filtering Inactive Account Connection and Followers: Here What You Need To Know

Posted By Gaurav | 08-Nov-2023 | SMM
Inactive LinkedIn account filtering is causing fluctuations in followers on LinkedIn, if this has happened to your account as well, here are the details you need to know.

From the desk of leading SEO service providers here is another update from the digital world that you must read about. Earlier this year, LinkedIn took an initiative to for inactive LinkedIn account filtering which is going to affect your follower count. How is that going to work? Let’s have a look at the details. 

How Inactive LinkedIn Account Filtering Works?

In its new initiative LinkedIn said that it is going to remove all the ‘inactive’ or ‘hibernating’ accounts from the followers list which will decrease the total number of followers you have on LinkedIn. This dip in the count  of followers is going to be severe for you in case you have too many ‘inactive’ or ‘hibernating’ accounts in your followers list. 

In its official statement, it was said that, “In order to better support LinkedIn members and contributors with more reliable engagement and reach insights, restricted and hibernated accounts will no longer be included in the total number of followers and connections listed on a member’s profile.”

Impact of Inactive LinkedIn Account Filtering

Now that you are aware of the LinkedIn filtering connection, here are some of the major impacts that you might experience.

  • Decrease in connection count 

  • Decrease in followers count

  • Inactive accounts to be removed connection LinkedIn

  • Hibernating accounts to be remove as well

  • LinkedIn Connections limit of 30,000 

Factors Contributing

Here are some of the major factors that might impact the count of followers and connections count. 

  • For how long has the account been active?

  • Count of followers and connections a member consists of.

  • Schools and organisations where the members have studied and worked.

Decoding Inactive and Hibernating Accounts

As per this initiative to remove connection LinkedIn is going on and accounts are being removed, have a look at what these accounts are.

Hibernating account: Deactivated account for a certain period of time

Restricted accounts: Accounts violating LinkedIn's Professional Community Policies or the User Agreement.

Furthermore, on LinkedIn restricted account, and LinkedIn filtering connection, it has been said that, “The connection and follower counts on LinkedIn should represent real, active professionals who can be valuable connections for members. It’s important to accurately report these counts for our members.” 

Additionally, LinkedIn has notified the users of this change and explained to users that they might experience a fluctuation in their connection and followers count as a LinkedIn filtering connection for better experience and remove connection LinkedIn which are inactive. 

What’s Next in the LinkedIn Filtering Connection? 

Further it has been explained that if these remove connection LinkedIn becomes active and comply with LinkedIn’s policies, they will be once again included as connections and followers list. Although, LinkedIn connections limit states that accounts reaching a limit of 30,000 connections will again have to experience a decrease in connection number and might as well not be able to add new connections on the platform.   

Further on this, it has been stated that, “They will be re-included in the follower and connection counts they were previously a part of. For members that reach the 30,000 connection limit, if accounts become unrestricted they will not be re-added to their audience lists unless they remove current connections.”

MadHawks Take on LinkedIn Filtering Connection

MadHawks, being a digital marketing agency, believes that to survive in the digital world, LinkedIn is an essential tool as well as a platform to connect with the prospect clients for your business. Hence, it becomes extremely important to abide by the terms of LinkedIn. 

However, this is also a beneficial initiative by LinkedIn as this will help to remove all the false followers and only genuine followers would remain in the end, helping the business to connect with the actual customers.  

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What does inactive mean on LinkedIn?

Being inactive on LinkedIn means that there has been no activity on the account for a set amount of time and hence, as per the new initiative these accounts would be removed from the connection and followers list. 

Why my LinkedIn followers are decreasing?

LinkedIn followers decreasing indicates that the followers and connections in the list were hibernating or inactive accounts and have been removed from the followers and connections list. 

Why LinkedIn is restricting accounts?

LinkedIn is restricting inactive and hibernating accounts only. This is to promote the genuine number of followers and connections and downgrade any false followers or connections. 

What is a hibernated and restricted account?

Hibernating account means that the account has been deactivated for a certain period of time

Restricted accounts are accounts that violate LinkedIn's Professional Community Policies or the User Agreement.

Has LinkedIn removed who viewed my profile?

No, LinkedIn has not removed who viewed my profile, only inactive accounts are being removed. 


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