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Meta Announcement for AI WhatsApp Stickers

Posted By Gaurav | 16-Oct-2023 | SMM
Fascinating news has come from the end of AI technology. What is that? Meta AI services to be integrated into WhatsApp stickers. But what does that mean? Read below for more information.

Isn’t the use of AI technology fascinating, how Meta AI services are changing the basic user experience making it more interesting? The most recent use of this generative AI technology can be seen in WhatsApp stickers. How? 

In the recent annual Connect Conference, social media giant Meta announced the availability of various Meta AI products for users on its platform WhatsApp. With this announcement, Meta has introduced AI stickers on the WhatsApp platform. These WhatsApp AI stickers can be shared in your chats making the conversation more interesting. 

AI technology is being integrated into several platforms these days and is making the user experience better with its unique features. The use of generative AI in social media platforms will boost user engagement, and will also trigger the user’s creative & artistic side making WhatsApp conversations more interesting. 

What AI features are being integrated?

In the announcement, Meta said that for the initial phase, the following three AI features would be integrated into WhatsApp for users:

  • AI Stickers- creating customized stickers that are just perfect for your ongoing chat

  • AI Chats- leveraging the Meta AI products, you can put up queries and ask related questions in the chat which will be given appropriate responses with AI-generated characters created by Meta for an engaging experience

  • Photorealistic Image Generation- by offering appropriate prompts, you can ask the AI to generate realistic images

Why integrate AI stickers into WhatsApp?

How often does it happen to you that while texting on WhatsApp, the conversation becomes so monotonous that you don’t even feel like texting anymore? We all have been there, but not anymore. With the new AI features introduced, you can make these conversations more interesting and leverage AI technology. 

Here you can explore WhatsApp AI stickers and use these to leverage the availability of AI messages on WhatsApp, making the experience more interesting. 

These features will be available for users from the day of release i.e., 27th September 2023. Users can share these WhatsApp stickers in their chats to elevate the overall experience and make it more user-friendly. 

What do we have to say?

MadHawks Digital being a digital marketing agency keeps a close check on the recent updates happening around the digital world. From our social media experts, this feature is getting good traction and people are excited to use this feature, making their WhatsApp experience better. 

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1. How do I get AI stickers on WhatsApp?

Ans - For this, open your WhatsApp, and open any chat, now click on the smiley button below here you can see the option of AI-generated stickers (if you got the access), from here you can create your own AI sticker by clicking on Create

2Can we create WhatsApp stickers?

Ans - Yes, you can create WhatsApp stickers with the new AI stickers feature launched by Meta.

3. Can I earn money from making WhatsApp stickers?

Ans - Yes you can earn by making WhatsApp stickers. You can generate stickers and put them for open use, so whenever someone downloads the stickers you will get paid.

4. How much do WhatsApp AI stickers cost?

Ans - WhatsApp AI stickers are free of cost to all users and do not require any amount of money to be paid.  


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