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Snapchat Becoming Your Next Best Friend

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snapchat becoming your next best friend

If a person surprises you or makes you feel special on your special days like birthdays, anniversaries without any prior announcement, they are your best friends. They value your presence and they are happy in making you smile. If it is so, Facebook who never forgets your birthday and also lets everyone know your big day is the best friend you will ever have! It is now time to add Snapchat to your best friend’s list as comes with various features that can bring a huge smile to your face on your birthdays. Keep reading what Snapchat brings to your plate and how you can use it to make your dear ones day more special. 

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In 2020, Snapchat launched Mini, which is essentially the micro version of full apps, built within the Snapchat app itself. This update allows the users to engage various functions and experiences of third-party applications within Snapchat’s chat area instead of taking them outside the platform. For example, users can engage in guided meditations with friends, direct from the chat section with the use of a Headspace session. 

Now in September 2021, Snapchat is launching ‘Birthdays Mini’ to send reminders of your friend’s birthday and comes with various celebratory features like Augmented Reality (AR) lenses, to celebrate the day with them. You can also see the list of friends who have their birthdays soon and stay ahead in wishing them on family and friends groups. As well as, you can wish your friends on their zodiac sign birthdays as it is evident that Snap users are big on Zodiac signs and Astrology. 

Last November there was a huge surge when Snapchat released Astrological Profiles, which provided insights on their star sign, and the effect of their star sign on relationships and life. The resurgence was mostly among the young audience as people tend to turn to astrology during stressful times. This combination of celebratory AR effects and Zodiac information in Birthday Mini will spark interest and increase user engagement within the application. 

How to Use the Birthday Mini?

If you are new to the Mini feature, you can find it at the extreme right of the Chat section. Find the rocket icon and the Mini option will be available. Note that you should have opted in to add your birthday on Snapchat to avail this Birthday Mini feature. Snapchat has been just to all by providing this feature for both android and iOS users. The Snap’s Birthday Mini will be available in all the regions from the 9th of September.

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