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On International Women’s Day Women Trailblazers Share Their Favorite Colours & #ItsNotJust

Posted By Gaurav | 30-Nov--0001 | SMM
This year’s International Women’s Day has been special because it fell on Holi, the festival of colours. So, naturally, for a firm like MadHawks, which enjoys a majority in women-led teams, it has to be a special occasion.

This year’s International Women’s Day has been special because it fell on Holi, the festival of colours. So, naturally, for a firm like MadHawks, which enjoys a majority in women-led teams, it has to be a special occasion. We needed to make the colours stand out and highlight the diversity they introduce while celebrating our women leaders.

So, we asked the talented women on our floor about their favourite colour and why. Even though pink has been touted for a long time as a feminine colour, it didn’t take long to realise how far it is from the truth. Thus, the campaign #ItsNotJustPink.

The campaign attracted the attention of more than 100 female social media influencers from across the world who shared their colour preferences. From the thousands of responses we received on the week-long campaign we can convincingly say that #ItsNotJustPink when it comes to female colour choices.

Holi is a festival to celebrate the different colours of life and our diversity. More than that, the colour choices reflect differences in personalities and the deeper meaning behind the campaign. The campaign aimed at bringing about the issue of stereotyping women based on their skin colour and clothing.

So, we gathered three self-made women leaders of our time on the 19th episode of MadTalks, hosted by our own lead figure, Sargun Goolry, Business Head MadHawks. The episode highlighted the workplace stereotypes women face despite their talent and diverse skill sets and how these leading figures have challenged them.

“I have favourite colours based on the purpose, place and mood. It’s the serenity of white, the calmness of green, the childlike wonder of pink, the royalty of purple, the loyalty of gold, the perseverance of silver, the wisdom of black and the depth of blue for me,” said Richa, a Lifestyle influencer and foodie, on being truly limitless when it comes to colours and personality.

For Nysha, a Fashion influencer and blogger, “Black is the colour of choice, especially when it comes to clothing. It lifts my mood like a best friend regardless of the time and place.”

Bringing professional and personal experience to the table Priyanka, Founder & CEO of PureByPriyanka, a bootstrapped Ayurvedic hair and skin care brand, shared how labelling is a common stereotyping practice in the workplace and even in personal space.

“Women are often labelled too emotional, bossy, or blunt professionally, and their talents are dismissed. However, just like their choice of colour, their personalities are varied and only add to the diversity of the workplace,” Priyanka said.

“#ItsNotJustPink is a great and grounded idea. Just like pink is not a common female favourite colour, women bring diverse personalities and skills to the workplace. Managers and leaders need to look past the skin colour and attire to truly benefit from employing women at the workplace,” adds Priyanka and MadHawks agrees.

At MadHawks we have had a majority of teams being led by women and our incredible growth has been a testament to their commitment and skill.

This Women’s Day and Holi special campaign #ItsNotJustPink has been the extension of the previous year’s viral Women’s Day campaign #MyBodyMyLove. “70% of our teams are led by women and we have experienced the growth women creators, managers, and leaders can bring to the business. That’s why we have been promoting women empowerment not only through words but also through our team composition,” says Ravi, Founder & CEO of MadHawks.

Last year’s Women’s Day campaign #mybodymylove caught the attention of 50+ influencers, who participated and shared their views. This year the participation grew to more than 100 influencers and gathered more than 100,000 eyes on the day of Holi and Women’s Day. 

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